Louisville International Standiford Field

Name: Louisville International Standiford Field
City: Louisville
Country: United States
Elevation: 501 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RPA4881 N431YXEMB-17501:06 17-May-2022
RPA3567 N862RWEMB-17001:03 17-May-2022
RPA4781 N416YXEMB-17500:54 17-May-2022
AAY952 N243NVA320-20000:48 17-May-2022
DAL1012 N3742CB737-80000:40 17-May-2022
N480TB N480TBBeech 400 Beechjet00:23 17-May-2022
N733A N733AFalcon 2000LX21:16 16-May-2022
RPA9934 N105HQEMB-175 LR19:56 16-May-2022
N20RG N20RGBD-700 Global 500019:09 16-May-2022
N384ML N384ML40718:56 16-May-2022
00000000 N65PGCitation CJ417:28 16-May-2022
UPS2915 N622UPB747-817:15 16-May-2022
EJA797 N797QSChallenger 35016:06 16-May-2022
UPS6071 N578UPB747-40010:03 16-May-2022
N770XJ N770XJCessna 750 Citation X04:59 16-May-2022
RPA3691 N637RWEMB-17004:06 16-May-2022
N680AT N680ATCessna 680 Citation Sovereign02:51 16-May-2022
UPS9793 N462UPB757-20001:41 16-May-2022
FDX701 N677FEA300B4-60023:32 15-May-2022
N650CJ N650CJCessna 650 Citation 318:04 15-May-2022
N945PK N945PKG-1159 Gulfstream 216:52 15-May-2022
UPS77 N574UPB747-40016:20 15-May-2022
UPS204 N609UPB747-813:55 15-May-2022
EJM414 N41404BAe-125-70002:02 15-May-2022
DERBY62 19-5932C-130J Hercules16:15 14-May-2022
UPS71 N612UPB747-815:42 14-May-2022
UPS497 N159UPA300B4-60015:03 14-May-2022
UPS1345 N415UPB757-20004:31 14-May-2022
UPS1285 N273UPMD-1104:18 14-May-2022
UPS1151 N282UPMD-1102:44 14-May-2022
UPS1121 N411UPB757-20002:29 14-May-2022
N132LN N132LNEC-13021:48 13-May-2022
N733G N733GFalcon 50EX19:13 13-May-2022
DERBY03 18-5919C-130J Hercules16:20 13-May-2022
UPS2961 N460UPB757-20016:11 13-May-2022
UPS5541 N331UPB767-30016:04 13-May-2022
UPS2807 N291UPMD-1115:23 13-May-2022
UPS5519 N440UPB757-20014:20 13-May-2022
UPS2215 N158UPA300B4-60012:41 13-May-2022
RPA5784 N204JQEMB-175 LR23:57 12-May-2022
N453R N453R40723:57 12-May-2022
N8TG N8TGLearjet 3119:42 12-May-2022
N416LD N416LDR44 Raven II15:15 12-May-2022
N733K N733KFalcon 2000LX S01:00 11-May-2022
SIS83 N83UFChallenger 601 3A21:12 10-May-2022
N868MP N868MPR44 II21:03 10-May-2022
N250KF N250KFBK-11700:39 10-May-2022
N679BP N679BPBD-700 Global Express23:22 09-May-2022
DPJ451 N451TMBeech 400 Beechjet20:30 09-May-2022
N365CH N365CHBK-11714:30 09-May-2022
N3305 N3305Cessna Bird Dog12:53 09-May-2022
N702AA N702AATBM-70018:35 08-May-2022
N135LC N135LCEC-13501:46 08-May-2022
N450PH N450PH40720:09 07-May-2022
DERBY51 18-5921C-130J Hercules19:49 04-May-2022
TWY198 N198SBCessna 680 Citation Sovereign17:22 04-May-2022
N733H N733HFalcon 2000LX17:16 04-May-2022
N911SG N911SG36922:31 03-May-2022
N42E N42EBeech 300 Super King Air14:22 02-May-2022
N196PC N196PCCessna 525B Citation CJ320:03 01-May-2022
N10JP N10JPG45022:52 29-Apr-2022
N5NU N5NUAB-206 JetRanger18:06 28-Apr-2022
KY11 N344AMEC-13014:33 22-Apr-2022
N46SL N46SLAT-16 Harvard12:06 22-Apr-2022
N48AE N48AEAB-206 JetRanger01:49 18-Apr-2022
N700EN N700ENTBM-70020:20 17-Apr-2022
DPJ91 N491TMBeech 400 Beechjet21:28 16-Apr-2022
N233AE N233AEAB-206 JetRanger19:38 16-Apr-2022
N460AE N460AEAB-206 JetRanger20:19 12-Apr-2022
N993GH N993GHFalcon 2000S17:17 07-Apr-2022
N32AE N32AEAB-206 JetRanger02:48 15-Mar-2022
N269AE N269AEAB-206 JetRanger21:54 13-Mar-2022
N3YJ N3YJAB-206 JetRanger17:25 26-Jan-2022
N686F N686F36918:20 08-Dec-2021
N11TS N11TSFalcon 200021:56 02-Dec-2021
RPA9986 N809MDEMB-17001:15 22-Oct-2021
RPA9986 N357FCEMB-17016:50 08-Oct-2021
N206CS N206CSAB-206 JetRanger19:44 25-Jul-2021
DERBY84 91-1236C-130 Hercules03:12 26-Jun-2021

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