Executive Airport

Codes: KORL/
Name: Executive Airport
City: Orlando
Country: United States
Elevation: 113 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
AAL1684 N524UWA321-20014:48 27-Jul-2021
DAL1575 N172DZB767-30014:45 27-Jul-2021
FFT1043 N382FRA320neo14:44 27-Jul-2021
JBU51 N971JTA321-20014:25 27-Jul-2021
UAL800 N33103B757-20013:19 27-Jul-2021
NKS708 N607NKA320-20013:10 27-Jul-2021
CSB565 N881YVB767-20012:39 27-Jul-2021
NKS143 N624NKA320-20009:04 27-Jul-2021
BVN7522 N723FXCessna 208 Caravan 103:54 27-Jul-2021
FFT1075 N301FRA320neo03:23 27-Jul-2021
CYO461 N461MCLearjet 6003:03 27-Jul-2021
UAL687 N12125B757-20001:34 27-Jul-2021
JBU1075 N794JBA320-20000:27 27-Jul-2021
UAL1683 N76523B737-80023:30 26-Jul-2021
N137JC N137JCCessna 560 Citation 523:11 26-Jul-2021
N510LM N510LMCessna 510 Citation Mustang22:47 26-Jul-2021
FFT30 N710FRA321-20022:45 26-Jul-2021
N265SV N265SVCessna 680 Citation Sovereign22:28 26-Jul-2021
N115TL N115TLCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:09 26-Jul-2021
PRMZE PR-MZEPC-2413:46 26-Jul-2021
N417AR N417ARPC-1216:43 25-Jul-2021
N560LC N560LCCessna 560 Citation 519:36 24-Jul-2021
N425DC N425DCCessna 425 Conquest 119:19 24-Jul-2021
N350AT N350ATChallenger 35003:41 23-Jul-2021
N356DC N356DCCessna 525B Citation CJ318:09 19-Jul-2021
N725HS N725HSCessna 525B Citation CJ317:17 19-Jul-2021
UAL2720 N69838B737-90017:10 19-Jul-2021
DCM6929 N722XJCessna 750 Citation X16:46 17-Jul-2021
N3EK N3EKTBM-85019:10 16-Jul-2021
N907LW N907LWCitation M216:28 16-Jul-2021
N718AL N718ALCessna 525A Citation CJ201:11 15-Jul-2021
J8JET J8-JETCessna 525B Citation CJ318:52 10-Jul-2021
N333QV N333QVCessna 510 Citation Mustang01:25 10-Jul-2021
N417FC N417FCPC-2420:13 08-Jul-2021
N514TK N514TKCitation M223:23 01-Jul-2021
N557DU N557DUCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:56 01-Jul-2021
N710BH N710BHCessna 208 Caravan 106:12 21-Jun-2021
N189C N189CCitation Bravo21:58 11-Jun-2021
N950M N950MCessna 750 Citation X23:56 02-Jun-2021
N96G N96GCessna 525B Citation CJ322:16 24-May-2021
R20389 11-20389AH-60 Black Hawk21:47 08-Mar-2021
N363WC N363WCCitation Bravo16:51 27-Jan-2021
N130PF N130PFEC-13023:25 21-Jan-2021
N1206L N1206LAB-206 JetRanger17:25 20-Jan-2021

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