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Name: Louisville International Standiford Field
City: Louisville
Country: United States
Elevation: 501 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
UPS2075 N292UPMD-1115:11 03-Mar-2021
UPS2997 N605UPB747-815:09 03-Mar-2021
UPS9825 N436UPB757-20015:06 03-Mar-2021
UPS2585 N125UPA300B4-60015:05 03-Mar-2021
UPS9851 N416UPB757-20015:03 03-Mar-2021
UPS2557 N270UPMD-1115:01 03-Mar-2021
UPS9890 N459UPB757-20015:00 03-Mar-2021
UPS5519 N407UPB757-20014:57 03-Mar-2021
UPS5525 N471UPB757-20014:56 03-Mar-2021
UPS5539 N447UPB757-20014:50 03-Mar-2021
UPS2801 N365UPB767-30014:48 03-Mar-2021
UPS2133 N437UPB757-20014:46 03-Mar-2021
UPS2325 N289UPMD-1114:45 03-Mar-2021
UPS5505 N464UPB757-20014:42 03-Mar-2021
UPS2013 N367UPB767-30014:39 03-Mar-2021
N865RM N865RM390 Premier 114:28 03-Mar-2021
UPS5515 N346UPB767-30014:26 03-Mar-2021
UPS2327 N152UPA300B4-60014:24 03-Mar-2021
UPS2061 N286UPMD-1114:18 03-Mar-2021
UPS5543 N458UPB757-20014:16 03-Mar-2021
UPS2559 N128UPA300B4-60014:16 03-Mar-2021
UPS9837 N414UPB757-20014:14 03-Mar-2021
RPA5716 N241JQEMB-175 LR14:03 03-Mar-2021
UPS2215 N136UPA300B4-60013:48 03-Mar-2021
CNS8 N351AFPC-1213:25 03-Mar-2021
UPS9721 N368UPB767-30013:19 03-Mar-2021
UPS2047 N135UPA300B4-60013:12 03-Mar-2021
UPS9767 N473UPB757-20013:00 03-Mar-2021
UPS9810 N143UPA300B4-60012:38 03-Mar-2021
FDX1074 N785FDB757-20011:18 03-Mar-2021
UPS9841 N475UPB757-20008:53 03-Mar-2021
UPS9307 N255UPMD-1108:53 03-Mar-2021
UPS857 N127UPA300B4-60006:23 03-Mar-2021
AMF2316 N575GBeech 190006:18 03-Mar-2021
AMF2312 N346AFBeech 190006:09 03-Mar-2021
UPS617 N138UPA300B4-60006:07 03-Mar-2021
UPS651 N423UPB757-20005:31 03-Mar-2021
UPS321 N339UPB767-30005:30 03-Mar-2021
UPS3073 N358UPB767-30005:16 03-Mar-2021
UPS61 N582UPB747-40005:10 03-Mar-2021
N168CE N168CEG-5 Gulfstream 504:27 03-Mar-2021
UPS1375 N134UPA300B4-60003:28 03-Mar-2021
RPA3500 N634RWEMB-17001:21 03-Mar-2021
ASH6253 N86309EMB-17500:38 03-Mar-2021
SWA1290 N910WNB737-70000:13 03-Mar-2021
N533TX N533TXCessna 525B Citation CJ321:50 02-Mar-2021
SWA3372 N236WNB737-70020:17 02-Mar-2021
N690EH N690EH690 Jetprop Commander 84020:16 02-Mar-2021
N198SB N198SBCessna 680 Citation Sovereign19:54 02-Mar-2021
UPS2909 N285UPMD-1117:15 02-Mar-2021
EGC580 N580EECessna 560XL Citation Excel16:10 02-Mar-2021
UPS5519 N449UPB757-20015:07 02-Mar-2021
N59JN N59JNCitation CJ414:01 02-Mar-2021
N365CH N365CHBK-11713:39 02-Mar-2021
UPS765 N574UPB747-40004:56 02-Mar-2021
N253CP N253CPCessna 680 Citation Sovereign22:42 01-Mar-2021
N196PC N196PCCessna 525B Citation CJ315:47 01-Mar-2021
N333BD N333BDCessna 525A Citation CJ203:31 01-Mar-2021
ASH5868 N906FJCRJ-90002:30 01-Mar-2021
N450KV N450KVLearjet 4500:51 01-Mar-2021
N700EN N700ENTBM-70023:15 28-Feb-2021
N561CE N561CECessna 560XL Citation Excel19:35 28-Feb-2021
N8TG N8TGLearjet 3118:35 28-Feb-2021
N211RH N211RHMerlin 2306:36 28-Feb-2021
N733A N733AFalcon 2000LX19:33 27-Feb-2021
RPA4963 N414YXEMB-17502:29 27-Feb-2021
N502BG N502BGFalcon 200021:37 26-Feb-2021
RPA9951 N821MDEMB-17019:09 26-Feb-2021
UPS2073 N273UPMD-1116:44 26-Feb-2021
N136MF N136MFEC-13501:16 26-Feb-2021
N132LN N132LNEC-13017:23 24-Feb-2021
N680AT N680ATCessna 680 Citation Sovereign22:18 23-Feb-2021
N250KF N250KFBK-11723:27 21-Feb-2021
N42E N42EBeech 300 Super King Air23:13 20-Feb-2021
N10JP N10JPG45018:08 20-Feb-2021
N353HA N353HACessna 650 Citation 321:22 18-Feb-2021
N733G N733GFalcon 50EX15:41 17-Feb-2021
DERBY32 91-1235C-130 Hercules20:00 09-Feb-2021
N686F N686F36919:19 08-Feb-2021
N749XL N749XLCessna 560XL Citation Excel18:26 08-Feb-2021
N135LC N135LCEC-13516:32 05-Feb-2021
N864MP N864MPR22 Beta II17:56 21-Jan-2021
N344AM N344AMEC-13016:58 18-Jan-2021
N125JJ N125JJCessna 560XL Citation Excel23:15 13-Jan-2021
N190AE N190AE40721:50 13-Jan-2021
N78NC N78NCBK-117C-201:16 06-Jan-2021
N138LN N138LNEC-13500:55 05-Jan-2021
N402PH N402PH40703:51 30-Dec-2020
N520AP N520APAH-6J16:54 29-Dec-2020

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