San Francisco International Airport

Name: San Francisco International Airport
City: San Francisco
Country: United States
Elevation: 13 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
KAL214 HL7610B747-809:08 31-Jul-2021
JBU1415 N947JBA321-20009:01 31-Jul-2021
ABX3101 N797AXB767-20008:35 31-Jul-2021
JBU333 N942JBA321-20008:17 31-Jul-2021
SWA2340 N792SWB737-70008:01 31-Jul-2021
SWA2343 N7853BB737-70007:16 31-Jul-2021
SWA9025 N8709QB737 MAX 807:10 31-Jul-2021
QXE2076 N651QXEMB-17507:07 31-Jul-2021
UAL1738 N19117B757-20007:03 31-Jul-2021
ASA710 N579ASB737-80006:52 31-Jul-2021
AAL446 N132ANA321-20006:45 31-Jul-2021
SKW3030 N764SKCRJ-70006:40 31-Jul-2021
DAL651 N803NWA330-30006:37 31-Jul-2021
UAL1597 N812UAA319-10006:34 31-Jul-2021
DAL710 N6708DB757-20006:25 31-Jul-2021
AAL2810 N982VJA321-20006:18 31-Jul-2021
DAL1030 N849DNB737-90006:13 31-Jul-2021
DAL2104 N135DQCSeries CS10006:11 31-Jul-2021
SKW3438 N191SYEMB-17506:09 31-Jul-2021
SWA2231 N8738KB737 MAX 806:00 31-Jul-2021
UAL2725 N672UAB767-30005:42 31-Jul-2021
JBU2843 N527JLA320-20005:40 31-Jul-2021
AAL686 N663AWA320-20005:36 31-Jul-2021
AAL2421 N127AAA321-20005:28 31-Jul-2021
UAL650 N2243UB777-300ER05:25 31-Jul-2021
SKW3499 N402SYEMB-17505:20 31-Jul-2021
UAL2588 N2331UB777-300ER05:17 31-Jul-2021
UAL1215 N12109B757-20005:16 31-Jul-2021
JBU636 N565JBA320-20005:14 31-Jul-2021
ASA657 N471ASB737-90005:08 31-Jul-2021
UAL435 N62889B737-90005:04 31-Jul-2021
UAL1152 N654UAB767-30005:01 31-Jul-2021
SWA689 N8697CB737-80004:57 31-Jul-2021
AAL756 N851NNB737-80004:53 31-Jul-2021
ACA763 C-GTZHCSeries CS30004:43 31-Jul-2021
HAL12 N382HAA330-20004:37 31-Jul-2021
SKW3560 N287SYEMB-17504:33 31-Jul-2021
DAL2590 N130DUCSeries CS10004:30 31-Jul-2021
UAL653 N78002B777-20004:27 31-Jul-2021
JZA846 C-GCJZCRJ-90004:20 31-Jul-2021
SWA250 N220WNB737-70004:18 31-Jul-2021
UAL403 N75861B757-30004:15 31-Jul-2021
ACA745 C-GEJLB737 MAX 804:08 31-Jul-2021
UAL214 N828UAA319-10004:05 31-Jul-2021
UAL2435 N27965B787-9 Dreamliner04:03 31-Jul-2021
UAL455 N425UAA320-20004:01 31-Jul-2021
UAL1638 N14242B737-80003:58 31-Jul-2021
LXJ599 N599FXChallenger 35003:45 31-Jul-2021
UAL1666 N444UAA320-20003:44 31-Jul-2021
UAL1118 N27477B737-90003:36 31-Jul-2021
UAL724 N2142UB777-300ER03:30 31-Jul-2021
UAL257 N87513B737-80003:10 31-Jul-2021
UAL695 N13138B757-20003:09 31-Jul-2021
ASA1359 N238AKB737-90003:04 31-Jul-2021
UAL1722 N78009B777-20002:54 31-Jul-2021
SKW3373 N196SYEMB-17502:43 31-Jul-2021
AAL2035 N313SBB737 MAX 802:28 31-Jul-2021
ASA375 N477ASB737-90002:25 31-Jul-2021
HAL42 N223HAA321neo02:24 31-Jul-2021
ASA1273 N844VAA320-20002:20 31-Jul-2021
SKW3325 N170SYEMB-17502:14 31-Jul-2021
ASA244 N570ASB737-80002:04 31-Jul-2021
UAL1508 N76528B737-80001:45 31-Jul-2021
AAL1175 N131NNA321-20001:26 31-Jul-2021
SWA5777 N276WNB737-70001:13 31-Jul-2021
N811FS N811FSBeech Super King Air 35001:11 31-Jul-2021
REH17 N38RXEC-13501:05 31-Jul-2021
EJA523 N523QSCitation Latitude01:04 31-Jul-2021
ASA1279 N280AKB737-90001:01 31-Jul-2021
UAL305 N2250UB777-300ER00:58 31-Jul-2021
AAL2639 N856NNB737-80000:40 31-Jul-2021
DAL769 N174DNB767-30000:22 31-Jul-2021
DAL1202 N869DNB737-90000:17 31-Jul-2021
UAL1548 N404UAA320-20000:12 31-Jul-2021
UAL59 N2341UB777-300ER23:23 30-Jul-2021
TWY128 N108DBGVII-G60023:08 30-Jul-2021
N8624G N8624G280 Shark22:06 30-Jul-2021
EJA308 N308QSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign21:56 30-Jul-2021
UAL195 N38950B787-9 Dreamliner21:20 30-Jul-2021
ASA1350 N464ASB737-90020:27 30-Jul-2021
UAL1491 N835UAA319-10020:11 30-Jul-2021
DAL2697 N871DNB737-90019:46 30-Jul-2021
EJA217 N217QSChallenger 65019:28 30-Jul-2021
TIV685 N685VMCessna 680 Citation Sovereign18:59 30-Jul-2021
KAL9007 HL8068G650 ER18:46 30-Jul-2021
UAL892 N24976B787-9 Dreamliner18:21 30-Jul-2021
AAL76 N112ANA321-20017:59 30-Jul-2021
ANZ1008 ZK-NZNB787-9 Dreamliner22:16 29-Jul-2021
SIS403 N403TBG-4 Gulfstream 422:06 29-Jul-2021
N900PY N900PYG45021:04 29-Jul-2021
TWY967 N967TGCessna 525A Citation CJ220:39 29-Jul-2021
N211CL N211CLCessna 560XL Citation Excel19:59 29-Jul-2021
DOW895 N895BBBD-100 Challenger 30019:19 29-Jul-2021
GAJ835 N835UPBeech Super King Air 35018:45 29-Jul-2021
GTI7109 N404KZB747-40012:30 29-Jul-2021
UAL396 N685UAB767-30011:35 29-Jul-2021
UAL1288 N17104B757-20005:02 29-Jul-2021
UAL1722 N77019B777-20003:11 29-Jul-2021
UAL435 N66841B737-90005:06 28-Jul-2021
HL8080 HL8080A319-10021:29 27-Jul-2021
N971SC N971SCBeech 90 King Air04:01 27-Jul-2021
CMD70 N911RXBeech 1300 Commuter03:28 27-Jul-2021
N950X N950XFalcon 7X21:31 25-Jul-2021
N950KM N950KMPC-1221:07 17-Jul-2021
N729HZ N729HZChallenger 60500:31 17-Jul-2021
N82A N82AG650 ER17:43 13-Jul-2021
UAL2707 N781UAB777-20022:42 17-May-2021
UAL372 N773UAB777-20001:27 22-Feb-2021
UAL2728 N774UAB777-20005:35 13-Feb-2021

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