San Francisco International Airport

Name: San Francisco International Airport
City: San Francisco
Country: United States
Elevation: 13 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
CKS1920 N762CKB767-30012:49 09-May-2021
UAL955 N24972B787-9 Dreamliner12:44 09-May-2021
UAL2802 N26967B787-9 Dreamliner12:23 09-May-2021
ABX3101 N795AXB767-20009:18 09-May-2021
AAL2280 N144ANA321-20007:46 09-May-2021
AAL446 N971NNB737-80007:01 09-May-2021
N751JS N751JSCessna 525B Citation CJ306:36 09-May-2021
ASA1328 N287AKB737-90006:24 09-May-2021
JBU277 N967JTA321-20006:10 09-May-2021
UAL1152 N13110B757-20005:50 09-May-2021
ASA1117 N592ASB737-80005:48 09-May-2021
SKW3479 N175SYEMB-17505:44 09-May-2021
DAL2432 N712TWB757-20005:41 09-May-2021
DAL2104 N357NBA319-10005:37 09-May-2021
REH17 N39RXEC-13505:29 09-May-2021
LXJ366 N366FXEMB-505 Phenom 30005:21 09-May-2021
UAL499 N77019B777-20005:12 09-May-2021
UAL1288 N77539B737-80005:08 09-May-2021
UAL2006 N77022B777-20005:05 09-May-2021
ASA376 N549ASB737-80004:53 09-May-2021
SKW3438 N184SYEMB-17504:49 09-May-2021
SWA4819 N271LVB737-70004:47 09-May-2021
DAL717 N855DNB737-90004:45 09-May-2021
HAL12 N370HAA330-20004:43 09-May-2021
UAL1552 N76517B737-80004:40 09-May-2021
SWA2776 N8553WB737-80004:38 09-May-2021
AAL1580 N583UWA321-20004:29 09-May-2021
SKW3560 N278SYEMB-17504:22 09-May-2021
SKW3361 N170SYEMB-17504:18 09-May-2021
UAL724 N646UAB767-30004:11 09-May-2021
DAL2358 N339NWA320-20004:09 09-May-2021
UAL1722 N643UAB767-30004:07 09-May-2021
AAL1430 N906AAA321-20004:00 09-May-2021
UAL1118 N38451B737-90003:55 09-May-2021
SKW5321 N780SKCRJ-70003:47 09-May-2021
UAL1666 N438UAA320-20003:38 09-May-2021
UAL1272 N401UAA320-20003:35 09-May-2021
SKW3310 N185SYEMB-17503:33 09-May-2021
JBU341 N595JBA320-20003:15 09-May-2021
ASA244 N590ASB737-80003:11 09-May-2021
SWA2275 N7746CB737-70003:09 09-May-2021
SKW3329 N404SYEMB-17503:06 09-May-2021
JBU1241 N789JBA320-20002:51 09-May-2021
N461QS N461QSG45002:44 09-May-2021
HAL42 N226HAA321neo02:41 09-May-2021
AAL1659 N190UWA321-20002:39 09-May-2021
KPO455 N455WGG-4 Gulfstream 402:19 09-May-2021
AAL1175 N972NNB737-80002:16 09-May-2021
SKW4165 N262SYEMB-17502:07 09-May-2021
ASA1303 N407ASB737-90002:04 09-May-2021
LXJ585 N585FXChallenger 35002:02 09-May-2021
DAL720 N851DNB737-90001:46 09-May-2021
UAL735 N896UAA319-10001:18 09-May-2021
AAL2639 N942NNB737-80001:11 09-May-2021
PXT415 N415PCCessna 525B Citation CJ300:53 09-May-2021
AAL680 N154AAA321-20000:45 09-May-2021
UAL583 N656UAB767-30000:41 09-May-2021
AAL686 N658AWA320-20000:25 09-May-2021
AAL2028 N989ANB737-80000:18 09-May-2021
UAL433 N28457B737-90000:03 09-May-2021
TWY750 N793XBD-700 Global 500023:59 08-May-2021
UAL1948 N75436B737-90023:55 08-May-2021
UAL2385 N38454B737-90023:52 08-May-2021
UAL1546 N68452B737-90023:04 08-May-2021
EJA242 N242QSChallenger 65022:56 08-May-2021
JZA844 C-FJFZCRJ-90022:46 08-May-2021
UAL1742 N674UAB767-30020:33 08-May-2021
AAL179 N117ANA321-20020:27 08-May-2021
JBU1833 N935JBA321-20020:05 08-May-2021
CNK821 C-GPDQBD-100 Challenger 30019:41 08-May-2021
N555Q N555QAT-16 Harvard19:27 08-May-2021
DAL1204 N911DQB737-90019:27 08-May-2021
DAL1202 N337NWA320-20019:23 08-May-2021
UAL470 N76528B737-80018:37 08-May-2021
UAL1483 N469UAA320-20014:46 08-May-2021
SKW5385 N438SWCRJ-20014:39 08-May-2021
SKW3459 N197SYEMB-17521:15 07-May-2021
DAL1317 N303DUCSeries CS30019:27 07-May-2021
UAL2714 N882UAA319-10013:01 07-May-2021
JAS91 N650HAG650 ER02:04 07-May-2021
N415P N415PGVII-G60000:13 07-May-2021
XOJ550 N550XJBD-100 Challenger 30022:00 06-May-2021
JBU415 N969JTA321-20018:26 06-May-2021
DAL8936 N663DNB757-20023:25 05-May-2021
N79PJ N79PJAB-206 JetRanger19:09 05-May-2021
N33VC N33VC4000 Hawker Horizon16:37 05-May-2021
UAL2720 N659UAB767-30002:13 05-May-2021
N24GF N24GFCessna 560 Citation 519:41 04-May-2021
VPCSY VP-CSYGlobal 750018:44 04-May-2021
N704MF N704MFBD-700 Global Express19:18 03-May-2021
TWY128 N108DBGVII-G60018:58 30-Apr-2021
UAL306 N839UAA319-10000:12 30-Apr-2021
N55TV N55TVAS-350/55020:29 29-Apr-2021
N950X N950XFalcon 7X04:06 29-Apr-2021
N1FL N1FLBK-117C-201:13 29-Apr-2021
N123FT N123FTG-5 Gulfstream 519:18 28-Apr-2021
UAL2703 N16703B737-70020:59 23-Apr-2021
N793XJ N793XJCessna 750 Citation X20:54 22-Apr-2021
PBR010 C-FOLOCessna 750 Citation X20:45 22-Apr-2021
DGX802 HB-JSCFalcon 8X18:19 22-Apr-2021
UAL2385 N27526B737 MAX 900:03 09-Apr-2021
TAG08 T7-JOYYG55019:04 07-Apr-2021
N407HB N407HB40706:14 04-Apr-2021
UAL372 N773UAB777-20001:27 22-Feb-2021
UAL2110 N769UAB777-20005:47 21-Feb-2021
UAL2728 N774UAB777-20005:35 13-Feb-2021

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