Felts Field

Codes: KSFF/
Name: Felts Field
City: Spokane
Country: United States
Elevation: 1953 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
AMF1987 N258ASEMB-120 Brasilia01:19 17-May-2022
AMF1969 N111YVBeech 190001:15 17-May-2022
ASQ7080 N843HKEMB-14500:49 17-May-2022
CFS7804 N917FXATR-42-30000:30 17-May-2022
QXE2079 N422QXDHC-8-400 Dash 800:23 17-May-2022
N922PP N922PPR44 Raven II23:05 16-May-2022
60-0355KC-135R/T 20:28 16-May-2022
N155MB N155MBR22 Beta20:15 16-May-2022
N425WC N425WC36920:06 16-May-2022
CFS100 N775FECessna 208 Caravan 118:52 16-May-2022
N307PR N307PRCessna 208 Caravan 116:53 16-May-2022
N957AL N957ALEC-13516:30 16-May-2022
N99395 N99395T-28 Trojan03:32 15-May-2022
N33KC N33KCBeech 300 Super King Air22:40 14-May-2022
N401LF N401LF40706:55 14-May-2022
G72297 13-72297BK-117C-222:31 13-May-2022
N586LF N586LFA-119 Koala20:29 13-May-2022
UPS992 N435UPB757-20011:22 13-May-2022
N616EL N616ELPC-1201:18 13-May-2022
N402LF N402LF40722:16 12-May-2022
N509DD N509DDEMB-505 Phenom 30020:22 12-May-2022
N491KQ N491KQKodiak 10018:40 12-May-2022
N786LFA-119 Koala06:15 12-May-2022
QXE2233 N632QXEMB-17503:46 12-May-2022
N801JA N801JACessna 208 Caravan 102:44 12-May-2022
N2207Y N2207YT-28 Trojan01:48 12-May-2022
N208CG N208CGPC-1221:51 11-May-2022
N509JS N509JSUH-1 Iroquois18:46 11-May-2022
SWA8543 N8615EB737-80016:55 11-May-2022
N845BP N845BPAS-350/55001:16 11-May-2022
N4760V N4760VB75 Kaydet21:02 10-May-2022
N158KQ N158KQKodiak 10018:44 09-May-2022
N646LFA-119 Koala19:42 08-May-2022
N215SC N215SCAB-206 JetRanger00:49 06-May-2022
N102RF N102RFAS-350/55022:50 04-May-2022
TNKR163 N366ACAvro RJ-8519:31 03-May-2022
N585NJ N585NJTBM 94002:47 02-May-2022
N509SC N509SCAB-206 JetRanger04:41 30-Apr-2022
N262HQ N262HQUH-1 Iroquois22:52 29-Apr-2022
N4925T N4925TBeech 1300 Commuter22:59 27-Apr-2022
696648 69-6648212 Twin Two-Twelve23:20 25-Apr-2022
N403LF N403LF40708:54 25-Apr-2022
N522MV N522MV43015:07 24-Apr-2022
N369AR N369ARVision SF50 G223:16 21-Apr-2022
N111AH N111AHR22 Beta II05:46 21-Apr-2022
N25ZF N25ZFR44 Raven II00:39 21-Apr-2022
72314 13-72314BK-117C-205:22 20-Apr-2022
N1958M N1958MEC-13023:47 31-Mar-2022
N187AE N187AEAS-350/55020:47 24-Mar-2022
N664MP N664MPR6614:19 24-Mar-2022
N718GH N718GHAS-350/55001:36 24-Mar-2022
N330VP N330VPCessna 560 Citation 506:00 28-Feb-2022
N50BA N50BAR44 Raven18:04 25-Feb-2022
N690WS N690WS690 Jetprop Commander 84015:55 17-Nov-2021
N894H N894H40700:20 11-Nov-2021
N4431D N4431DCessna Bird Dog19:19 17-Oct-2021
N5354G N5354GDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver18:09 16-Oct-2021
N95467 N95467G-21A Goose19:28 21-Sep-2021
N25628 N25628L-12 Electra Junior16:47 05-Sep-2021
N442CP N442CPR44 Raven II15:25 17-May-2021
N3939A N3939AAS-350/55023:15 22-Jan-2021
N41WB N41WBR22 Beta20:10 14-Jan-2021

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