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Name: San Francisco International Airport
City: San Francisco
Country: United States
Elevation: 13 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
LXJ592 N592FXChallenger 35019:54 24-Oct-2020
SWA2210 N717SAB737-70019:53 24-Oct-2020
SKW3710 N287SYEMB-17519:43 24-Oct-2020
AAL2248 N949NNB737-80019:39 24-Oct-2020
SKW3305 N196SYEMB-17519:34 24-Oct-2020
DAL1202 N898DNB737-90019:31 24-Oct-2020
SKW3380 N192SYEMB-17519:31 24-Oct-2020
AFR084 F-GSQHB777-300ER19:28 24-Oct-2020
N717XJ N717XJCessna 750 Citation X19:27 24-Oct-2020
DAL1317 N108DQCSeries CS10019:24 24-Oct-2020
AAL2634 N338PKB737-80019:22 24-Oct-2020
UAL732 N14115B757-20019:17 24-Oct-2020
SWA2349 N8582ZB737-80019:04 24-Oct-2020
LXJ377 N377FXEMB-505 Phenom 30018:59 24-Oct-2020
DAL1204 N839DNB737-90018:56 24-Oct-2020
SWA1807 N7702AB737-70018:55 24-Oct-2020
JBU1833 N986JBA321-20018:48 24-Oct-2020
GTI7109 N407KZB747-40018:43 24-Oct-2020
AMX668 XA-ADTB737-80018:39 24-Oct-2020
UAL769 N74856B757-30018:37 24-Oct-2020
UAL2372 N57439B737-90018:35 24-Oct-2020
UAL1068 N26215B737-80018:28 24-Oct-2020
KLM281 PH-BQKB777-20018:22 24-Oct-2020
SKW3413 N191SYEMB-17518:10 24-Oct-2020
DAL301 N707TWB757-20018:06 24-Oct-2020
JAL58 JA733JB777-300ER18:00 24-Oct-2020
CPA870 B-LXJA350-100017:45 24-Oct-2020
SWA1837 N258WNB737-70017:35 24-Oct-2020
AAL1880 N166NNA321-20017:03 24-Oct-2020
SKW5464 N143SYEMB-17516:44 24-Oct-2020
SKW5580 N779SKCRJ-70014:13 24-Oct-2020
TAP237 CS-TUSA330-900neo13:21 24-Oct-2020
UAL858D N2251UB777-300ER13:06 24-Oct-2020
UAL868 N26952B787-9 Dreamliner12:51 24-Oct-2020
FDX1545 N111FEB767-30012:24 24-Oct-2020
UAL2435 N29907B787-8 Dreamliner03:18 24-Oct-2020
AAL1175 N962NNB737-80002:51 24-Oct-2020
AAL2305 N103NNA321-20002:22 24-Oct-2020
N246JR N246JRCessna 750 Citation X01:21 24-Oct-2020
AAL2683 N995ANA321-20000:35 24-Oct-2020
UAL458 N808UAA319-10023:41 23-Oct-2020
PXT525 N525CRCessna 525B Citation CJ323:36 23-Oct-2020
UAL949 N27958B787-9 Dreamliner23:01 23-Oct-2020
KLM281 PH-BHDB787-9 Dreamliner22:49 23-Oct-2020
EJA436 N436QSEMB-505 Phenom 30022:18 23-Oct-2020
N415P N415PGVII-G60021:19 23-Oct-2020
UAL2729 N38268B737-80019:10 23-Oct-2020
N999YX N999YXBD-700 Global Express17:52 23-Oct-2020
UAL2833 N786UAB777-20017:10 23-Oct-2020
N428JD N428JDGulfstream G15015:03 23-Oct-2020
UAL955 N36962B787-9 Dreamliner12:18 23-Oct-2020
TWY128 N108DBGVII-G60008:30 23-Oct-2020
UAL2752 N77537B737-80007:14 23-Oct-2020
UAL2400 N76529B737-80004:37 23-Oct-2020
C6540 6540AS-365/36603:41 23-Oct-2020
N940LT N940LTTBM 94023:33 22-Oct-2020
REH32 N324RXEC-13520:43 22-Oct-2020
EJA584 N584QSCitation Latitude20:01 22-Oct-2020
UAL892 N38955B787-9 Dreamliner12:41 21-Oct-2020
C6543 6543AS-365/36601:58 20-Oct-2020
N64588 N64588B75 Kaydet17:23 18-Oct-2020
JAS91 N650HAG650 ER22:45 17-Oct-2020
N661GTG650 ER00:01 17-Oct-2020
C6545 6545AS-365/36603:24 16-Oct-2020
VJT861 9H-VJNGlobal 600016:39 15-Oct-2020
N415SE N415SEG20005:12 07-Oct-2020
N221FT N221FTBeech Super King Air 35020:49 26-Sep-2020
C6542 6542AS-365/36601:30 25-Sep-2020
N40CT N40CTCavalon19:12 23-Sep-2020
ASA1390 N640VAA320-20000:10 08-Sep-2020
ASA9566 N633VAA320-20020:36 18-Aug-2020
UAL1494 N69826B737-90003:18 04-May-2020
UAL1666 N24212B737-80004:10 09-Apr-2020
UAL2720 N771UAB777-20018:17 08-Apr-2020
ASA406 N363VAA320-20006:41 08-Apr-2020
ASA951 N362VAA320-20006:39 08-Apr-2020

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