Tucson International Airport

Name: Tucson International Airport
City: Tucson
Country: United States
Elevation: 2643 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N850EA N850EATBM-85000:16 17-May-2022
BATT01 73-1583C-130 Hercules00:08 17-May-2022
N223MT N223MTAS-350/55000:03 17-May-2022
ASA195 N303ASB737-90023:59 16-May-2022
TIV70 N70VMCessna 525B Citation CJ323:50 16-May-2022
SKW3660 N286SYEMB-17523:18 16-May-2022
SKW3569 N607CZEMB-175 LR23:07 16-May-2022
G20979 16-5873C-130J Hercules22:36 16-May-2022
XOJ780 N780XJCessna 750 Citation X22:33 16-May-2022
N592QS N592QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel22:26 16-May-2022
KING81 11-5719C-130J Hercules22:21 16-May-2022
N977RJ N977RJLearjet 7521:55 16-May-2022
N987ST N987STBeech Super King Air 35019:47 16-May-2022
TRON18 73-1581C-130 Hercules19:02 16-May-2022
SKW4691 N930SWCRJ-20018:17 16-May-2022
N224N N224NChallenger 60418:02 16-May-2022
N49WL N49WLLearjet 3517:41 16-May-2022
CPJ007 VP-CSYGlobal 750016:08 16-May-2022
SNC1380 N764JR36014:15 16-May-2022
N300AA N300AALearjet 4514:09 16-May-2022
N21470 N21470AB-206 JetRanger14:02 16-May-2022
TWY69 N696HSChallenger 60502:51 16-May-2022
N84GU N84GU690 Jetprop Commander 84002:38 16-May-2022
N441JC N441JCCessna 441 Conquest 201:56 16-May-2022
SPA708 N708SB737-50000:39 16-May-2022
SPA709 N709SB737-50021:43 15-May-2022
N999AM N999AMCessna 500 Citation 120:59 15-May-2022
N300HL N300HLCessna 680 Citation Sovereign20:51 15-May-2022
N94AR N94ARDHC-6 Twin Otter19:01 15-May-2022
N200CV N200CVCessna 750 Citation X18:41 15-May-2022
N265FT N265FTSabreliner17:04 15-May-2022
FAC1262 FAC1262CN-23500:17 15-May-2022
N741WY N741WYCitation M222:51 14-May-2022
CROWN01 11-5725C-130J Hercules21:36 14-May-2022
00000000 N800WWBAe-125-70018:20 14-May-2022
N118LT N118LT505 Jet Ranger X16:35 14-May-2022
FDX1414 N266FEB767-30012:11 14-May-2022
N671AZ N671AZCessna 208 Caravan 109:23 14-May-2022
ZAPER51 73-1584C-130 Hercules05:45 14-May-2022
TRON59 73-1586C-130 Hercules04:20 14-May-2022
N768ASB737-40022:31 13-May-2022
N304PD N304PDAB-206 JetRanger20:48 13-May-2022
KING98 09-5707C-130J Hercules20:21 13-May-2022
N393S N393SAB-206 JetRanger16:57 13-May-2022
N862MB N862MBAS-350/55009:32 13-May-2022
TEST123 N601RCChallenger 60119:05 12-May-2022
N829RA N829RABD-700 Global Express16:48 12-May-2022
N9PS N9PSGlobal 600016:37 12-May-2022
N306PD N306PDAB-206 JetRanger05:57 12-May-2022
N62LV N62LVGlobal 750004:12 12-May-2022
8926197 89-26197AH-60 Black Hawk22:23 11-May-2022
N5505T N5505TChallenger 60420:25 11-May-2022
N54JC N54JCChallenger 60417:55 11-May-2022
N555MZ N555MZGlobal 750015:52 11-May-2022
N797CB N797CBBD-100 Challenger 30014:16 11-May-2022
72293 13-72293BK-117C-200:51 11-May-2022
N403JC N403JCChallenger 601 3A03:31 10-May-2022
N242JH N242JHPC-1202:56 10-May-2022
INTEL14 92-13121Beech 1300 Commuter02:31 10-May-2022
N866GS N866GSR6600:41 10-May-2022
N76SF N76SFChallenger 65018:41 09-May-2022
TROY209 77-22718AH-60 Black Hawk18:06 09-May-2022
N800BD N800BDBD-100 Challenger 30013:59 09-May-2022
XAJZL XA-JZLChallenger 601 3R18:34 07-May-2022
SKW9899 N742SKCRJ-70017:59 07-May-2022
N986ST N986STCitation CJ404:52 07-May-2022
N861GL N861GLGlobal 600000:49 07-May-2022
N89DB N89DBVision SF50 G217:21 06-May-2022
KING86 12-5769C-130J Hercules06:36 06-May-2022
N723NC N723NCCitation M204:10 06-May-2022
N500CZ N500CZ390 Premier 102:52 06-May-2022
N877RC N877RCBeech 1300 Commuter02:50 06-May-2022
01172310 13-72310BK-117C-205:05 04-May-2022
N455AE N455AEAS-350/55020:00 03-May-2022
N672AZ N672AZCessna 208 Caravan 117:40 03-May-2022
N1886S N1886SGlobal 600004:20 02-May-2022
SKW9915 N738SKCRJ-70019:37 01-May-2022
N16069 N1606936919:02 01-May-2022
N464U N464UPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian18:36 01-May-2022
FDY2600 N125CECitation Bravo15:16 01-May-2022
ASH5870 N908FJCRJ-90004:25 01-May-2022
EDV5555 N918XJCRJ-90002:41 01-May-2022
MNU155 N155MWCRJ-10016:23 30-Apr-2022
EDV5553 N137EVCRJ-90022:15 29-Apr-2022
SKW4611 N931EVCRJ-20021:22 29-Apr-2022
SKW4612 N429SWCRJ-20020:35 29-Apr-2022
SKW6940 N797SKCRJ-70016:56 29-Apr-2022
UNIVFT1 N338UAG-1159A Gulfstream 304:21 29-Apr-2022
AWI3157 N451AWCRJ-20000:16 28-Apr-2022
N5204G N5204GAS-350/55020:21 27-Apr-2022
SKW9897 N755EVCRJ-70023:02 26-Apr-2022
SKW4604 N607SKCRJ-70019:32 26-Apr-2022
N807AM N807AMAS-350/55019:25 26-Apr-2022
N790AM N790AMAS-350/55005:27 26-Apr-2022
N300DM N300DMBeech 90 King Air21:07 25-Apr-2022
N907WS N907WSBD-700 Global 500023:26 21-Apr-2022
N4043L N4043LAS-350/55019:30 21-Apr-2022
N813TA N813TAChallenger 60416:11 18-Apr-2022
N101SS N101SSLearjet 6013:11 18-Apr-2022
ASH9882 N910FJCRJ-90021:47 17-Apr-2022
JAS27 N417LXGlobal 650002:23 16-Apr-2022
ASH9884 N931LRCRJ-90004:19 15-Apr-2022
N580HH N580HHCosmopolitan22:40 14-Apr-2022
8826107 88-26107AH-60 Black Hawk05:43 07-Apr-2022
N6084W N6084WAS-350/55017:51 06-Apr-2022
N90UA N90UABeech 90 King Air22:21 05-Apr-2022
ZAPER13 73-1590C-130 Hercules04:54 05-Apr-2022
EDV5553 N909XJCRJ-90018:26 04-Apr-2022
N312JE N312JEChallenger 65003:24 04-Apr-2022
SVW48ML LX-MLOBD-700 Global 500023:14 03-Apr-2022
EDV5553 N8783ECRJ-20017:57 03-Apr-2022
N532WG N532WGA320-20019:03 02-Apr-2022
SKW3163 N759EVCRJ-70003:55 02-Apr-2022
EDV5555 N8976ECRJ-20019:00 31-Mar-2022
SKW9897 N685SKCRJ-70018:48 31-Mar-2022
N3938A N3938AAS-350/55004:56 26-Mar-2022
N253RT N253RTChallenger 60523:34 23-Mar-2022
PSWRD31 162165C-2 Greyhound19:11 23-Mar-2022
N115KK N115KKChallenger 60415:27 21-Mar-2022
ASH0010 N521LRCRJ-70022:13 16-Mar-2022
AWI3171 N434AWCRJ-20021:12 15-Mar-2022
N500BF N500BFGlobal 600020:12 15-Mar-2022
N793AP N793APBD-700 Global 500023:17 14-Mar-2022
N41HF N41HFChallenger 60421:46 13-Mar-2022
N723AB N723ABBD-700 Global 500014:37 06-Mar-2022
SKW6550 N963SWCRJ-20019:58 05-Mar-2022
VPBJP VP-BJPB777-300ER11:36 05-Mar-2022
SKW6550 N933EVCRJ-20020:32 04-Mar-2022
SKW6939 N435SWCRJ-20019:46 04-Mar-2022
EDV5553 N907XJCRJ-90023:33 03-Mar-2022
N7TF N7TFCA-18 Mustang18:56 03-Mar-2022
N7715C N7715CCA-18 Mustang22:51 01-Mar-2022
SKW5527 N259PSCRJ-20002:40 01-Mar-2022
SKW4604 N885ASCRJ-20019:13 28-Feb-2022
MNU903 N903EACRJ-90005:25 27-Feb-2022
EDV5559 N908XJCRJ-90001:38 26-Feb-2022
ASH9883 N923FJCRJ-90000:50 23-Feb-2022
1200 N787RRB747-20022:38 22-Feb-2022
EJM938 N885ABGlobal 600021:43 22-Feb-2022
VPCEO VP-CEOBD-700 Global Express03:26 22-Feb-2022
N305AW N305AWCRJ-90023:29 19-Feb-2022
SKW9897 N719SKCRJ-70021:51 18-Feb-2022
SKW6939 N927SWCRJ-20023:16 11-Feb-2022
SKW6939 N944SWCRJ-20000:36 11-Feb-2022
ASH9884 N945LRCRJ-90019:27 10-Feb-2022
N94PQ N94PQCRJ-90009:27 10-Feb-2022
SKW6243 N374CACRJ-70004:33 10-Feb-2022
ASH9886 N942LRCRJ-90022:00 09-Feb-2022
PSWRD25 162145C-2 Greyhound19:25 09-Feb-2022
ASH10 N522LRCRJ-70002:55 03-Feb-2022
ASH5870 N921FJCRJ-90004:59 31-Jan-2022
SKW4608 N816SKCRJ-90005:56 30-Jan-2022
ASH5856 N242LRCRJ-90018:09 27-Jan-2022
ASH9884 N913FJCRJ-90022:48 11-Jan-2022
SKW375J N907SWCRJ-20004:28 08-Jan-2022
SKW6550 N492SWCRJ-10021:10 04-Jan-2022
N796AM N796AMAS-350/55021:40 09-Dec-2021
01172274 13-72274BK-117C-203:58 05-Dec-2021
0ADSBTST N679ACCRJ-20019:01 03-Dec-2021
ASH9885 N906FJCRJ-90002:07 30-Nov-2021
ASH9886 N903FJCRJ-90022:45 27-Nov-2021
ANZ6098 ZK-OJIA320-20002:51 23-Nov-2021
ZAPER01 73-1585C-130 Hercules21:09 16-Nov-2021
ASH9886 N956LRCRJ-90021:44 15-Nov-2021
SKULL75 74-1666C-130 Hercules21:25 02-Nov-2021
SKW6971 N951SWCRJ-20003:38 01-Nov-2021
MALTH M-ALTHGlobal 600020:50 29-Oct-2021
VHLZP N907GXBD-700 Global Express17:38 22-Oct-2021
TROY193 N819KBAH-60 Black Hawk18:19 12-Oct-2021
ASH9886 N907FJCRJ-90003:27 23-Sep-2021
N6103X N6103XAS-350/55019:22 13-Sep-2021
BATT01 73-1580C-130 Hercules20:54 31-Aug-2021
SKW4207 N779CACRJ-10005:00 01-Jul-2021
N1225D N1225D280 Shark22:42 26-Jun-2021
COBRA70 61-2670C-135 Stratolifter19:11 09-Jun-2021
ANZ6094 ZK-OJFA320-20002:45 27-May-2021
DDFI5899 165741Cessna 560 Citation 522:56 25-May-2021
SKW4206 N936SWCRJ-20003:50 01-Apr-2021
XTNDR06 79-1713KC-10A Extender21:11 30-Mar-2021
NZ6092 ZK-OJDA320-20002:40 27-Mar-2021
TROY191 N703JPAH-60 Black Hawk02:34 20-Mar-2021
KAL027D HL7704B737-90017:18 04-Mar-2021
SKW1357 N918SWCRJ-20017:52 28-Feb-2021
BH404 163023C-130 Hercules18:35 18-Feb-2021
OEIRJ OE-IRJA320-20020:13 26-Jan-2021
N668SD N668SDA321-20020:48 11-Jan-2021
SKW1360 N934SWCRJ-20016:46 31-Dec-2020

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