Chicago Executive Airport

Codes: KPWK/
Name: Chicago Executive Airport
City: Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling
Country: United States
Elevation: 647 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SVL23 N765JPCessna 525B Citation CJ316:49 28-Jan-2022
NWF758 N758SPCessna 680 Citation Sovereign16:10 28-Jan-2022
LXJ561 N561FXChallenger 35015:31 28-Jan-2022
EJA639 N639QSCitation Latitude04:31 28-Jan-2022
PWA631 N631ADEMB-505 Phenom 30001:12 28-Jan-2022
NUS49 N49DKCessna 560 Citation 500:17 28-Jan-2022
GAJ905 N905UPCessna 750 Citation X23:41 27-Jan-2022
N630AR N630ARChallenger 60522:31 27-Jan-2022
N820CA N820CACitation Latitude22:08 27-Jan-2022
N530KA N530KACessna 680 Citation Sovereign21:40 27-Jan-2022
N685KF N685KFFalcon 200021:33 27-Jan-2022
NWF338 N338RCessna 560 Citation 521:09 27-Jan-2022
CFSAB C-FSAB390 Premier 118:45 27-Jan-2022
NUS562 N562CLCessna 560 Citation 504:20 27-Jan-2022
N219CQ N219CQCessna 525A Citation CJ200:41 27-Jan-2022
N373RR N373RRFalcon 50EX23:01 26-Jan-2022
N303GW N303GWVision SF50 G2+22:31 26-Jan-2022
N314GF N314GFPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian20:37 26-Jan-2022
N928JJ N928JJCessna 525A Citation CJ219:58 26-Jan-2022
JTZ317 N317NEMB-505 Phenom 30019:28 26-Jan-2022
EJM322 N322FJFalcon 900LX18:17 26-Jan-2022
N421AL N421ALBD-700 Global Express16:44 26-Jan-2022
N525KH N525KHCitation M216:40 26-Jan-2022
NUS560 N560CLCessna 560 Citation 516:20 26-Jan-2022
NUS592 N592CLFalcon 900EX EASy23:16 25-Jan-2022
N372G N372GChallenger 60522:26 25-Jan-2022
N829JC N829JCG28021:13 25-Jan-2022
TWY510 N510ANFalcon 7X05:00 25-Jan-2022
N938RD N938RDCessna 525B Citation CJ303:23 25-Jan-2022
N375RH N375RHCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:43 25-Jan-2022
N521FB N521FBLegacy 45023:53 24-Jan-2022
N143KB N143KBBD-700 Global Express23:46 24-Jan-2022
N621PR N621PRCitation CJ422:07 24-Jan-2022
FFL668 N411LLG45016:47 24-Jan-2022
EJM901 N1901WBD-100 Challenger 30014:45 24-Jan-2022
MMD6163 OY-RABFalcon 7X06:44 24-Jan-2022
N531RC N531RCG28001:45 24-Jan-2022
N5355S N5355SPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian01:11 24-Jan-2022
N783PC N783PCPC-1220:45 23-Jan-2022
N422TG N422TGCessna 510 Citation Mustang19:54 23-Jan-2022
N312GS N312GSCitation Bravo18:33 23-Jan-2022
N963FF N963FFCessna 510 Citation Mustang02:43 23-Jan-2022
N630AB N630ABChallenger 35002:10 22-Jan-2022
EJM32 N32TM1126 Galaxy00:21 22-Jan-2022
N1130B N1130BFalcon 900LX22:07 21-Jan-2022
N215JS N215JSBeech 1300 Commuter20:52 21-Jan-2022
NWF585 N585GAGVII-G50004:02 21-Jan-2022
EJM94 N94LFG55003:31 20-Jan-2022
N918MJ N918MJFalcon 2000LX S22:08 19-Jan-2022
FFL386 N724RGR44 Raven15:53 19-Jan-2022
N413RC N413RCCessna 650 Citation 321:49 18-Jan-2022
N49CJ N49CJVision SF50 G2+21:15 18-Jan-2022
N125CH N125CHBD-700 Global Express02:36 18-Jan-2022
JTL15 N15CFLearjet 4523:17 17-Jan-2022
R945SK N945SKCessna 650 Citation 319:10 17-Jan-2022
N926RC N926RCFalcon 200017:41 17-Jan-2022
EJM697 N697SDCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:00 17-Jan-2022
N925JA N925JACitation M221:37 16-Jan-2022
N782YL N782YLCessna 441 Conquest 201:51 16-Jan-2022
N237ST N237STPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian04:18 15-Jan-2022
NWF767 N767WFBeech 1300 Commuter02:55 15-Jan-2022
NUS590 N590CLFalcon 900EX EASy20:43 14-Jan-2022
NUS39 N39TTGulfstream G10020:57 13-Jan-2022
NUS150 N150SSFalcon 1023:38 11-Jan-2022
N812PM N812PMFalcon 90020:43 07-Jan-2022
N520FB N520FBLegacy 50022:12 06-Jan-2022
N727EF N727EFCessna 550 Citation 218:07 06-Jan-2022
N995GH N995GHFalcon 2000S19:05 02-Jan-2022
N363RH N363RHCessna 525A Citation CJ221:53 27-Dec-2021
N236AP N236APPC-1200:42 17-Dec-2021
N684KF N684KFFalcon 200003:43 13-Dec-2021
N6077Q N6077QPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian17:08 30-Oct-2021
N324CM N324CMAB-206 JetRanger19:04 14-Oct-2021
N772SB N772SBCessna 550 Citation 222:46 10-Feb-2021

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