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Name: Southwest Florida International Airport
City: Fort Myers
Country: United States
Elevation: 30 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
NSH339 N339SMBeech 400 Beechjet05:01 05-Dec-2020
DAL2284 N333DXA321-20004:54 05-Dec-2020
SWA4974 N464WNB737-70003:37 05-Dec-2020
AAL1463 N989AUA321-20003:08 05-Dec-2020
DAL2290 N321DHA321-20003:04 05-Dec-2020
SWA2654 N8582ZB737-80001:24 05-Dec-2020
UAL297 N811UAA319-10000:58 05-Dec-2020
DAL1489 N302DNA321-20000:54 05-Dec-2020
N89CE N89CEFalcon 2000EX EASy00:34 05-Dec-2020
EJA368 N368QSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign00:25 05-Dec-2020
SWA1978 N7843AB737-70000:22 05-Dec-2020
UAL640 N848UAA319-10000:19 05-Dec-2020
SWA5008 N7818LB737-70000:18 05-Dec-2020
JBU1503 N534JBA320-20000:02 05-Dec-2020
UAL2023 N69824B737-90023:14 04-Dec-2020
SWA5024 N969WNB737-70023:12 04-Dec-2020
SUP818 N818RAPC-1222:38 04-Dec-2020
UAL336 N64844B737-90022:30 04-Dec-2020
N926CE N926CECessna 560 Citation 521:41 04-Dec-2020
EJA398 N398QSEMB-505 Phenom 30020:41 04-Dec-2020
EJA532 N532QSCitation Latitude19:16 04-Dec-2020
N764JS N764JSCessna 560 Citation 519:01 04-Dec-2020
SWA4771 N7723EB737-70018:21 04-Dec-2020
C6019 6019AH-60 Black Hawk17:03 04-Dec-2020
N39RC N39RCCessna 560XL Citation Excel15:14 04-Dec-2020
N555FD N555FDCessna 560 Citation 502:37 04-Dec-2020
N981CE N981CEBAe-125-70001:40 04-Dec-2020
SWA5024 N418WNB737-70023:03 03-Dec-2020
JTL10 N10HCLegacy 60022:57 03-Dec-2020
N56KP N56KPCessna 525 Citation CJ120:11 03-Dec-2020
N500ZH N500ZHEclipse 50018:20 03-Dec-2020
EJA562 N562QSCitation Latitude18:11 03-Dec-2020
N688DB N688DBLearjet 6014:58 03-Dec-2020
SUP977 N977XLPC-1204:02 03-Dec-2020
N101JL N101JLCitation Bravo21:59 02-Dec-2020
N763MC N763MCBeech 1300 Commuter14:11 02-Dec-2020
N444WD N444WD695 Jetprop Commander 100019:58 01-Dec-2020
XAAVZ XA-AVZG-4 Gulfstream 419:25 30-Nov-2020
N600PT N600PTPA-46-600TP M60019:12 30-Nov-2020
N858DP N858DPCitation M204:19 30-Nov-2020
DOW866 N866BBG55004:16 30-Nov-2020
N291CC N291CCBeech 90 King Air23:51 24-Nov-2020
N533LF N533LFEC-13509:25 24-Nov-2020
N941NC N941NCEclipse 50021:37 22-Nov-2020
N483MC N483MCBeech 90 King Air01:03 21-Nov-2020
N412PB N412PBBD-700 Global 500019:31 20-Nov-2020
N72LC N72LCAS-350/55014:41 17-Nov-2020
N911CB N911CBEC-13517:22 29-Oct-2020
N629FF N629FFCessna 560 Citation 514:58 28-Oct-2020
N59659 N59659B75 Kaydet19:28 18-Oct-2020
N44XB N44XBR44 Clipper15:27 17-Oct-2020
N71LCAS-350/55002:13 06-Oct-2020
N766MC N766MCAS-350/55014:42 28-Sep-2020
N764MC N764MCAS-350/55014:15 16-Sep-2020
N867MC N867MCAS-350/55014:09 08-Sep-2020
N765MC N765MCAS-350/55013:19 26-Aug-2020
N866MC N866MCAS-350/55012:18 30-Jun-2020

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