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Name: Reno Tahoe International Airport
City: Reno
Country: United States
Elevation: 4415 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N151BC N151BCKodiak 100-II20:42 18-Jan-2021
FTH708 N708MCessna 560XL Citation Excel20:29 18-Jan-2021
UAL2141 N488UAA320-20020:27 18-Jan-2021
N434CF N434CFCessna 525A Citation CJ220:10 18-Jan-2021
SKW3755 N251SYEMB-17520:04 18-Jan-2021
SWA3408 N8308KB737-80019:59 18-Jan-2021
LXJ532 N532FXBD-100 Challenger 30019:48 18-Jan-2021
ASH66303 N87353EMB-17519:41 18-Jan-2021
VOI998 N519VLA320-20019:26 18-Jan-2021
SWA2843 N8663AB737-80019:01 18-Jan-2021
AAL2897 N982NNB737-80018:43 18-Jan-2021
N927BR N927BRFalcon 90018:37 18-Jan-2021
N261CH N261CHFalcon 900LX18:28 18-Jan-2021
N300LV N300LVBD-100 Challenger 30018:01 18-Jan-2021
00000000 N199RM390 Premier 117:22 18-Jan-2021
N706P N706PFalcon 50EX16:48 18-Jan-2021
N556AL N556ALBeech 1300 Commuter16:23 18-Jan-2021
SWQ1914 N737KTB737-80014:04 18-Jan-2021
N903CF N903CFAS-350/55009:26 18-Jan-2021
N190PE N190PEPC-1209:02 18-Jan-2021
N991GT N991GTBeech 90 King Air08:30 18-Jan-2021
N377L N377LPC-1207:47 18-Jan-2021
N40PD N40PDLearjet 4004:06 18-Jan-2021
N750EC N750ECCessna 750 Citation X03:43 18-Jan-2021
N901CF N901CFAS-350/55003:11 18-Jan-2021
SWA3743 N443WNB737-70002:36 18-Jan-2021
FDX723 N115FEB767-30002:15 18-Jan-2021
UPS942 N413UPB757-20000:51 18-Jan-2021
N626PS N626PSBD-100 Challenger 30023:12 17-Jan-2021
N509RP N509RPCessna 550 Citation 222:54 17-Jan-2021
N631WA N631WAPA-46-600TP M60020:28 17-Jan-2021
N33FG N33FGPA-46-600TP M60019:30 17-Jan-2021
N905CF N905CFAS-350/55017:22 17-Jan-2021
N273SM N273SMPC-1216:12 17-Jan-2021
CMD6 N890CSEC-13511:13 17-Jan-2021
TEAL72 98-5307C-130J Hercules04:14 17-Jan-2021
FFL226 N459MBCessna 560 Citation 523:08 16-Jan-2021
N306CM N306CMLegacy 50021:30 16-Jan-2021
AMF1450 N96AVBeech 99 Airliner18:08 16-Jan-2021
N612JW N612JWVision SF5017:05 16-Jan-2021
FDX1490 N770FDB757-20013:57 16-Jan-2021
N840KB N840KB690 Jetprop Commander 84003:27 16-Jan-2021
TEAL58 99-5309C-130J Hercules00:29 16-Jan-2021
GAJ833 N833UPBeech Super King Air 35023:44 15-Jan-2021
TEAL81 97-5303C-130J Hercules22:30 15-Jan-2021
N771PM N771PMCessna 560XL Citation Excel20:48 15-Jan-2021
N1032F N1032FAB-206 JetRanger19:55 15-Jan-2021
N904CF N904CFAS-350/55019:23 15-Jan-2021
FLT80848 N567WBeech 90 King Air18:46 15-Jan-2021
UPS9898 N473UPB757-20013:28 15-Jan-2021
DLX170 N170JCBeech 1300 Commuter01:44 14-Jan-2021
N96SW N96SWCessna 525A Citation CJ221:54 13-Jan-2021
N94AL N94ALCessna 525 Citation CJ121:27 13-Jan-2021
N721MJ N721MJG45021:06 13-Jan-2021
N461GT N461GTG45020:14 13-Jan-2021
DPJ90 N901PMLearjet 6023:40 12-Jan-2021
N612SR N612SRHA-420 HondaJet15:18 12-Jan-2021
N11EF N11EFChallenger 35006:05 12-Jan-2021
N777ZR N777ZR1126 Galaxy02:14 09-Jan-2021
N956AM N956AM40707:50 08-Jan-2021
N22NJ N22NJEclipse 50022:00 07-Jan-2021
FLC83 N83Beech 300 Super King Air20:36 07-Jan-2021
ROLER30 92-0547C-130 Hercules02:11 07-Jan-2021
N900D N900DFalcon 90020:54 04-Jan-2021
N729AD N729ADFalcon 900EX03:00 03-Jan-2021
N191MD N191MDFalcon 8X01:28 03-Jan-2021
N8800 N8800TBM-70022:45 02-Jan-2021
N204JS N204JSBeech 1300 Commuter04:50 01-Jan-2021
N827NA N827NAAS-350/55000:03 30-Dec-2020

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