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Name: Lambert St Louis International Airport
City: St Louis
Country: United States
Elevation: 618 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
DAL976 N348DNA321-20020:35 03-Aug-2020
GJS4440 N519GJCRJ-70020:33 03-Aug-2020
SWA6871 N7722BB737-70020:31 03-Aug-2020
N4125O4 N345HCBeech 400 Beechjet20:05 03-Aug-2020
SWA6807 N8555ZB737-80019:58 03-Aug-2020
N1258B N1258BCessna 208 Caravan 119:54 03-Aug-2020
SWA9001 N407WNB737-70019:51 03-Aug-2020
SWA2655 N8613KB737-80019:50 03-Aug-2020
SWA6864 N7812GB737-70019:47 03-Aug-2020
VTE3503 N16510EMB-13519:45 03-Aug-2020
SWA665 N8693AB737-80019:41 03-Aug-2020
AAL1617 N317PGB737-80019:39 03-Aug-2020
AAL2913 N823AWA319-10019:37 03-Aug-2020
ASA712 N309ASB737-90019:35 03-Aug-2020
SWA1232 N762SWB737-70019:29 03-Aug-2020
SWA2161 N8523WB737-80019:28 03-Aug-2020
SWA281 N8539VB737-80019:25 03-Aug-2020
EDV4964 N925XJCRJ-90019:10 03-Aug-2020
N25PP N25PPCessna 560XL Citation Excel19:08 03-Aug-2020
AAL1737 N821AWA319-10019:07 03-Aug-2020
SKW5592 N793SKCRJ-70017:55 03-Aug-2020
ASH6215 N87318EMB-17517:31 03-Aug-2020
RPA4363 N129HQEMB-175 LR16:36 03-Aug-2020
EJA539 N539QSCitation Latitude16:32 03-Aug-2020
N281TA N281TAA-4 Skyhawk16:03 03-Aug-2020
N608RP N608RPBD-100 Challenger 30015:36 03-Aug-2020
N652FC N652FCEclipse 50014:55 03-Aug-2020
SJJ945 N945TMG55013:41 03-Aug-2020
TFF919 N190JE4000 Hawker Horizon06:35 03-Aug-2020
N764JS N764JSCessna 560 Citation 521:16 02-Aug-2020
EJA370 N370QSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign20:05 02-Aug-2020
N5895K N5895KBeech 400 Beechjet18:48 02-Aug-2020
SWA2122 N431WNB737-70016:46 02-Aug-2020
N208EE N208EECessna 208 Caravan 112:53 02-Aug-2020
GAJ18 N1878CLearjet 7521:39 01-Aug-2020
GLT777 N777LXCessna 560XL Citation Excel20:54 01-Aug-2020
GAJ228 N728CCG28015:38 01-Aug-2020
FDX1523 N142FEB767-30010:34 01-Aug-2020
N301PE N301PEBD-100 Challenger 30003:27 01-Aug-2020
AAL439 N920NNB737-80001:47 01-Aug-2020
GAJ224 N56BABD-100 Challenger 30022:53 31-Jul-2020
N732MD N732MDCessna 208 Caravan 122:37 31-Jul-2020
N1CA N1CABD-100 Challenger 30020:57 31-Jul-2020
N1902D N1902DBeech 190017:37 31-Jul-2020
GAJ258 N858CCG28016:31 31-Jul-2020
FDX1708 N148FEB767-30009:53 31-Jul-2020
UPS636 N127UPA300B4-60009:51 31-Jul-2020
UPS634 N447UPB757-20009:17 31-Jul-2020
N41ND N41NDCessna 525B Citation CJ321:35 30-Jul-2020
GAJ628 N828CCG650 ER21:28 30-Jul-2020
JTL54 N54TJCessna 560XL Citation Excel20:41 30-Jul-2020
N8800E N8800EFalcon 7X19:39 30-Jul-2020
N612KB N612KBEclipse 50016:47 30-Jul-2020
GTW650 N650DHGulfstream G15021:16 29-Jul-2020
N234LT N234LTA-4 Skyhawk19:05 28-Jul-2020
N531MT N531MTEC-13507:49 27-Jul-2020
N80F N80FCitation CJ416:14 26-Jul-2020
N880SL N880SLBK-11723:29 25-Jul-2020
N851JK N851JKTBM-85020:00 25-Jul-2020
GAJ679 N779ARG650 ER14:44 25-Jul-2020
N56EL N56ELGVII-G50000:25 24-Jul-2020
N7202Y N7202YBeech 300 Super King Air16:32 23-Jul-2020
GAJ298 N898CCG28023:29 22-Jul-2020
N911MU N911MU36921:30 22-Jul-2020
NEW334 N334FXChallenger 60415:29 20-Jul-2020
GJS4440 N523GJCRJ-70020:53 19-Jul-2020
N550GW N550GWG55018:46 19-Jul-2020
GAJ268 N868CCG28019:17 16-Jul-2020
GAJ693 N893CCBD-700 Global 500019:07 09-Jul-2020
GAJ678 N778ARG650 ER21:16 02-Jul-2020
BOE57A N757AB757-20020:05 01-Jul-2020
N288AE N288AEAB-206 JetRanger20:32 29-Jun-2020
N345KF N345KFBK-117C-221:45 23-Jun-2020
N46879 N46879B75 Kaydet16:24 31-May-2020
N48784 N48784B75 Kaydet18:11 25-May-2020
GJS7550 N653CACRJ-70019:19 20-May-2020
123PS N123PSM-24 Orion15:37 09-May-2020
GJS4478 N522GJCRJ-70015:31 09-May-2020
N695MC N695MCAB-206 JetRanger14:49 07-May-2020
N727AE N727AE40720:11 01-May-2020
GJS4844 N506GJCRJ-70021:58 28-Apr-2020
N161SF N161SFAB-206 JetRanger23:24 15-Apr-2020
N422RH N422RHAB-206 JetRanger20:41 10-Apr-2020
GJS4478 N536GJCRJ-70017:11 09-Apr-2020
GJS3380 N540GJCRJ-70015:09 09-Apr-2020
GJS3377 N541GJCRJ-70014:35 09-Apr-2020
GJS4615 N543GJCRJ-70023:15 08-Apr-2020
GJS4484 N534GJCRJ-70021:53 07-Apr-2020
N647CM N647CMM-16 Tandem Trainer18:50 03-Apr-2020
LOF3359 N839HKEMB-14520:25 01-Apr-2020
LOF3358 N846HKEMB-14517:43 01-Apr-2020
LOF4705 N41104EMB-145XR23:34 30-Mar-2020
N162NH N162NHJetexec20:34 30-Mar-2020
LOF3342 N843HKEMB-14520:28 30-Mar-2020
N647TB N647TBM-24 Orion VIP91520:00 30-Mar-2020
GJS6160 N379CACRJ-70000:17 30-Mar-2020
N337AEAB-206 JetRanger20:06 29-Mar-2020
LOF3363 N844HKEMB-14519:37 28-Mar-2020

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