Executive Airport

Codes: KORL/
Name: Executive Airport
City: Orlando
Country: United States
Elevation: 113 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
DAL2564 N183DNB767-30017:02 22-May-2022
UAL413 N897UAA319-10016:58 22-May-2022
UAL425 N69816B737-90016:51 22-May-2022
N529RE N529REG-5 Gulfstream 516:48 22-May-2022
UAL2082 N36444B737-90016:41 22-May-2022
AAL1274 N903NNB737-80016:40 22-May-2022
RVJ55160 N507WMBeech 400 Beechjet16:35 22-May-2022
N650KB N650KBCessna 650 Citation 316:33 22-May-2022
SWA139 N200WNB737-70016:30 22-May-2022
AAL1121 N954NNB737-80016:27 22-May-2022
AAL1710 N118NNA321-20016:25 22-May-2022
VOI976 XA-VOIA319-10016:10 22-May-2022
SWA1242 N7886AB737-70015:59 22-May-2022
NKS1130 N683NKA321-20015:54 22-May-2022
SWA6825 N7889AB737-70015:50 22-May-2022
JBU583 N2044JA321neo15:48 22-May-2022
UAL2348 N57852B757-30015:29 22-May-2022
NKS765 N502NKA319-10015:19 22-May-2022
N987CE N987CEBAe-125-70015:17 22-May-2022
NKS135 N521NKA319-10014:00 22-May-2022
NKS317 N639NKA320-20012:44 22-May-2022
NKS1614 N644NKA320-20011:36 22-May-2022
N88T N88TGlobal 600007:04 22-May-2022
FFT803 N349FRA320neo00:15 22-May-2022
UAL2244 N69824B737-90023:58 21-May-2022
FDX3712 N973FDB757-20023:21 21-May-2022
N570QS N570QSCitation Latitude21:50 21-May-2022
GAJ893 N893UPBeech Super King Air 35021:40 21-May-2022
N750JR N750JRCessna 750 Citation X18:58 21-May-2022
N400LZ N400LZBeech 400 Beechjet18:30 21-May-2022
N1QE N1QECessna 680 Citation Sovereign15:41 21-May-2022
UAL2120 N37253B737-80004:23 21-May-2022
HZSKY2 HZ-SKͼA330-20003:27 21-May-2022
MAK001 N170APEMB-500 Phenom 10001:56 21-May-2022
UPS5516 N153UPA300B4-60001:52 21-May-2022
N350AT N350ATChallenger 35001:41 21-May-2022
JBU22 N653JBA320-20023:14 20-May-2022
N441F N441FCessna 441 Conquest 220:14 20-May-2022
N876RA N876RACessna 560XL Citation Excel19:20 20-May-2022
N265G N265GFalcon 5018:38 20-May-2022
N8156Z N8156ZBeech 90 King Air17:17 20-May-2022
N441WT N441WTCessna 441 Conquest 216:36 20-May-2022
N32GK N32GKVision SF5015:04 20-May-2022
N171PC N171PCCessna 750 Citation X14:20 20-May-2022
UPS1336 N459UPB757-20009:48 20-May-2022
BVN7521 N845FECessna 208 Caravan 103:18 20-May-2022
N40LG N40LGChallenger 35001:18 20-May-2022
N116TT N116TTBeech Super King Air 35000:13 20-May-2022
N200TG N200TGBeech 1300 Commuter20:59 19-May-2022
N500PM N500PMBeech 400 Beechjet20:15 19-May-2022
N578GG N578GGCessna 550 Citation 219:56 19-May-2022
N650DR N650DRCessna 560XL Citation Excel18:47 19-May-2022
N818RC N818RCBD-100 Challenger 30015:29 19-May-2022
N896MA N896MACitation Bravo15:19 19-May-2022
UAL689 N47524B737 MAX 904:36 19-May-2022
N550DX N550DXG55002:53 19-May-2022
N13ZM N13ZMHA-420 HondaJet17:37 18-May-2022
N823HB N823HBBeech 400 Beechjet02:07 18-May-2022
EJM697 N697SDCessna 560XL Citation Excel23:46 17-May-2022
N417AR N417ARPC-1216:42 17-May-2022
N425DC N425DCCessna 425 Conquest 120:59 16-May-2022
N608SG N608SGCessna 525B Citation CJ320:47 16-May-2022
N218PE N218PEPC-1220:45 16-May-2022
N665PW N665PWCessna 18219:55 16-May-2022
N722XJ N722XJCessna 750 Citation X17:18 16-May-2022
UAL689 N37513B737 MAX 904:36 15-May-2022
N74B N74BBeech 90 King Air21:04 03-May-2022
N145GF N145GFBK-117C-223:47 02-May-2022
N40HC N40HCCessna 560XL Citation Excel13:40 02-May-2022
XOJ783 N783XJCessna 750 Citation X23:09 29-Apr-2022
N885PE N885PECessna 208 Caravan 115:09 27-Apr-2022
N7YJ N7YJAB-206 JetRanger15:24 04-Apr-2022
N910DH N910DHTBM 91020:40 26-Mar-2022
N925KW N925KWCitation CJ420:08 23-Mar-2022
N923HA N923HACessna 525B Citation CJ302:09 23-Mar-2022
N619TV N619TVR44 Raven II17:30 21-Feb-2022
N357JG N357JGG20023:50 18-Feb-2022
N407KB N407KB40718:21 21-Jan-2022
N130PF N130PFEC-13015:28 20-Dec-2021
N27VQ N27VQCessna 525A Citation CJ217:20 19-Dec-2021
N64AB N64ABAB-206 JetRanger17:40 15-Nov-2021
N62HT N62HTR44 Raven II12:16 26-Sep-2021

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