Palm Springs International Airport

Name: Palm Springs International Airport
City: Palm Springs
Country: United States
Elevation: 477 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SWA4389 N769SWB737-70023:21 01-Aug-2021
SKW3911 N289SYEMB-17523:04 01-Aug-2021
YANKY79 167111C-130J Hercules22:25 01-Aug-2021
JTL521 N624DNLearjet 6021:58 01-Aug-2021
SKW5587 N903EVCRJ-20021:26 01-Aug-2021
SWA3906 N248WNB737-70020:03 01-Aug-2021
N586AM N586AMEC-13513:59 01-Aug-2021
SKW5560 N924SWCRJ-20000:00 01-Aug-2021
N171TG N171TGFalcon 50EX21:49 31-Jul-2021
N135CM N135CMEC-13518:32 31-Jul-2021
N151BP N151BPCA-18 Mustang16:22 31-Jul-2021
SKW1357 N457SWCRJ-20017:27 29-Jul-2021
N4086T N4086TAT-16 Harvard00:17 16-Jul-2021
N108HP N108HPAS-350/55021:52 09-Jul-2021
N504EF N504EF36914:23 26-Jun-2021
N511WT N511WTEMB-500 Phenom 10000:42 26-Jun-2021
N87AM N87AM41220:40 17-May-2021
N532WC N532WC36918:18 26-Apr-2021
N212DP N212DPT-28 Trojan19:40 24-Apr-2021
N111DG N111DGDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver23:24 02-Apr-2021
N698M N698M280 Shark00:20 31-Jan-2021

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