Salt Lake City International Airport

Name: Salt Lake City International Airport
City: Salt Lake City
Country: United States
Elevation: 4227 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N435QS N435QSG45001:35 28-Jan-2022
N695PA N695PACessna 525 Citation CJ101:34 28-Jan-2022
LN381HC N381HCBeech 1300 Commuter01:32 28-Jan-2022
SKW5762 N615UXEMB-17501:31 28-Jan-2022
CFS7358 N816FXATR-72-20001:31 28-Jan-2022
CPT7764 N751FECessna 208 Caravan 101:29 28-Jan-2022
N161JG N161JGChallenger 601 3A00:08 28-Jan-2022
N512KR N512KRHA-420 HondaJet23:59 27-Jan-2022
N132MH N132MHR22 Beta II23:42 27-Jan-2022
SWA829 N961WNB737-70020:16 27-Jan-2022
N484J N484JCessna 525 Citation CJ119:13 27-Jan-2022
FFL1 N15WECitation M218:01 27-Jan-2022
N45UH N45UHBK-117C-215:49 27-Jan-2022
SWQ597 N67TCB737-80015:27 27-Jan-2022
DAL2920 N331NBA319-10002:48 27-Jan-2022
N315KA N315KABeech Super King Air 35002:39 27-Jan-2022
SKW4805 N979SWCRJ-20002:12 27-Jan-2022
N40EP N40EPCessna 551 Citation 2SP23:37 26-Jan-2022
WDY28 N28PHFalcon 5022:43 26-Jan-2022
N407CP N407CP40718:49 26-Jan-2022
N950SF N950SFFalcon 90018:13 26-Jan-2022
N499JB N499JBGVII-G50017:30 26-Jan-2022
N773TP N773TPBeech 1300 Commuter23:59 25-Jan-2022
N82CX N82CXEpic E100022:06 25-Jan-2022
CPT1012 N964FECessna 208 Caravan 120:20 25-Jan-2022
N820TN N820TNCalidus18:42 23-Jan-2022
N842JS N842JSCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:23 22-Jan-2022
N200GX N200GXFalcon 50EX20:45 22-Jan-2022
N681HC N681HCChallenger 60408:41 22-Jan-2022
N325PE N325PEBD-100 Challenger 30001:34 22-Jan-2022
N300MV N300MVCessna 525B Citation CJ300:47 22-Jan-2022
EJM444 N444QGG-4 Gulfstream 400:04 22-Jan-2022
N923JH N923JHCessna 550 Citation 223:37 21-Jan-2022
N321VK N321VKPC-1223:35 21-Jan-2022
N650JF N650JFLegacy 65023:30 21-Jan-2022
N2354Y N2354YBeech 90 King Air22:30 21-Jan-2022
AIP833 N61UCBeech 190002:06 20-Jan-2022
N958BG N958BGFalcon 2000EX EASy00:40 20-Jan-2022
N829SA N829SAPC-1222:39 19-Jan-2022
SKW3885 N258SYEMB-17502:57 19-Jan-2022
N5276G N5276GEMB-500 Phenom 10023:38 18-Jan-2022
N4CM N4CMKodiak 10023:48 17-Jan-2022
N46CE N46CEBeech 1300 Commuter22:26 17-Jan-2022
N420TX N420TXHA-420 HondaJet19:30 17-Jan-2022
N480BR N480BRBeech 1300 Commuter23:14 16-Jan-2022
N22XZ N22XZBD-100 Challenger 30021:37 16-Jan-2022
N721ES N721ESCessna 525A Citation CJ204:15 16-Jan-2022
N2277A N2277AAB-206 JetRanger18:37 15-Jan-2022
N408UH N408UH40704:09 14-Jan-2022
EDG12 N121GZG45022:28 13-Jan-2022
N221CB N221CBFalcon 50EX00:27 13-Jan-2022
JAS69 N512DBChallenger 60500:05 13-Jan-2022
N15EH N15EHLearjet 3504:04 12-Jan-2022
N654DD N654DDEMB-505 Phenom 30000:31 10-Jan-2022
N623TA N623TAG55022:56 09-Jan-2022
WIDE22 58-0027KC-135R/T 23:06 08-Jan-2022
N769ST N769STLearjet 7501:54 08-Jan-2022
N62TE N62TEEclipse 50020:42 02-Jan-2022
UTAH53 60-0316KC-135R/T 04:12 22-Dec-2021
N411UH N411UH40701:26 21-Dec-2021
N966FS N966FSAS-350/55023:09 20-Dec-2021
N206SG N206SGAB-206 JetRanger21:47 20-Dec-2021
N557HD N557HDKodiak 10001:31 19-Dec-2021
N67PT N67PTEpic LT01:22 16-Dec-2021
N492VR N492VRG-4 Gulfstream 414:22 09-Dec-2021
N206ZZ N206ZZAB-206 JetRanger21:30 03-Dec-2021
VFR N900FMR6613:11 23-Jul-2021

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