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Codes: KSFF/
Name: Felts Field
City: Spokane
Country: United States
Elevation: 1953 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N566LF N566LFA-119 Koala10:44 11-Apr-2021
N856LF N856LFPC-1200:15 11-Apr-2021
N656LF N656LFA-119 Koala23:56 10-Apr-2021
N325FS N325FSPC-1222:10 09-Apr-2021
N491KQ N491KQKodiak 10021:48 09-Apr-2021
UPS2912 N401UPB757-20001:26 09-Apr-2021
N700CZ N700CZTBM-70023:52 08-Apr-2021
SCPR261 N392ACCL-415 T19:58 08-Apr-2021
AMF4219 N261SWBeech 99 Airliner18:26 08-Apr-2021
AMF4697 N8226ZBeech 99 Airliner17:20 08-Apr-2021
N104CX N104CXBeech 1300 Commuter16:42 08-Apr-2021
CFS7744 N913FXATR-42-30000:44 08-Apr-2021
TNKR163 N366ACAvro RJ-8520:27 07-Apr-2021
SCPR262 N386ACCL-415 T19:53 07-Apr-2021
N555BN N555BNR44 Raven04:45 07-Apr-2021
N536LF N536LFA-119 Koala03:48 07-Apr-2021
N823TC N823TCR44 Raven II22:57 06-Apr-2021
N509DD N509DDEMB-505 Phenom 30021:54 06-Apr-2021
N330VP N330VPCessna 560 Citation 521:00 06-Apr-2021
TNKR169 N325ACAvro RJ-8504:10 06-Apr-2021
N4760V N4760VB75 Kaydet21:12 05-Apr-2021
N187AE N187AEAS-350/55021:12 05-Apr-2021
N403LF N403LF40709:45 04-Apr-2021
N509SC N509SCAB-206 JetRanger02:55 04-Apr-2021
N215SC N215SCAB-206 JetRanger06:03 03-Apr-2021
SWA2728 N432WNB737-70005:12 03-Apr-2021
N226AT N226ATTBM 93001:46 03-Apr-2021
N33KC N33KCBeech 300 Super King Air22:17 02-Apr-2021
N271CL N271CLKodiak 100-II16:24 02-Apr-2021
N4925T N4925TBeech 1300 Commuter19:57 31-Mar-2021
SQURE01 58-0104KC-135R/T 21:18 30-Mar-2021
N353RC N353RCUH-1 Iroquois13:28 28-Mar-2021
CFS206 N919FXATR-42-30018:22 27-Mar-2021
N442CP N442CPR44 Raven II17:21 27-Mar-2021
N509JS N509JSUH-1 Iroquois17:39 24-Mar-2021
N111AH N111AHR22 Beta II21:05 16-Mar-2021
N616EL N616ELPC-1223:51 15-Mar-2021
N2207Y N2207YT-28 Trojan23:19 14-Mar-2021
N546LF N546LFA-119 Koala21:52 14-Mar-2021
N99395 N99395T-28 Trojan00:30 14-Mar-2021
N845BP N845BPAS-350/55021:06 03-Mar-2021
AMF1991 N62989Beech 99 Airliner18:40 25-Feb-2021
N70GW N70GWPA-31T1-500 Cheyenne 118:42 29-Jan-2021
N596LFA-119 Koala00:51 29-Jan-2021
N3939A N3939AAS-350/55023:15 22-Jan-2021
N41WB N41WBR22 Beta20:10 14-Jan-2021
N556LF N556LFA-119 Koala16:45 08-Jan-2021

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