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Name: Southwest Florida International Airport
City: Fort Myers
Country: United States
Elevation: 30 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
DAL1396 N366NWA320-20014:40 03-Mar-2021
DAL2133 N107DNA321-20014:33 03-Mar-2021
NKS627 N647NKA320-20014:26 03-Mar-2021
NKS941 N670NKA321-20014:24 03-Mar-2021
DAL1561 N371NWA320-20014:17 03-Mar-2021
EJA411 N411QSEMB-505 Phenom 30014:09 03-Mar-2021
N351CT N351CTChallenger 35013:57 03-Mar-2021
N104MB N104MBBeech 300 Super King Air13:45 03-Mar-2021
DAL879 N346DNA321-20013:22 03-Mar-2021
FDX1465 N717FDA300B4-60012:43 03-Mar-2021
UPS1316 N422UPB757-20011:50 03-Mar-2021
P4WWS P4-WWSGlobal 600009:58 03-Mar-2021
GAJ841 N841UPBeech Super King Air 35004:33 03-Mar-2021
DAL2433 N585NWB757-30003:47 03-Mar-2021
ASA452 N224AKB737-90003:20 03-Mar-2021
N81GK N81GKG45002:54 03-Mar-2021
DAL1495 N688DLB757-20002:23 03-Mar-2021
CNS36 N749AFPC-1201:50 03-Mar-2021
UAL1023 N469UAA320-20001:01 03-Mar-2021
SWA5081 N7883AB737-70000:59 03-Mar-2021
SWA1978 N7843AB737-70000:41 03-Mar-2021
N780LM N780LMFalcon 7X00:33 03-Mar-2021
SUP893 N893WBPC-1200:12 03-Mar-2021
SWA5008 N7866AB737-70000:10 03-Mar-2021
AAL2031 N125UWA320-20023:46 02-Mar-2021
UAL2023 N485UAA320-20023:24 02-Mar-2021
SWA5024 N232WNB737-70023:00 02-Mar-2021
N528GM N528GMBeech 90 King Air22:50 02-Mar-2021
AAL320 N935NNB737-80021:03 02-Mar-2021
N750GB N750GBCessna 750 Citation X20:37 02-Mar-2021
N168GC N168GCChallenger 35019:56 02-Mar-2021
N22MZ N22MZMU-219:11 02-Mar-2021
N445WF N445WFLearjet 4519:01 02-Mar-2021
FTH962 N962TXCessna 750 Citation X18:42 02-Mar-2021
N103JT N103JTHA-420 HondaJet18:26 02-Mar-2021
SWA4771 N711HKB737-70018:22 02-Mar-2021
UAL731 N75425B737-90018:16 02-Mar-2021
ERY77 N707JQBAe-125-70016:37 02-Mar-2021
NKS627 N629NKA320-20014:37 02-Mar-2021
N20MJ N20MJCessna 525 Citation CJ123:05 01-Mar-2021
N842CA N842CATBM-85022:40 01-Mar-2021
N905PA N905PADA-4022:38 01-Mar-2021
N2758W N2758WLearjet 4022:34 01-Mar-2021
N22S N22SCitation M222:28 01-Mar-2021
N607LM N607LMEclipse 50022:02 01-Mar-2021
JBU1581 N193JBEMB-19021:38 01-Mar-2021
KII332 N332CKB737-30021:00 01-Mar-2021
SUP481 N481EBPC-1220:57 01-Mar-2021
N722AP N722APVision SF5020:02 01-Mar-2021
N296DC N296DCCessna 525 Citation CJ123:11 28-Feb-2021
JBU1729 N996JLA321-20022:52 28-Feb-2021
N435NF N435NFEclipse 50022:08 28-Feb-2021
N770S N770SBeech Super King Air 35020:14 28-Feb-2021
LXJ522 N522FXBD-100 Challenger 30019:24 27-Feb-2021
N498TM N498TMBeech 400 Beechjet18:38 27-Feb-2021
N61XP N61XPBeech 1300 Commuter01:07 27-Feb-2021
N300KS N300KSCitation CJ420:14 24-Feb-2021
N215RE N215REFalcon 200001:07 24-Feb-2021
N198RD N198RDBT-67 Turbo 6715:44 23-Feb-2021
N910Q N910QTBM 91018:38 21-Feb-2021
DCM2248 N92MKCessna 750 Citation X18:16 20-Feb-2021
N425AR N425ARCessna 425 Conquest 123:21 19-Feb-2021
N100MZ N100MZEMB-500 Phenom 10019:54 19-Feb-2021
N429WG N429WGChallenger 60422:57 18-Feb-2021
N357LH N357LHR22 Beta13:48 18-Feb-2021
00000000 N54TGG-5 Gulfstream 523:49 15-Feb-2021
N765MC N765MCAS-350/55017:28 15-Feb-2021
N804EK N804EKCessna 560 Citation 500:19 14-Feb-2021
N3129S N3129SPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian16:38 02-Feb-2021
N156AW N156AWFalcon 5015:26 31-Jan-2021
N72LC N72LCAS-350/55021:57 29-Jan-2021
CXB772 P4-XTLB777-200LR22:33 28-Jan-2021
N524AG N524AGG-5 Gulfstream 517:42 23-Jan-2021
N866MC N866MCAS-350/55015:28 20-Jan-2021
N867MC N867MCAS-350/55014:28 20-Jan-2021
N763MC N763MCBeech 1300 Commuter19:46 07-Jan-2021
N126AG N126AGR6618:07 06-Jan-2021
N484MC N484MCBeech 90 King Air13:53 05-Jan-2021
N764MC N764MCAS-350/55015:20 04-Jan-2021
N766MC N766MCAS-350/55014:44 04-Jan-2021
N868MC N868MCAS-350/55014:34 04-Jan-2021
N726JG N726JGFalcon 50EX18:45 03-Jan-2021
N935MC N935MCEC-13519:54 29-Dec-2020

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