Tucson International Airport

Name: Tucson International Airport
City: Tucson
Country: United States
Elevation: 2643 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
EJA423 N423QSEMB-505 Phenom 30021:10 31-Jul-2021
N980S N980SFalcon 5020:27 31-Jul-2021
N500CZ N500CZ390 Premier 120:16 31-Jul-2021
N305PD N305PDAB-206 JetRanger20:14 31-Jul-2021
ASA648 N487ASB737-90020:12 31-Jul-2021
GAJ507 N507UPCessna 560XL Citation Excel20:12 31-Jul-2021
DAL1430 N112DUCSeries CS10020:07 31-Jul-2021
N418TY N418TYAS-350/55018:56 31-Jul-2021
N642PC N642PCPC-1218:46 31-Jul-2021
FDX1414 N298FEB767-30012:05 31-Jul-2021
TWY69 N696HSChallenger 60505:31 31-Jul-2021
SKW4621 N554CACRJ-90004:38 31-Jul-2021
SPA709 N709SB737-50002:47 31-Jul-2021
BATT01 73-1595C-130 Hercules01:31 31-Jul-2021
XAVTE XA-VTEChallenger 60423:09 30-Jul-2021
KING82 10-5716C-130J Hercules20:11 30-Jul-2021
FLT80848 N592HC390 Premier 119:03 30-Jul-2021
KING81 09-5707C-130J Hercules18:55 30-Jul-2021
N84GU N84GU690 Jetprop Commander 84017:55 30-Jul-2021
N137BR N137BRLearjet 4017:27 30-Jul-2021
N580HH N580HHCosmopolitan23:22 29-Jul-2021
KING81 13-5782C-130J Hercules22:33 29-Jul-2021
ZAPER45 73-1594C-130 Hercules20:31 29-Jul-2021
N5505T N5505TChallenger 60419:24 29-Jul-2021
N986ST N986STCitation CJ418:04 29-Jul-2021
KING86 11-5719C-130J Hercules06:54 29-Jul-2021
N5204G N5204GAS-350/55002:41 29-Jul-2021
N672AZ N672AZCessna 208 Caravan 122:50 28-Jul-2021
DOW885 N885BBCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:03 28-Jul-2021
N796AM N796AMAS-350/55020:46 28-Jul-2021
TRON39 65-0967C-130 Hercules19:17 28-Jul-2021
N987ST N987STBeech Super King Air 35018:31 28-Jul-2021
BATT24 73-1585C-130 Hercules06:09 28-Jul-2021
N242JH N242JHPC-1204:50 28-Jul-2021
1200 N787RRB747-20002:33 28-Jul-2021
N769ST N769STLearjet 7515:06 27-Jul-2021
KING88 09-0108C-130J Hercules04:26 27-Jul-2021
BWJ168 N605PSChallenger 60515:08 26-Jul-2021
N49WL N49WLLearjet 3500:25 26-Jul-2021
N497EC N497ECBD-700 Global Express21:41 25-Jul-2021
00000000 N800WWBAe-125-70020:25 25-Jul-2021
N54JC N54JCChallenger 60423:51 23-Jul-2021
N716CG N716CGFalcon 8X20:13 23-Jul-2021
N605BC N605BCChallenger 60500:11 23-Jul-2021
SKW9899 N614SKCRJ-70022:35 22-Jul-2021
XAJZL XA-JZLChallenger 601 3R17:21 22-Jul-2021
SKW1357 N795SKCRJ-70005:52 22-Jul-2021
N90UA N90UABeech 90 King Air20:31 21-Jul-2021
BVR10 D-APLCGlobal 750020:46 19-Jul-2021
N999AM N999AMCessna 500 Citation 120:23 19-Jul-2021
TROY209 77-22718AH-60 Black Hawk18:27 19-Jul-2021
N464U N464UPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian15:27 19-Jul-2021
SKW9901 N706SKCRJ-70002:30 18-Jul-2021
LUNAR49 08-72049BK-117C-201:49 18-Jul-2021
CGWHF C-GWHFBD-700 Global Express03:11 16-Jul-2021
N3938A N3938AAS-350/55000:37 16-Jul-2021
N300HL N300HLCessna 680 Citation Sovereign17:48 15-Jul-2021
N403JC N403JCChallenger 601 3A21:02 13-Jul-2021
SKW9898 N766SKCRJ-70018:25 10-Jul-2021
N365AV N365AVChallenger 35021:36 08-Jul-2021
N40TE N40TEBD-700 Global 500020:50 08-Jul-2021
GXTST60 C-FPOHGlobal 650014:40 08-Jul-2021
LUNAR48 08-72048BK-117C-207:03 06-Jul-2021
N335AF N335AFBD-100 Challenger 30015:07 05-Jul-2021
BATT44 73-1584C-130 Hercules00:16 02-Jul-2021
SKW4207 N779CACRJ-10005:00 01-Jul-2021
B99998 B-99998BD-700 Global 500002:45 01-Jul-2021
N869CL N869CLChallenger 35023:16 27-Jun-2021
N1225D N1225D280 Shark22:42 26-Jun-2021
ASH9884 N248LRCRJ-90019:05 25-Jun-2021
N420MP N420MPBD-100 Challenger 30015:08 24-Jun-2021
SKW3046 N705SKCRJ-70004:58 24-Jun-2021
B8105 B-8105Global 600021:06 22-Jun-2021
N300DM N300DMBeech 90 King Air00:22 20-Jun-2021
SKW4604 N170PQCRJ-90019:00 19-Jun-2021
SKW9898 N752EVCRJ-70003:03 16-Jun-2021
TBJ18 T7-GMCGlobal 750022:29 15-Jun-2021
SKW1359 N789SKCRJ-70022:30 14-Jun-2021
EJA165 N165QSGlobal 600023:08 13-Jun-2021
N304PD N304PDAB-206 JetRanger03:45 11-Jun-2021
OELMM OE-LMMA320-20016:58 10-Jun-2021
N5204Y N5204YAS-350/55020:33 09-Jun-2021
COBRA70 61-2670C-135 Stratolifter19:11 09-Jun-2021
N990AG N990AGPC-1218:54 09-Jun-2021
DLH9941 D-ACKACRJ-90018:03 09-Jun-2021
N589JG N589JGChallenger 60518:25 08-Jun-2021
N123HP N123HPAB-206 JetRanger14:56 08-Jun-2021
G72303 13-72303BK-117C-203:55 06-Jun-2021
XAJRS XA-JRSLearjet 4521:37 02-Jun-2021
N6103X N6103XAS-350/55018:45 01-Jun-2021
ANZ6094 ZK-OJFA320-20002:45 27-May-2021
DDFI5899 165741Cessna 560 Citation 522:56 25-May-2021
N88959 N88959Global 750018:09 25-May-2021
SKW2964 N755EVCRJ-70003:32 23-May-2021
N31FW N31FWMU-203:00 21-May-2021
N492A N492AG-1159A Gulfstream 317:37 19-May-2021
SKW4604 N804SKCRJ-90022:02 18-May-2021
DLH9940 D-ACKLCRJ-90018:52 12-May-2021
N338UA N338UAG-1159A Gulfstream 319:49 28-Apr-2021
N696WL N696WLR44 II01:20 27-Apr-2021
N807AM N807AMAS-350/55006:37 26-Apr-2021
SKW4206 N936SWCRJ-20003:50 01-Apr-2021
XTNDR06 79-1713KC-10A Extender21:11 30-Mar-2021
T7ACE T7-ACEBD-700 Global 500019:06 28-Mar-2021
NZ6092 ZK-OJDA320-20002:40 27-Mar-2021
TROY191 N703JPAH-60 Black Hawk02:34 20-Mar-2021
N455AE N455AEAS-350/55001:39 19-Mar-2021
KAL027D HL7704B737-90017:18 04-Mar-2021
SKW1357 N918SWCRJ-20017:52 28-Feb-2021
ASH11 N522LRCRJ-70021:26 23-Feb-2021
BH404 163023C-130 Hercules18:35 18-Feb-2021
ASH11 N513MJCRJ-70023:30 12-Feb-2021
ASH13 N509MJCRJ-70002:18 12-Feb-2021
ASH011 N508MJCRJ-70023:22 11-Feb-2021
N4035W N4035WAS-350/55004:23 04-Feb-2021
OEIRJ OE-IRJA320-20020:13 26-Jan-2021
AKX5671 JA17ANB737-70013:50 20-Jan-2021
N668SD N668SDA321-20020:48 11-Jan-2021
ASH0010 N504MJCRJ-70023:40 04-Jan-2021
SKW1360 N934SWCRJ-20016:46 31-Dec-2020

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