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Name: Tulsa International Airport
City: Tulsa
Country: United States
Elevation: 677 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SKW396K N614UXEMB-17521:46 11-Apr-2021
JTL563 N563CSCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:13 11-Apr-2021
EDV5059 N924XJCRJ-90021:05 11-Apr-2021
FWK772 N772MCFalcon 2000EX EASy21:03 11-Apr-2021
UCA4351 N11535EMB-14521:01 11-Apr-2021
N525CH N525CHCessna 525 Citation CJ120:45 11-Apr-2021
ASH5863 N917FJCRJ-90020:38 11-Apr-2021
N213JT N213JTCessna 525 Citation CJ120:21 11-Apr-2021
JTL901 N901SCessna 680 Citation Sovereign20:17 11-Apr-2021
CNS1849 N243AFPC-1220:04 11-Apr-2021
N129RP N129RPCitation Bravo19:55 11-Apr-2021
HOOK62 98-3033CT-156 Harvard 219:09 11-Apr-2021
N916SJ N916SJCessna 441 Conquest 219:07 11-Apr-2021
SKW3146 N730EVCRJ-70019:02 11-Apr-2021
LXJ417 N417FXLegacy 45018:57 11-Apr-2021
N255SL N255SLLearjet 6018:01 11-Apr-2021
N442LV N442LVCessna 510 Citation Mustang17:41 11-Apr-2021
N301TP N301TPAS-350/55006:32 11-Apr-2021
N31CJ N31CJCessna 525 Citation CJ122:43 10-Apr-2021
SUB1017 N103SFBeech 190002:23 10-Apr-2021
N333UJ N333UJCessna 425 Conquest 102:20 10-Apr-2021
AAL9789 N768AAB777-20022:54 09-Apr-2021
N427PM N427PMCessna 560XL Citation Excel22:43 09-Apr-2021
N97VF N97VFCessna 525 Citation CJ122:06 09-Apr-2021
N166RL N166RLGulfstream G10020:15 09-Apr-2021
HALO1 N74AG-1159 Gulfstream 220:11 09-Apr-2021
DPJ375 N375BWLearjet 6019:14 09-Apr-2021
N108LT N108LTChallenger 35018:59 09-Apr-2021
N510BT N510BTCessna 510 Citation Mustang18:43 09-Apr-2021
HALO2 N178BG-1159 Gulfstream 215:15 09-Apr-2021
FDX1170 N952FDB757-20009:10 09-Apr-2021
N353WC N353WCCessna 750 Citation X02:33 09-Apr-2021
AAL2400 N835NNB737-80000:25 09-Apr-2021
N331JA N331JALearjet 3123:14 08-Apr-2021
N300TU N300TUBD-100 Challenger 30021:53 08-Apr-2021
DRL78 N784APBeech Super King Air 35021:00 08-Apr-2021
N24QT N24QTLearjet 7520:40 08-Apr-2021
N26QT N26QTLearjet 7520:21 08-Apr-2021
N901JS N901JSBeech 90 King Air20:02 08-Apr-2021
N281MA N281MAMU-218:30 08-Apr-2021
N851MA N851MATBM-85017:58 08-Apr-2021
N300KE N300KEBD-100 Challenger 30002:30 08-Apr-2021
N720XP N720XPBeech 400 Beechjet02:16 08-Apr-2021
DRL18 N18AXLearjet 4023:04 07-Apr-2021
N25QT N25QTLearjet 7522:30 07-Apr-2021
N95CE N95CELearjet 6000:17 07-Apr-2021
N680DF N680DFFalcon 200023:50 06-Apr-2021
N72AC N72ACCessna 525 Citation CJ123:04 06-Apr-2021
N83PG N83PGR44 Raven II21:33 06-Apr-2021
JTL64 N64LVCessna 560 Citation 520:25 06-Apr-2021
N815CM N815CMCessna 560 Citation 516:54 06-Apr-2021
DRL45 N45AXLearjet 4500:47 06-Apr-2021
N155ME N155MELearjet 4523:17 05-Apr-2021
N1HP N1HPBD-100 Challenger 30021:44 05-Apr-2021
N81VN N81VNLearjet 3520:42 05-Apr-2021
AAL9777 N836AAB787-9 Dreamliner12:39 05-Apr-2021
RUF120 N175CAMU-204:14 05-Apr-2021
N1HC N1HCG55022:16 04-Apr-2021
N189MS N189MSCessna 525A Citation CJ215:33 04-Apr-2021
N200SL N200SLCessna 525 Citation CJ120:47 03-Apr-2021
N111BF N111BFCessna 525 Citation CJ123:03 02-Apr-2021
EVIL62 04-3730CT-156 Harvard 217:07 02-Apr-2021
N700JC00 N700JCSabreliner22:40 01-Apr-2021
N586DZ N586DZCessna 560XL Citation Excel22:32 01-Apr-2021
N28QT N28QTLearjet 7521:05 01-Apr-2021
AAL9822 N430ANA321neo23:07 30-Mar-2021
N780CA N780CAP-180 Avanti21:56 30-Mar-2021
N425ML N425MLCessna 425 Conquest 122:39 29-Mar-2021
N668AJ N668AJCessna 550 Citation 220:58 29-Mar-2021
N450FS N450FSMU-219:46 29-Mar-2021
N369LC N369LCP-180 Avanti19:26 29-Mar-2021
N302TP N302TPAS-350/55000:02 29-Mar-2021
N24QT N24PTCessna 441 Conquest 220:33 28-Mar-2021
N83DM N83DMCessna 501 Citation 1SP16:57 28-Mar-2021
N432RJ N432RJCitation Bravo19:38 27-Mar-2021
N709MT N709MT40717:48 27-Mar-2021
AAL9807 N787ALB777-20001:46 27-Mar-2021
N56CS N56CSP-180 Avanti16:44 26-Mar-2021
SCU55 N918VSBeech 90 King Air16:35 26-Mar-2021
N354WC N354WCCessna 750 Citation X23:40 25-Mar-2021
N31FW N31FWMU-217:55 25-Mar-2021
72086 09-72086BK-117C-202:13 25-Mar-2021
N4WD N4WDMU-223:46 24-Mar-2021
AAL9795 N775ANB777-20021:31 24-Mar-2021
AAL1446 N987ANB737-80002:39 24-Mar-2021
AAL9793 N781ANB777-20023:55 23-Mar-2021
N888WW N888WWMU-214:39 23-Mar-2021
CNS7673 N76GJBeech 400 Beechjet18:39 22-Mar-2021
AAL2400 N990NNB737-80000:14 22-Mar-2021
AAL1446 N979ANB737-80003:05 21-Mar-2021
PAWS07 01-3621CT-156 Harvard 221:52 16-Mar-2021
N112HC N112HCAH-60 Black Hawk04:53 16-Mar-2021
AAL9786 N974ANB737-80023:34 15-Mar-2021
N273CA N273CAR44 Raven II18:36 13-Mar-2021
AAL2400 N833NNB737-80001:16 10-Mar-2021
N50WG N50WGP-180 Avanti16:35 09-Mar-2021
N588DZ N588DZG55001:50 09-Mar-2021
RUF120 N741FNMU-215:38 08-Mar-2021
N847RC N847RCG45017:20 01-Mar-2021
N40JJ N40JJMU-221:25 26-Feb-2021
N99ZP N99ZPMU-218:46 25-Feb-2021
N2HP N2HPLearjet 7519:57 28-Jan-2021
N130EM N130EMP-180 Avanti02:13 14-Jan-2021
N443AS N443ASR44 Raven II16:56 12-Jan-2021

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