Portland Troutdale Airport

Codes: KTTD/
Name: Portland Troutdale Airport
City: Portland
Country: United States
Elevation: 39 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
QXE2382 N643QXEMB-17501:27 23-Oct-2021
AMF1965 N1568GBeech 190001:25 23-Oct-2021
AMF1977 N567SWEMB-120 Brasilia00:58 23-Oct-2021
N791BP N791BPBeech Super King Air 35000:28 23-Oct-2021
AMF1931 N266ASEMB-120 Brasilia00:25 23-Oct-2021
AMF1919 N31701Beech 190000:16 23-Oct-2021
CFS7673 N917FXATR-42-30000:15 23-Oct-2021
N534CC N534CCCessna 560XL Citation Excel23:25 22-Oct-2021
N989PB N989PBHawker 900XP22:31 22-Oct-2021
N441MR N441MRR44 Raven15:40 20-Oct-2021
N884RC N884RCCessna 560 Citation 523:27 18-Oct-2021
N161CE N161CEEMB-500 Phenom 10023:39 13-Oct-2021
N591DK N591DKCessna 560 Citation 515:27 11-Oct-2021
N510DV N510DVCessna 510 Citation Mustang01:54 08-Oct-2021
N388MM N388MMG-1159A Gulfstream 300:26 08-Oct-2021
N673HA N673HAG65023:14 07-Oct-2021
N511KD N511KDLearjet 3118:05 03-Oct-2021
N783DL N783DLCitation M200:18 24-Sep-2021
N271CL N271CLKodiak 100-II02:55 10-Aug-2021
AMF1977 N201YWEMB-120 Brasilia00:54 13-Jul-2021
N351JD N351JDR22 Beta II22:26 01-Jul-2021
N170EA N170EAEclipse 50002:23 25-Jun-2021
N515TH N515THAH-6J19:36 17-Jun-2021
AMF1927 N199AFBeech 99 Airliner01:45 26-Feb-2021
N8072X N8072XR22 Beta21:06 17-Jan-2021
N2223P N2223PR22 Beta II20:50 16-Jan-2021
N771SH N771SHR22 Beta II22:21 13-Jan-2021
N988SH N988SHR22 Beta II21:41 13-Jan-2021
N4074T N4074TR22 Beta21:39 13-Jan-2021
N924SH N924SHR22 Beta II21:36 13-Jan-2021

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