Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport

Name: Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport
City: San Jose
Country: United States
Elevation: 62 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SWA344 N919WNB737-70014:16 09-May-2021
QXE2437 N639QXEMB-17514:15 09-May-2021
QXE2354 N623QXEMB-17505:55 09-May-2021
ASA830 N569ASB737-80005:23 09-May-2021
ASA856 N536ASB737-80005:03 09-May-2021
ASH6098 N93305EMB-17504:54 09-May-2021
ASA812 N514ASB737-80004:41 09-May-2021
ASA328 N293AKB737-90004:35 09-May-2021
SWA1010 N8302FB737-80004:32 09-May-2021
HAL46 N227HAA321neo04:27 09-May-2021
SKW3502 N270SYEMB-17504:09 09-May-2021
SWA2942 N8539VB737-80003:45 09-May-2021
N997VA N997VAR44 II03:35 09-May-2021
SWA327 N8311QB737-80003:29 09-May-2021
SWA2240 N7869AB737-70003:01 09-May-2021
N550LK N550LKG55002:48 09-May-2021
HAL44 N213HAA321neo02:43 09-May-2021
ASA259 N835VAA320-20001:30 09-May-2021
AAL2735 N994NNB737-80001:22 09-May-2021
EJA512 N512QSCitation Latitude00:41 09-May-2021
EJA606 N606QSCitation Latitude00:11 09-May-2021
N510KF N510KFCessna 510 Citation Mustang23:22 08-May-2021
N88EJ N88EJEMB-505 Phenom 30023:07 08-May-2021
N246BD N246BDGVII-G60022:40 08-May-2021
N2TS N2TSVision SF5021:40 08-May-2021
N945JS N945JSCessna 750 Citation X21:36 08-May-2021
EJA380 N380QSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign21:34 08-May-2021
KAY53 D-ALEXA319-10021:23 08-May-2021
N152FJ N152FJFalcon 5020:37 08-May-2021
MAD67 N67MACessna 680 Citation Sovereign20:33 08-May-2021
EJA702 N702QSChallenger 35019:55 08-May-2021
N5VJ N5VJFalcon 900EX19:31 08-May-2021
N208BH N208BHLearjet 6018:54 08-May-2021
VJT968 9H-VJWGlobal 600011:03 08-May-2021
N606BS N606BSPC-1222:20 07-May-2021
TWY1026 N80TEGlobal 650022:03 07-May-2021
SDU145 N503DJFalcon 200022:00 07-May-2021
DLX72 N72HJHA-420 HondaJet21:51 07-May-2021
EJA782 N782QSChallenger 35021:47 07-May-2021
N115AJ N115AJAlpha Jet21:45 07-May-2021
N931FL N931FLG55021:34 07-May-2021
N2N N2NG65020:39 07-May-2021
N621SC N621SCA-10920:27 07-May-2021
N905JG N905JGGlobal 600019:01 07-May-2021
KING55 15-5842C-130J Hercules05:15 07-May-2021
TWY131 N649GAG650 ER02:57 07-May-2021
N729WR N729WRCessna 525 Citation CJ101:46 07-May-2021
N42ST N42STFalcon 200001:04 07-May-2021
TWY11 N312DSFalcon 900EX00:00 07-May-2021
SWQ2818 N917XAB737-80023:36 06-May-2021
N200NP N200NPPC-1223:30 06-May-2021
NFX811 N811FSBeech Super King Air 35021:42 06-May-2021
N85SV N85SVLearjet 3518:30 06-May-2021
N322FL N322FLEMB-505 Phenom 30016:50 06-May-2021
FTH998 N998CXCessna 750 Citation X23:31 05-May-2021
N622SA N622SAR22 Beta II21:26 05-May-2021
N321SF N321SF1126 Galaxy20:16 05-May-2021
N278GS N278GSFalcon 2000S04:54 05-May-2021
N417C N417CCitation CJ401:13 05-May-2021
N407JH N407JH40715:16 04-May-2021
N843JS N843JSCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:49 03-May-2021
N121RF N121RFCessna 510 Citation Mustang18:57 03-May-2021
TWY919 N60TEGlobal 600005:58 03-May-2021
N900ZP N900ZPTBM 90021:49 02-May-2021
N3546 N3546G55021:27 02-May-2021
KAI525 N737KAB737-70006:40 02-May-2021
N813QS N813QSG55003:46 02-May-2021
N510QS N510QSG55001:25 02-May-2021
TWY180 N278RFFalcon 900EX EASy23:24 01-May-2021
N184AE N184AEPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian02:56 01-May-2021
N615AJ N615AJCessna 560 Citation 501:08 01-May-2021
N636DS N636DSCitation CJ422:53 30-Apr-2021
N904JY N904JYG55018:25 30-Apr-2021
N888FC N888FCFalcon 200001:35 30-Apr-2021
N86CG N86CGCessna 525B Citation CJ301:12 30-Apr-2021
N917DB N917DBPA-46-600TP M60022:56 29-Apr-2021
N10XG N10XGG55003:36 29-Apr-2021
N830MG N830MGCessna 650 Citation 301:19 29-Apr-2021
TWY25 N307LCFalcon 7X00:41 29-Apr-2021
N545DB N545DBPC-1205:10 28-Apr-2021
N160SB N160SBBD-100 Challenger 30002:10 27-Apr-2021
N43VM N43VMPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian00:41 27-Apr-2021
KING61 14-5864C-130J Hercules23:00 24-Apr-2021
N687GS N687GSG650 ER20:13 23-Apr-2021
N358V N358VG650 ER04:12 22-Apr-2021
KING66 16-5857C-130J Hercules01:04 22-Apr-2021
N881JH N881JHFalcon 2000LX22:01 21-Apr-2021
N777FL N777FLGulfstream G15023:20 20-Apr-2021
N298R N298RA-10919:08 19-Apr-2021
N901SF N901SFBeech 1300 Commuter19:07 19-Apr-2021
N661GTG650 ER23:43 18-Apr-2021
N4YS N4YSBeech Super King Air 35021:51 18-Apr-2021
N308LJ N308LJCessna 680 Citation Sovereign20:21 18-Apr-2021
N322LL N322LLEMB-505 Phenom 30017:52 18-Apr-2021
N554T N554TCitation Bravo21:08 17-Apr-2021
N585GS N585GSG650 ER18:17 16-Apr-2021
N518KA N518KAG650 ER00:04 16-Apr-2021
N40TH N40THFalcon 2000EX19:28 14-Apr-2021
N459MB N459MBCessna 560 Citation 523:09 12-Apr-2021
N232G N232GG65021:06 06-Apr-2021
N159JA N159JAG650 ER23:37 31-Mar-2021
N627VJ N627VJR44 II00:04 29-Mar-2021
TWY901 N901MMFalcon 900EX00:25 27-Mar-2021
TWY98 N6JPG55002:01 25-Mar-2021
N1078Q N1078QAB-206 JetRanger18:21 21-Mar-2021
N654YS N654YSSabreliner01:38 20-Mar-2021
N408PD N408PDAS-350/55001:32 09-Mar-2021
TWY27 N207RChallenger 60501:48 28-Feb-2021
N170PD N170PDR6600:30 21-Feb-2021
N711HL N711HLA-10919:31 22-Jan-2021
N47CF N47CFR44 Raven II22:42 09-Jan-2021

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