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Name: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
City: Phoenix
Country: United States
Elevation: 1135 ft.

© Erik van der Eyken

© Erik van der Eyken

© Erik van der Eyken

© Erik van der Eyken

© Erik van der Eyken

© Erik van der Eyken

© Erik van der Eyken

© Erik van der Eyken

© Erik van der Eyken

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N785JP N785JPBeech 90 King Air21:03 21-Oct-2020
SWA2154 N8635FB737-80020:51 21-Oct-2020
SWA2582 N202WNB737-70020:51 21-Oct-2020
AAL767 N988ALA321-20020:48 21-Oct-2020
N606SF N606SFTBM-70020:47 21-Oct-2020
BTQ773 N645PCPC-1220:35 21-Oct-2020
SWA2309 N7735AB737-70020:33 21-Oct-2020
AAL407 N404ANA321neo20:30 21-Oct-2020
SWA5398 N8569ZB737-80020:29 21-Oct-2020
SWA1483 N292WNB737-70020:27 21-Oct-2020
GLT787 N787TYCessna 560XL Citation Excel20:26 21-Oct-2020
SWA173 N565WNB737-70020:06 21-Oct-2020
SWA1660 N7842AB737-70020:01 21-Oct-2020
SWA2222 N8530WB737-80020:00 21-Oct-2020
WSN3 N575RDBeech Super King Air 35020:00 21-Oct-2020
DAL1100 N302DNA321-20019:59 21-Oct-2020
ASA606 N639VAA320-20019:56 21-Oct-2020
SWA1918 N7886AB737-70019:55 21-Oct-2020
SWA678 N410WNB737-70019:53 21-Oct-2020
AAL1332 N604AWA320-20019:45 21-Oct-2020
SKW2989 N758SKCRJ-70019:43 21-Oct-2020
N346BA N346BABeech 1300 Commuter19:40 21-Oct-2020
SKW3026 N754SKCRJ-70019:33 21-Oct-2020
N543QS N543QSCitation Latitude19:32 21-Oct-2020
AAL643 N970UYA321-20019:29 21-Oct-2020
SKW3042 N604SKCRJ-70019:28 21-Oct-2020
AAL777 N934AAA321-20019:27 21-Oct-2020
ASH5914 N914FJCRJ-90019:26 21-Oct-2020
AAL464 N657AWA320-20019:25 21-Oct-2020
UAL260 N33289B737-80019:24 21-Oct-2020
AAL546 N816AWA319-10019:22 21-Oct-2020
AAL2100 N977UYA321-20019:15 21-Oct-2020
JSX400 N251JXEMB-13519:12 21-Oct-2020
N825AD N825ADPA-46-600TP M60019:11 21-Oct-2020
AAL670 N663AWA320-20019:07 21-Oct-2020
AAL321 N172USA321-20019:05 21-Oct-2020
AAL445 N415ANA321neo19:01 21-Oct-2020
COPPER6 58-0077KC-135T18:15 21-Oct-2020
VTE3301 N15509EMB-13518:07 21-Oct-2020
CFS8974 N918FECessna 208 Caravan 117:50 21-Oct-2020
N1100H N1100HHA-420 HondaJet17:25 21-Oct-2020
SKW5523 N105SYEMB-17517:08 21-Oct-2020
N390SM N390SM390 Premier 116:51 21-Oct-2020
ASH5865 N246LRCRJ-90015:46 21-Oct-2020
N2TC N2TCR6615:35 21-Oct-2020
SWA690 N7840AB737-70015:27 21-Oct-2020
N977SA N977SAG-5 Gulfstream 515:09 21-Oct-2020
N503TF N503TFCitation CJ413:56 21-Oct-2020
UPS9821 N435UPB757-20013:29 21-Oct-2020
N6950C N6950CGulfstream G15013:22 21-Oct-2020
N429WP N429WP429 GlobalRanger13:20 21-Oct-2020
N892GT N892GTEC-13008:06 21-Oct-2020
SKW3041 N630SKCRJ-70007:17 21-Oct-2020
COPPER8 62-3550KC-135R/T 04:05 21-Oct-2020
N353P N353PAS-350/55003:47 21-Oct-2020
SWA2290 N7719AB737-70002:18 21-Oct-2020
AMF2923 N388AVBeech 99 Airliner02:01 21-Oct-2020
N355CF N355CFAS-350/55001:41 21-Oct-2020
AMF2849 N225BHBeech 99 Airliner01:38 21-Oct-2020
AMF2119 N68TABeech 99 Airliner01:31 21-Oct-2020
QU2R122L N988HFalcon 8X01:22 21-Oct-2020
N604DT N604DTChallenger 60401:15 21-Oct-2020
SWA1906 N937WNB737-70001:10 21-Oct-2020
N175RD N175RDCessna 525B Citation CJ301:02 21-Oct-2020
AAL542 N551UWA321-20000:57 21-Oct-2020
AAL500 N535UWA321-20000:44 21-Oct-2020
AAL1476 N844NNB737-80000:41 21-Oct-2020
AAL1844 N542UWA321-20000:29 21-Oct-2020
CTF783 N783NGPC-1200:02 21-Oct-2020
UAL738 N461UAA320-20023:54 20-Oct-2020
SWA1299 N733SAB737-70023:50 20-Oct-2020
ASH5771 N930LRCRJ-90023:31 20-Oct-2020
N943TM N943TMTBM 94023:18 20-Oct-2020
N888PB N888PBBAe-125-70023:17 20-Oct-2020
SWA2021 N8508WB737-80022:49 20-Oct-2020
N599KD N599KDCessna 560 Citation 522:39 20-Oct-2020
N500GF N500GFG-1159A Gulfstream 321:36 20-Oct-2020
N178JC N178JCCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:24 20-Oct-2020
N843CP N843CPLearjet 6020:03 20-Oct-2020
CTF124 N124RPC-1219:45 20-Oct-2020
AAL1332 N825AWA319-10019:44 20-Oct-2020
N505GP N505GPEMB-505 Phenom 30018:34 20-Oct-2020
N108BK N108BKFalcon 5017:28 20-Oct-2020
EJA725 N725QSChallenger 35017:10 20-Oct-2020
N49HT N49HTFalcon 2000LX16:50 20-Oct-2020
N975BD N975BDBeech 400 Beechjet15:50 20-Oct-2020
AAL356 N406ANA321neo14:25 20-Oct-2020
FFT2415 N348FRA320neo05:45 20-Oct-2020
N90WP N90WPBAe-125-70004:51 20-Oct-2020
SWA2294 N499WNB737-70004:19 20-Oct-2020
AAL9811 N655AWA320-20003:24 20-Oct-2020
N661JM N661JMLegacy 60002:37 20-Oct-2020
N599H N599HG55001:01 20-Oct-2020
ASA9803 N285AKB737-90023:58 19-Oct-2020
N955WP N955WPBeech Super King Air 35023:10 19-Oct-2020
N525MN N525MNEMB-500 Phenom 10019:17 19-Oct-2020
N423JG N423JGBD-100 Challenger 30016:13 19-Oct-2020
N970AE N970AEAS-350/55008:08 19-Oct-2020
N632BL N632BLLegacy 50000:31 19-Oct-2020
SWA6733 N763SWB737-70023:52 18-Oct-2020
N5JE N5JEBeech Super King Air 35021:15 18-Oct-2020
N808JN N808JNCessna 525B Citation CJ319:40 18-Oct-2020
GAJ800 N800UPBeech Super King Air 35018:21 18-Oct-2020
DCM6334 N391YS390 Premier 116:08 18-Oct-2020
SWA1299 N230WNB737-70023:38 17-Oct-2020
N123ML N123MLBeech 1300 Commuter21:18 17-Oct-2020
CFS8801 N992FECessna 208 Caravan 117:19 17-Oct-2020
N587AE N587AEAS-350/55014:53 17-Oct-2020
N6EL N6ELGulfstream G10002:21 17-Oct-2020
ATN6789 N389AZB767-30000:40 17-Oct-2020
N416NH N416NHBeech Super King Air 35020:56 16-Oct-2020
CTF48 N48HMHA-420 HondaJet19:04 16-Oct-2020
N973AE N973AEAS-350/55009:51 16-Oct-2020
N351FB N351FBEC-13004:37 16-Oct-2020
N75WP N75WPCessna 560 Citation 523:20 15-Oct-2020
N940EL N940ELTBM 94020:10 15-Oct-2020
AAL464 N652AWA320-20019:25 15-Oct-2020
SWA2330 N7828AB737-70001:36 15-Oct-2020
CTF273 N273CHA-420 HondaJet01:13 15-Oct-2020
N550BC N550BCCitation Bravo00:29 15-Oct-2020
N97EM N97EMCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:02 15-Oct-2020
N45PA N45PAPA-46-600TP M60020:05 14-Oct-2020
N127UH N127UHPC-2419:25 14-Oct-2020
CTA306 N11AGPC-1209:23 14-Oct-2020
COPPER8 62-3500KC-135R/T 02:46 14-Oct-2020
N740AC N740ACFalcon 7X23:54 13-Oct-2020
N82WP N82WP212 Twin Two-Twelve21:41 13-Oct-2020
AMF4148 N426MAMerlin 2320:23 13-Oct-2020
ASH9882 N242LRCRJ-90017:51 13-Oct-2020
N352FB N352FBAS-350/55006:54 13-Oct-2020
SWA2294 N480WNB737-70004:21 13-Oct-2020
AMF2185 N131GPBeech 99 Airliner01:40 13-Oct-2020
RCH800 63-8036KC-135R/T 00:11 13-Oct-2020
N552SK N552SKLearjet 6021:48 12-Oct-2020
N603GP N603GPChallenger 35015:42 12-Oct-2020
N95FM N95FMPC-1200:45 12-Oct-2020
N562DB N562DBPC-2419:09 11-Oct-2020
SWA2571 N7750AB737-70004:12 11-Oct-2020
N50VC N50VCBD-700 Global 500021:38 10-Oct-2020
N551AM N551AMAS-350/55019:22 10-Oct-2020
N966H N966HFalcon 7X22:55 09-Oct-2020
HNW757 N757HWB757-20020:36 09-Oct-2020
N305GTB737-40022:20 08-Oct-2020
HNW170 N170EHEMB-17020:06 08-Oct-2020
N921AZ N921AZBeech 1300 Commuter20:59 07-Oct-2020
N889H N889HFalcon 900EX EASy17:44 07-Oct-2020
N590AE N590AEAS-350/55001:21 07-Oct-2020
N418DR N418DRPC-1200:01 06-Oct-2020
N392P N392PAS-350/55020:29 05-Oct-2020
N249TG N249TGCessna 208 Caravan 119:58 05-Oct-2020
N72AZ N72AZPC-1216:56 05-Oct-2020
FIST12 62-3531KC-135R/T 00:32 04-Oct-2020
N662CV N662CV40717:36 02-Oct-2020
ASH5829 N928LRCRJ-90001:03 02-Oct-2020
N389H N389HPC-1221:20 01-Oct-2020
ASH5839 N248LRCRJ-90000:42 01-Oct-2020
HNW139 N139HAW13920:30 30-Sep-2020
N552TC N552TCPC-1219:57 30-Sep-2020
N450PH N450PH40700:12 28-Sep-2020
N924BB N924BBTBM-85019:49 27-Sep-2020
N87BC N87BCPC-1219:38 25-Sep-2020
N208WW N208WWCessna 208 Caravan 101:51 25-Sep-2020
DCM2680 N680CTCitation Latitude19:12 23-Sep-2020
N586BW N586BWBeech Super King Air 35022:48 09-Sep-2020
JSX801 N268JXEMB-13521:31 03-Sep-2020
AAL428 N567UWA321-20001:20 01-Sep-2020
ASH5902 N916FJCRJ-90023:57 31-Aug-2020
N568DD N568DDTBM 90021:30 30-Aug-2020
AAL9812 N665AWA320-20016:31 30-Aug-2020
AAL9806 N155UWA321-20019:03 29-Aug-2020
JSX980 N261JXEMB-13500:20 28-Aug-2020
N189H N189HCessna 560 Citation 520:45 26-Aug-2020
JSX0408 N252JXEMB-13522:53 20-Aug-2020
00000000 N818WBGulfstream G10023:11 11-Aug-2020
COPPER6 57-1469KC-135R/T 16:26 10-Aug-2020
LN24ZD N24ZDGulfstream G10007:51 29-Jul-2020
N115NX N115NXPA-46-600TP M60022:31 16-Jul-2020
N705ML N705MLBeech 1300 Commuter20:52 10-Jul-2020
CTF20 N20ZAHA-420 HondaJet22:56 29-Jun-2020
AAL1795 N831AWA319-10015:38 25-Jun-2020
AAL1040 N803AWA319-10015:12 24-Jun-2020
87-24648AH-60 Black Hawk22:02 18-May-2020
ASH5813 N243LRCRJ-90003:49 05-Apr-2020
N168WC N168WCBeech 400 Beechjet17:12 02-Apr-2020
SWA2510 N793SAB737-70022:43 31-Mar-2020
AMF2119 N698AFMerlin 2301:32 31-Mar-2020

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