Executive Airport

Codes: KORL/
Name: Executive Airport
City: Orlando
Country: United States
Elevation: 113 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N425DC N425DCCessna 425 Conquest 118:36 22-Oct-2021
N611GL N611GLPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian16:31 22-Oct-2021
UPS1336 N475UPB757-20009:44 22-Oct-2021
SCX167 N824SYB737-80001:53 22-Oct-2021
N740KD N740KDLearjet 4000:49 22-Oct-2021
FFT1173 N213FRA320-20020:26 21-Oct-2021
N476JD N476JDCessna 525A Citation CJ220:24 21-Oct-2021
XACAM XA-CAMBeech 1300 Commuter19:34 21-Oct-2021
N213EP N213EP1126 Galaxy19:29 21-Oct-2021
N728RS N728RSTBM 90018:26 19-Oct-2021
N935MC N935MCEC-13519:17 16-Oct-2021
N500PM N500PMBeech 400 Beechjet20:41 11-Oct-2021
N13ZM N13ZMHA-420 HondaJet23:23 08-Oct-2021
N115CT N115CTBeech 1300 Commuter18:24 08-Oct-2021
N771LJ N771LJCessna 510 Citation Mustang15:58 07-Oct-2021
UAL689 N28457B737-90004:23 07-Oct-2021
NKS529 N512NKA319-10023:28 06-Oct-2021
N628RP N628RPCessna 750 Citation X16:59 05-Oct-2021
N481RC N481RCAB-206 JetRanger06:39 29-Sep-2021
N62HT N62HTR44 Raven II12:16 26-Sep-2021
N153T N153TCessna 550 Citation 214:53 21-Sep-2021
N407KB N407KB40705:00 17-Sep-2021
N153CJ N153CJCessna 525A Citation CJ216:49 28-Aug-2021
N820LR N820LRHawker 900XP22:41 18-Aug-2021
PRSMK PR-SMKCessna 680 Citation Sovereign01:36 17-Aug-2021
N18QA N18QACessna 525 Citation CJ108:46 03-Aug-2021
N710BH N710BHCessna 208 Caravan 106:12 21-Jun-2021
R20389 11-20389AH-60 Black Hawk21:47 08-Mar-2021
N130PF N130PFEC-13023:25 21-Jan-2021

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