Portland Troutdale Airport

Codes: KTTD/
Name: Portland Troutdale Airport
City: Portland
Country: United States
Elevation: 39 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N435DC N435DCLearjet 4510:30 31-Jul-2021
GTI3794 N1321AB767-30010:05 31-Jul-2021
N856LF N856LFPC-1210:03 31-Jul-2021
GTI3785 N1399AB767-30009:14 31-Jul-2021
UAL1225 N458UAA320-20008:24 31-Jul-2021
SCX3052 N8059AB737-80008:08 31-Jul-2021
ASA1310 N622ASB737-70007:41 31-Jul-2021
AAL2224 N537UWA321-20007:27 31-Jul-2021
SWA985 N8691AB737-80007:25 31-Jul-2021
QXE2421 N650QXEMB-17507:05 31-Jul-2021
ASA802 N918AKB737 MAX 907:00 31-Jul-2021
SKW3720 N250SYEMB-17506:52 31-Jul-2021
SWA403 N8807LB737 MAX 806:45 31-Jul-2021
DAL2302 N897DNB737-90006:43 31-Jul-2021
SWA15 N8694EB737-80006:40 31-Jul-2021
ASA479 N237AKB737-90006:33 31-Jul-2021
SKW3257 N631SKCRJ-70006:29 31-Jul-2021
QXE2309 N647QXEMB-17506:25 31-Jul-2021
UAL1281 N37422B737-90006:22 31-Jul-2021
ATN3387 N379AZB767-30006:17 31-Jul-2021
ASA518 N843VAA320-20006:06 31-Jul-2021
ASA720 N472ASB737-90006:05 31-Jul-2021
QXE2583 N434MKDHC-8-400 Dash 806:03 31-Jul-2021
ASA898 N519ASB737-80006:00 31-Jul-2021
AAL2476 N316PFB737-80005:55 31-Jul-2021
SWA270 N8564ZB737-80005:35 31-Jul-2021
N4945F N4945FR44 Raven II22:13 30-Jul-2021
34L N629UPB747-822:09 30-Jul-2021
N420PY N420PYPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian19:50 30-Jul-2021
N354LQ N354LQLearjet 3519:46 30-Jul-2021
N109BG N109BGBAe-125-70019:11 30-Jul-2021
FDX2772 N137FEB767-30018:05 30-Jul-2021
AMF1992 N4299ABeech 99 Airliner17:16 30-Jul-2021
RLJ452 N356EJBAe-125-70017:06 30-Jul-2021
N969MH N969MHCabri G216:41 30-Jul-2021
UPS980 N406UPB757-20011:33 30-Jul-2021
N702PC N702PCPC-1223:09 29-Jul-2021
N513KD N513KDFalcon 200023:00 29-Jul-2021
N791BP N791BPBeech Super King Air 35019:58 29-Jul-2021
N661WA N661WACessna 208 Caravan 112:44 29-Jul-2021
N70FC N70FCCessna 525B Citation CJ302:23 29-Jul-2021
N713WL N713WLCessna 560 Citation 501:39 29-Jul-2021
EJA505 N505QSCitation Latitude00:11 29-Jul-2021
QXE2390 N446QXDHC-8-400 Dash 822:32 28-Jul-2021
N801CL N801CLAB-206 JetRanger17:28 28-Jul-2021
SWA2493 N473WNB737-70017:14 28-Jul-2021
TWY903 N903GSFalcon 200020:31 27-Jul-2021
N271EE N271EETBM-85000:39 27-Jul-2021
N756HA N756HAChallenger 35019:58 26-Jul-2021
N303XX N303XXLearjet 4516:25 26-Jul-2021
N102DS N102DSCessna 510 Citation Mustang15:15 26-Jul-2021
N897TC N897TCCessna 525B Citation CJ322:14 25-Jul-2021
N675LC N675LCBD-100 Challenger 30020:23 24-Jul-2021
N783DL N783DLCitation M201:43 24-Jul-2021
N989PB N989PBHawker 900XP19:45 23-Jul-2021
N725TM N725TMCessna 525B Citation CJ304:24 23-Jul-2021
N7148A N7148AR22 Beta II03:28 23-Jul-2021
N771BV N771BVFalcon 2000EX EASy03:20 22-Jul-2021
N430MC N430MCBeech 1300 Commuter22:50 19-Jul-2021
N826LF N826LFEC-13507:25 18-Jul-2021
N491JL N491JLCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:20 15-Jul-2021
N900VA N900VAHawker 900XP20:30 13-Jul-2021
N884RC N884RCCessna 560 Citation 502:49 13-Jul-2021
AMF1977 N201YWEMB-120 Brasilia00:54 13-Jul-2021
N388MM N388MMG-1159A Gulfstream 322:48 09-Jul-2021
BRG980 N363JHBeech 1300 Commuter04:24 06-Jul-2021
N351JD N351JDR22 Beta II22:26 01-Jul-2021
N170EA N170EAEclipse 50002:23 25-Jun-2021
N515TH N515THAH-6J19:36 17-Jun-2021
N779SH N779SHR22 Beta II22:52 10-May-2021
N71VT N71VTBeech 1300 Commuter18:44 18-Apr-2021
N161CE N161CEEMB-500 Phenom 10003:19 17-Apr-2021
AMF1927 N199AFBeech 99 Airliner01:45 26-Feb-2021
N8072X N8072XR22 Beta21:06 17-Jan-2021
N2223P N2223PR22 Beta II20:50 16-Jan-2021
N771SH N771SHR22 Beta II22:21 13-Jan-2021
N988SH N988SHR22 Beta II21:41 13-Jan-2021
N4074T N4074TR22 Beta21:39 13-Jan-2021
N924SH N924SHR22 Beta II21:36 13-Jan-2021

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