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Name: Raleigh Durham International Airport
City: Raleigh/Durham
Country: United States
Elevation: 435 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
EDV4826 N482PXCRJ-90020:09 18-Jan-2021
DAL2078 N928ATB717-20020:06 18-Jan-2021
N459VP N459VPCessna 525A Citation CJ220:04 18-Jan-2021
PDT6008 N655AEEMB-14519:48 18-Jan-2021
DAL2108 N329NBA319-10019:45 18-Jan-2021
EJA365 N365QSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign19:45 18-Jan-2021
JAS29 N371GChallenger 60519:42 18-Jan-2021
N517AG N517AGVision SF5019:42 18-Jan-2021
UAL2269 N807UAA319-10019:38 18-Jan-2021
EJA595 N595QSCitation Latitude19:34 18-Jan-2021
AAL2046 N873NNB737-80019:32 18-Jan-2021
EJA649 N649QSCitation Latitude19:20 18-Jan-2021
RPA4812 N446YXEMB-17519:10 18-Jan-2021
N441DT N441DTG28019:05 18-Jan-2021
RPA4871 N424YXEMB-17518:52 18-Jan-2021
SWA2744 N765SWB737-70018:50 18-Jan-2021
ASH6111 N80348EMB-17518:46 18-Jan-2021
SWA4222 N8573ZB737-80018:44 18-Jan-2021
CNS325 N954AFPC-1218:15 18-Jan-2021
N484JM N484JMChallenger 60518:07 18-Jan-2021
N845JS N845JSCessna 560XL Citation Excel17:53 18-Jan-2021
SWA6112 N8533SB737-80017:28 18-Jan-2021
RPA3472 N645RWEMB-17017:17 18-Jan-2021
N241CJ N241CJCessna 525B Citation CJ316:44 18-Jan-2021
RPA3527 N736YXEMB-17516:38 18-Jan-2021
N17FA N17FACessna 560 Citation 513:43 18-Jan-2021
N734DB N734DBCessna 560 Citation 512:58 18-Jan-2021
N445DU N445DUBK-117C-211:13 18-Jan-2021
JBU638 N805JBA320-20010:07 18-Jan-2021
FDX785 N166FEB767-30001:18 18-Jan-2021
DAL2109 N348NBA319-10000:21 18-Jan-2021
N76AP N76APVision SF5023:12 17-Jan-2021
JLG25 N111KJCessna 525B Citation CJ319:31 17-Jan-2021
N400WK N400WKCessna 650 Citation 318:49 17-Jan-2021
NORST5 N405NC40702:18 17-Jan-2021
N884K N884KCessna 510 Citation Mustang23:44 16-Jan-2021
DAL8904 N971ATB717-20022:03 16-Jan-2021
N850WE N850WETBM-85018:52 16-Jan-2021
FDX1449 N162FEB767-30012:04 16-Jan-2021
UPS1276 N128UPA300B4-60011:01 16-Jan-2021
N178RH N178RHCessna 680 Citation Sovereign01:29 16-Jan-2021
SKYY5 N553HD40714:29 15-Jan-2021
UPS1276 N286UPMD-1110:27 15-Jan-2021
MRA682 N9331BCessna 208 Caravan 100:47 15-Jan-2021
N76PR N76PR40723:32 14-Jan-2021
N641RP N641RPBAe-125-70022:48 14-Jan-2021
N490JC N490JCBeech 400 Beechjet21:01 14-Jan-2021
N577PW N577PWBeech Super King Air 35020:34 14-Jan-2021
N107PJ N107PJPC-2420:05 14-Jan-2021
PAT202 91-00511Merlin 2319:41 14-Jan-2021
N615HP N615HPBeech 400 Beechjet19:22 14-Jan-2021
N234AQ N234AQCessna 560 Citation 515:12 14-Jan-2021
MRA703 N802AACessna 208 Caravan 101:01 14-Jan-2021
N434PB N434PBGVII-G60021:19 13-Jan-2021
N800XR N800XRBAe-125-70019:45 13-Jan-2021
N525KN N525KNCessna 525 Citation CJ118:52 13-Jan-2021
N227CH N227CHTBM-70020:39 12-Jan-2021
N325RD N325RDCessna 650 Citation 320:31 12-Jan-2021
N924WP N924WPTBM 93018:32 12-Jan-2021
N100CB N100CBCessna 525B Citation CJ320:27 10-Jan-2021
N79NX N79NXPC-1217:37 10-Jan-2021
N453FD N453FDBD-100 Challenger 30021:40 07-Jan-2021
N2NC N2NCBeech 90 King Air17:38 07-Jan-2021
N891T N891TEC-13503:27 07-Jan-2021
N7600G N7600GFalcon 2000LX20:37 04-Jan-2021
N76GR N76GRBeech 400 Beechjet17:34 04-Jan-2021
N862NC N862NC429 GlobalRanger22:23 03-Jan-2021
N163J N163JCessna 550 Citation 216:44 03-Jan-2021
N975MD N975MDCessna 560XL Citation Excel07:07 03-Jan-2021
N422TS N422TSR44 Raven II19:44 30-Dec-2020
N800WH N800WHBAe-125-70020:48 29-Dec-2020
N602MT N602MTEC-13520:39 29-Dec-2020

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