Tinker Air Force Base

Codes: KTIK/
Name: Tinker Air Force Base
City: Oklahoma City
Country: United States
Elevation: 1291 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N897SEEC-13017:15 25-Nov-2021
N407SF N407SF40702:24 25-Nov-2021
EJA627 N627QSCitation Latitude19:46 24-Nov-2021
IRON34 164388E-6 Mercury19:34 24-Nov-2021
SABRE46 18-46041KC-46A Pegasus20:30 23-Nov-2021
OKIE11 60-0349KC-135R/T 17:20 22-Nov-2021
IRON99 164409E-6 Mercury21:30 20-Nov-2021
FROST13 164405E-6 Mercury04:59 19-Nov-2021
AMAIN07 163920E-6 Mercury02:34 19-Nov-2021
SABRE45 61-0288KC-135R/T 20:48 18-Nov-2021
OUA37 N370UBeech 90 King Air23:06 16-Nov-2021
SABRE45 62-3528KC-135R/T 17:24 16-Nov-2021
SABRE46 18-46048KC-46A Pegasus16:49 16-Nov-2021
OKIE11 58-0058KC-135R/T 20:14 15-Nov-2021
PACK93 17-46034KC-46A Pegasus19:34 15-Nov-2021
63-8030KC-135R/T 22:56 12-Nov-2021
VIRGA41 162784E-6 Mercury02:34 10-Nov-2021
SABRE35 58-0047KC-135T19:33 09-Nov-2021
UTAH52 63-8881KC-135R/T 18:29 09-Nov-2021
SABRE35 60-0337KC-135T23:08 04-Nov-2021
SABRE35 57-1456KC-135R/T 16:46 02-Nov-2021
SABRE46 16-46016KC-46A Pegasus16:13 02-Nov-2021
N184SF N184SF40721:47 30-Oct-2021
OKIE31 57-1432KC-135R/T 16:10 27-Oct-2021
OKIE21 63-7985KC-135R/T 19:23 26-Oct-2021
KING16 13-5790C-130J Hercules21:28 18-Oct-2021
SHADO26 164410E-6 Mercury16:31 15-Oct-2021
SABRE35 58-0066KC-135R/T 15:46 13-Oct-2021
N444HC N444HCLearjet 3119:38 10-Oct-2021
OKIE12 58-0102KC-135R/T 02:15 05-Oct-2021
SABRE03 76-1604E-3 (TF33) Sentry19:10 23-Sep-2021
SABRE37 58-0086KC-135T22:08 10-Sep-2021
SABRE36 58-0074KC-135T19:02 26-Aug-2021
OKIE11 62-3509KC-135R/T 18:29 23-Aug-2021
59-1472KC-135R/T 15:19 13-Aug-2021
SHADO04 164387E-6 Mercury19:09 12-Jul-2021
HOKU50 59-1455KC-135R/T 16:03 12-Jul-2021
N21MW N21MWAB-206 JetRanger19:03 22-Apr-2021
SHADO76 162783E-6 Mercury23:48 14-Apr-2021

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