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Codes: KRIV/
Name: March ARB Airport
City: Riverside
Country: United States
Elevation: 1536 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
OME10 N974VVDC-1023:18 26-Oct-2020
N911RP N911RP36903:33 26-Oct-2020
N992SDAS-350/55020:40 25-Oct-2020
ALEM331 57-1459KC-135R/T 02:46 25-Oct-2020
RCH5141 05-5151C-17 Globemaster 321:55 24-Oct-2020
BRADY11 94-0068C-17 Globemaster 321:35 23-Oct-2020
RCH170 04-4138C-17 Globemaster 301:20 23-Oct-2020
N497PC N497PCPC-1201:45 22-Oct-2020
RCH821 57-2603KC-135R/T 18:38 21-Oct-2020
SLAM61 05-5140C-17 Globemaster 304:07 21-Oct-2020
RATS69 57-1438KC-135R/T 01:58 19-Oct-2020
N827DC N827DCG650 ER23:40 18-Oct-2020
N141MH N141MHS-7622:09 17-Oct-2020
RATS32 62-3558KC-135R/T 04:44 15-Oct-2020
CODY01 63-8024KC-135R/T 00:49 15-Oct-2020
RATS32 61-0299KC-135T21:19 14-Oct-2020
RATS21 58-0085KC-135R/T 05:39 14-Oct-2020
SLAM59 05-5139C-17 Globemaster 304:21 07-Oct-2020
RATS23 57-2598KC-135R/T 20:30 06-Oct-2020
RATS79 57-1468KC-135R/T 20:17 05-Oct-2020
RATS31 61-0324KC-135R/T 21:20 30-Sep-2020
N573MA 753KC-135R/T 15:47 30-Sep-2020
N522HB N522HBAH-6J05:00 27-Sep-2020
RATS52 64-14835KC-135R/T 22:34 11-Sep-2020
RATS42 62-3507KC-135R/T 05:45 04-Sep-2020
N418J N418JBeech 1300 Commuter19:19 22-Aug-2020
N821JP N821JPR44 Raven I22:30 01-Jun-2020

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