Tampa International Airport

Name: Tampa International Airport
City: Tampa
Country: United States
Elevation: 26 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SWA366 N8559QB737-80004:16 20-Sep-2021
SWA1308 N763SWB737-70004:08 20-Sep-2021
UAL1008 N68836B737-90004:03 20-Sep-2021
SWA576 N903WNB737-70003:57 20-Sep-2021
AAL1773 N925ANB737-80003:55 20-Sep-2021
AAL2256 N983NNB737-80003:53 20-Sep-2021
DAL2321 N695DLB757-20003:50 20-Sep-2021
SWA206 N7727AB737-70003:43 20-Sep-2021
NKS204 N528NKA319-10003:41 20-Sep-2021
UAL709 N68802B737-90003:37 20-Sep-2021
FFT2375 N350FRA320neo03:33 20-Sep-2021
SWA2365 N266WNB737-70003:30 20-Sep-2021
MXY105 N193BZEMB-19502:57 20-Sep-2021
JBU225 N592JBA320-20002:51 20-Sep-2021
SWA2248 N494WNB737-70002:49 20-Sep-2021
MXY101 N192BZEMB-19502:48 20-Sep-2021
SWA444 N907WNB737-70002:40 20-Sep-2021
DAL2417 N6708DB757-20002:39 20-Sep-2021
SWA987 N8608NB737-80002:37 20-Sep-2021
AAL2401 N895NNB737-80002:36 20-Sep-2021
DAL1292 N360NBA319-10002:22 20-Sep-2021
JBU2752 N779JBA320-20002:21 20-Sep-2021
KOW733 N733FLCessna 750 Citation X02:15 20-Sep-2021
JBU2273 N561JBA320-20002:01 20-Sep-2021
DAL2552 N342NBA319-10002:00 20-Sep-2021
SIL81 N406SVATR-42-60001:51 20-Sep-2021
ATN3498 N337AZB767-30001:47 20-Sep-2021
SIL139 N407SVATR-42-60001:34 20-Sep-2021
DAL689 N386DAB737-80001:31 20-Sep-2021
AAL2022 N9023NA319-10001:27 20-Sep-2021
UAL1444 N33203B737-80001:16 20-Sep-2021
FDX768 N187FEB767-30001:14 20-Sep-2021
AAL2082 N118USA320-20001:13 20-Sep-2021
DAL1283 N918DUB737-90001:09 20-Sep-2021
DAL2200 N928DUB737-90000:49 20-Sep-2021
FDX562 N667FEA300B4-60000:45 20-Sep-2021
FFT2555 N353FRA320neo00:43 20-Sep-2021
SWA1336 N8616CB737-80000:39 20-Sep-2021
AAL1464 N766USA319-10000:31 20-Sep-2021
AAL503 N153UWA321-20000:29 20-Sep-2021
JBU1447 N187JBEMB-19000:28 20-Sep-2021
AAL2211 N971NNB737-80023:58 19-Sep-2021
LXJ432 N432FXPraetor 50023:48 19-Sep-2021
LN60LJ N60LJLearjet 6023:41 19-Sep-2021
N544CM N544CMFalcon 90023:39 19-Sep-2021
UAL1032 N26215B737-80023:35 19-Sep-2021
AAY1980 N240NVA320-20023:15 19-Sep-2021
SIL143 N405SVATR-42-60023:11 19-Sep-2021
SIL51 N403SVATR-42-60022:56 19-Sep-2021
N583PS N583PSLearjet 4522:40 19-Sep-2021
UAL2670 N39415B737-90022:31 19-Sep-2021
DCM4081 N916BDLearjet 7522:08 19-Sep-2021
N602CV N602CVFalcon 900EX22:06 19-Sep-2021
UAL642 N454UAA320-20021:38 19-Sep-2021
SWA162 N8534ZB737-80020:54 19-Sep-2021
FFT2551 N310FRA320neo19:54 19-Sep-2021
AHO9563 D-ASIMFalcon 7X17:54 19-Sep-2021
GTI6985 N1409AB767-30017:34 19-Sep-2021
N97XP N97XPBAe-125-70016:25 19-Sep-2021
N819KM N819KMCessna 208 Caravan 115:19 19-Sep-2021
N85JV N85JVCessna 525A Citation CJ214:21 19-Sep-2021
LN65LJ N65LJLearjet 6022:56 18-Sep-2021
N75HF N75HFCitation CJ420:41 18-Sep-2021
N100ED N100EDGVII-G60018:42 18-Sep-2021
DANTE50 60-0331KC-135R/T 18:35 18-Sep-2021
FFT2098 N370FRA320neo11:53 18-Sep-2021
UAL1213 N69804B737-90001:16 18-Sep-2021
N44KA N44KABeech 1300 Commuter22:25 17-Sep-2021
DAL9937 N305DQB737-70022:14 17-Sep-2021
DREW51 60-0353KC-135R/T 18:01 17-Sep-2021
N101RE N101REChallenger 65016:05 17-Sep-2021
UPS1352 N405UPB757-20009:11 17-Sep-2021
EJM274 N10274G55004:31 16-Sep-2021
N842CT N842CTBeech Super King Air 35001:28 15-Sep-2021
GAJ876 N876UPBeech Super King Air 35017:33 14-Sep-2021
N20PC N20PCPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian14:07 12-Sep-2021
N911WA N911WA40705:13 11-Sep-2021
N75WH N75WHPC-1204:06 11-Sep-2021
N193SG N193SGBAe-125-70021:02 07-Sep-2021
N166CL N166CLBeech Super King Air 35018:54 06-Sep-2021
N8PJ N8PJ390 Premier 117:49 05-Sep-2021
N251CB N251CBCessna 501 Citation 1SP18:10 01-Sep-2021
N925JG N925JGFalcon 200016:51 01-Sep-2021
N23TC N23TCBeech 1300 Commuter18:58 30-Aug-2021
N850GM N850GMTBM-85015:57 30-Aug-2021
N560TF N560TFCessna 560 Citation 522:59 29-Aug-2021
UAL2719 N455UAA320-20005:15 29-Aug-2021
N911DG N911DGAS-350/55014:11 24-Aug-2021
GASPR13 58-0069KC-135T02:40 24-Aug-2021
N900CW N900CWBeech Super King Air 35017:31 23-Aug-2021
N610TP N610TPAB-206 JetRanger22:11 26-Jul-2021
N411TP N411TP40703:27 16-Jul-2021
N129TV N129TVAS-350/55023:11 11-Jul-2021
N160MG N85LJLearjet 6018:44 29-Jun-2021
N9191 N9191Challenger 60419:02 16-Mar-2021

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