Aurora State Airport

Codes: KUAO/
Name: Aurora State Airport
City: Aurora
Country: United States
Elevation: 200 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
LF N918LFCitation CJ421:15 23-Oct-2021
N312PC N312PCPC-1218:25 23-Oct-2021
N288HK N288HKCessna 680 Citation Sovereign02:22 23-Oct-2021
N10QW N10QWBeech 1300 Commuter23:38 22-Oct-2021
N50NA N50NABeech 1300 Commuter23:21 22-Oct-2021
N420CX N420CXCessna 525A Citation CJ222:10 22-Oct-2021
N705WL N705WLFalcon 200002:50 22-Oct-2021
N874EB N874EBPC-1200:40 22-Oct-2021
N186DL N186DLCitation M200:29 22-Oct-2021
N603HH N603HHR22 Beta20:17 21-Oct-2021
N715HT N715HTCH-54 Tarhe19:26 21-Oct-2021
N2FQ N2FQFalcon 5019:15 21-Oct-2021
N138WH N138WH36918:52 21-Oct-2021
N716HT N716HTCH-54 Tarhe01:06 21-Oct-2021
N530GM N530GM36900:15 21-Oct-2021
N526SM N526SMFalcon 5023:36 20-Oct-2021
N812GS N812GSPC-1220:25 20-Oct-2021
N79KL N79KLEMB-505 Phenom 30019:45 20-Oct-2021
N731TR N731TRCessna 560 Citation 523:26 19-Oct-2021
N92761 N92761AT-16 Harvard21:40 19-Oct-2021
N836LF N836LFEC-13521:27 19-Oct-2021
N3251R N3251R429 GlobalRanger19:13 19-Oct-2021
N719HT N719HTCH-54 Tarhe23:44 17-Oct-2021
N680ME N680MECessna 680 Citation Sovereign21:01 17-Oct-2021
N250RJ N250RJG45019:41 17-Oct-2021
N56KG N56KGCessna 560 Citation 518:49 17-Oct-2021
N855KP N855KPTBM-85000:14 17-Oct-2021
N474PE N474PECessna 560 Citation 520:35 16-Oct-2021
N7148A N7148AR22 Beta II21:20 15-Oct-2021
N43XX N43XXDC-321:06 15-Oct-2021
N558WW N558WWCessna 560 Citation 503:57 15-Oct-2021
N N535BCEMB-505 Phenom 30022:15 14-Oct-2021
N108RJ N108RJBeech 1300 Commuter18:46 13-Oct-2021
N63TK N63TKCitation Bravo22:57 12-Oct-2021
N95TE N95TECessna 680 Citation Sovereign22:14 10-Oct-2021
N350VR N350VRAS-350/55000:32 09-Oct-2021
N650JS N650JSFalcon 5018:50 07-Oct-2021
N480WC N480WCEMB-505 Phenom 30000:03 01-Oct-2021
N795HT N795HTCH-54 Tarhe21:33 30-Sep-2021
N430WC N430WCBD-100 Challenger 30023:06 28-Sep-2021
N16050 N1605036923:55 13-Sep-2021
N555VU N555VUR44 Raven II19:05 13-Sep-2021
N806LF N806LFEC-13516:53 05-Sep-2021
N425WC N425WC36902:29 02-Sep-2021
N111NS N111NSBeech 1300 Commuter22:44 31-Aug-2021
N762HT N762HTHSS-217:08 28-Aug-2021
N526LF N526LFA-119 Koala20:42 21-Aug-2021
N431LH N431LHUH-1 Iroquois01:43 20-Aug-2021
N3104D N3104DCJ-618:20 14-Aug-2021
N616LF N616LFA-119 Koala22:19 03-Aug-2021
N8336C N8336CDC-323:12 02-Aug-2021
N177LA N177LABeech 1300 Commuter16:58 08-Jul-2021
N992YC N992YCAB-206 JetRanger13:11 25-Jun-2021
N415WC N415WC36923:32 23-Jun-2021
N5349G N5349GDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver20:30 23-Jun-2021
N746H N746H214C BigLifter23:37 28-May-2021
N646LFA-119 Koala22:03 13-May-2021
N5072F N5072F36922:20 28-Apr-2021
N921LF N921LFA-10918:30 17-Mar-2021
N25LF N25LFB75 Kaydet22:04 11-Mar-2021
N508AD N508ADR22 Beta II02:36 10-Feb-2021
N366J N366JR6622:46 05-Jan-2021

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