Philadelphia International Airport

Name: Philadelphia International Airport
City: Philadelphia
Country: United States
Elevation: 36 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N979RF N979RFLearjet 3505:41 17-Jun-2021
NKS1810 N611NKA320-20005:38 17-Jun-2021
UPS1341 N348UPB767-30004:54 17-Jun-2021
AAL1790 N989ANB737-80004:45 17-Jun-2021
SWA3925 N8623FB737-80004:41 17-Jun-2021
UPS1307 N357UPB767-30004:26 17-Jun-2021
UPS609 N161UPA300B4-60004:24 17-Jun-2021
UPS557 N465UPB757-20004:17 17-Jun-2021
PDT9984 N643AEEMB-14504:11 17-Jun-2021
JBU976 N258JBEMB-19004:08 17-Jun-2021
FFT2322 N706FRA321-20004:05 17-Jun-2021
UPS1351 N461UPB757-20004:03 17-Jun-2021
DAL990 N886DNB737-90004:00 17-Jun-2021
UPS1131 N402UPB757-20003:58 17-Jun-2021
UPS9797 N422UPB757-20003:53 17-Jun-2021
DAL819 N832DNB737-90003:51 17-Jun-2021
FFT2290 N344FRA320neo03:41 17-Jun-2021
UAL335 N47524B737 MAX 903:35 17-Jun-2021
FFT1168 N341FRA320neo03:33 17-Jun-2021
UPS1483 N406UPB757-20003:31 17-Jun-2021
N817LV N817LVEC-13503:19 17-Jun-2021
UPS1119 N453UPB757-20003:19 17-Jun-2021
DAL2199 N321NBA319-10003:16 17-Jun-2021
UPS1017 N351UPB767-30003:13 17-Jun-2021
UPS611 N459UPB757-20003:11 17-Jun-2021
UPS1273 N169UPA300B4-60003:09 17-Jun-2021
AAL478 N510UWA321-20003:05 17-Jun-2021
UPS1055 N141UPA300B4-60003:03 17-Jun-2021
AAL1814 N909AMA321-20002:57 17-Jun-2021
SWA5298 N8567ZB737-80002:55 17-Jun-2021
AAL566 N551UWA321-20002:53 17-Jun-2021
ASH6120 N86344EMB-17502:51 17-Jun-2021
UPS1197 N151UPA300B4-60002:46 17-Jun-2021
UPS1327 N456UPB757-20002:43 17-Jun-2021
UPS1121 N418UPB757-20002:41 17-Jun-2021
UPS1153 N137UPA300B4-60002:40 17-Jun-2021
JBU2859 N184JBEMB-19002:38 17-Jun-2021
UPS1283 N430UPB757-20002:34 17-Jun-2021
DAL812 N858DZB737-90002:30 17-Jun-2021
N122PR N122PRFalcon 200002:24 17-Jun-2021
AAL2333 N924NNB737-80002:15 17-Jun-2021
UPS1233 N445UPB757-20002:12 17-Jun-2021
AAL1648 N930AUA321-20002:08 17-Jun-2021
SWA3123 N472WNB737-70002:03 17-Jun-2021
AAL1941 N702UWA319-10001:30 17-Jun-2021
SWA5801 N8624JB737-80001:17 17-Jun-2021
UAL779 N68817B737-90001:14 17-Jun-2021
AAL451 N405ANA321neo01:06 17-Jun-2021
NKS1004 N690NKA320-20000:54 17-Jun-2021
AAL2502 N163AAA321-20000:41 17-Jun-2021
DAL1324 N856DNB737-90000:30 17-Jun-2021
RPA4609 N113HQEMB-175 LR00:27 17-Jun-2021
N825SD N825SDBeech 90 King Air00:09 17-Jun-2021
AAL460 N167ANA321-20000:04 17-Jun-2021
RPA4840 N410YXEMB-175 LR00:02 17-Jun-2021
AAL2942 N898NNB737-80023:58 16-Jun-2021
AAL423 N826AWA319-10023:56 16-Jun-2021
AAL497 N996ANA321-20023:50 16-Jun-2021
AAL2482 N123NNA321-20023:46 16-Jun-2021
AAL846 N8027DA319-10023:44 16-Jun-2021
N816LX N816LXBAe-125-70023:43 16-Jun-2021
RPA4639 N411YXEMB-175 LR23:38 16-Jun-2021
PDT6293 N600BPEMB-14523:37 16-Jun-2021
RPA4886 N432YXEMB-17523:37 16-Jun-2021
N333LF N333LFBK-11723:37 16-Jun-2021
AAL651 N933AMA321-20023:33 16-Jun-2021
AAL1837 N776XFA319-10023:32 16-Jun-2021
AAL822 N839NNB737-80023:29 16-Jun-2021
JIA5366 N533AECRJ-70023:24 16-Jun-2021
AAL805 N160ANA321-20023:23 16-Jun-2021
ASH6285 N88326EMB-17523:18 16-Jun-2021
AAL1359 N127UWA320-20023:15 16-Jun-2021
AAL1165 N667AWA320-20023:13 16-Jun-2021
PDT6033 N620AEEMB-14523:03 16-Jun-2021
N134HF N134HFAW13922:59 16-Jun-2021
AAL1007 N658AWA320-20022:57 16-Jun-2021
EJA365 N365QSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign22:55 16-Jun-2021
MFAST M-FASTGulfstream G15022:45 16-Jun-2021
AAL860 N142ANA321-20022:39 16-Jun-2021
EJA406 N406QSEMB-505 Phenom 30022:36 16-Jun-2021
AWI3972 N433AWCRJ-20022:21 16-Jun-2021
EJA693 N693QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:56 16-Jun-2021
EJA684 N684QSCitation Latitude21:37 16-Jun-2021
PDT6022 N633AEEMB-14521:33 16-Jun-2021
AAL1799 N910AUA321-20021:29 16-Jun-2021
GAJ835 N835UPBeech Super King Air 35021:08 16-Jun-2021
PDT6016 N608LMEMB-14520:40 16-Jun-2021
AAL857 N878NNB737-80020:37 16-Jun-2021
PRD750 N750EACessna 750 Citation X19:24 16-Jun-2021
AAL315 N783ANB777-20018:59 16-Jun-2021
N225GP N225GPLearjet 6018:39 16-Jun-2021
SIY800 N800UWBAe-125-70018:08 16-Jun-2021
N525PS N525PSCessna 525 Citation CJ117:50 16-Jun-2021
EJA150 N150QSGlobal 600017:40 16-Jun-2021
UPS2190 N435UPB757-20017:03 16-Jun-2021
N710BG N710BGG28016:52 16-Jun-2021
N98DH N98DHFalcon 5016:45 16-Jun-2021
PDT6239 N644AEEMB-14515:11 16-Jun-2021
JIA5029 N512AECRJ-70013:24 16-Jun-2021
N135TJ N135TJEC-13504:34 16-Jun-2021
AAL1648 N700UWA319-10002:08 16-Jun-2021
N63XF N63XFG650 ER01:31 16-Jun-2021
N651WB N651WBTBM-85001:20 16-Jun-2021
N11A N11AChallenger 65001:11 16-Jun-2021
FFT2310 N362FRA320neo00:01 16-Jun-2021
PDT6118 N629AEEMB-14523:28 15-Jun-2021
AAL2032 N179UWA321-20020:56 15-Jun-2021
EJA314 N314QSEMB-505 Phenom 30019:14 15-Jun-2021
SIS750 N750DXCessna 750 Citation X20:31 14-Jun-2021
FLC75 N75Beech 300 Super King Air14:46 14-Jun-2021
N516JP N516JPR44 Raven02:50 13-Jun-2021
N333FG N333FGG-4 Gulfstream 417:29 12-Jun-2021
N628CC N628CCFalcon 2000EX18:28 11-Jun-2021
N372BG N372BGGVII-G60022:06 09-Jun-2021
N313CC N313CCFalcon 2000EX21:47 08-Jun-2021
N492AE N492AEEC-13507:43 08-Jun-2021
N1088 N1088Challenger 60517:34 07-Jun-2021
N352FT N352FTG-4 Gulfstream 420:56 31-May-2021
N600L N600LCitation Latitude20:16 28-May-2021
N145TJ N145TJBK-117C-219:13 23-May-2021
N412EC N412ECFalcon 900EX EASy16:31 23-May-2021
N96SP N96SPS-7617:44 18-May-2021
N104HJ N104HJHA-420 HondaJet22:06 07-May-2021
N297PD N297PDAS-350/55002:30 09-Apr-2021
N296PD N296PDAS-350/55016:53 16-Mar-2021
N3897U N3897UAB-206 JetRanger16:18 17-Feb-2021
N139MH N139MHEC-13500:47 30-Dec-2020

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