Ontario International Airport

Name: Ontario International Airport
City: Ontario
Country: United States
Elevation: 944 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
UAL1689 N473UAA320-20003:56 20-Sep-2021
HAL74 N216HAA321neo03:52 20-Sep-2021
SWA481 N476WNB737-70003:27 20-Sep-2021
AAL629 N906NNB737-80003:15 20-Sep-2021
AAL810 N979UYA321-20003:10 20-Sep-2021
ASH5835 N911FJCRJ-90003:05 20-Sep-2021
N18DS N18DSPC-1203:05 20-Sep-2021
UAL2004 N485UAA320-20003:03 20-Sep-2021
N2WE N2WEAB-206 JetRanger03:00 20-Sep-2021
UPS3035 N326UPB767-30002:50 20-Sep-2021
FDX742 N145FEB767-30002:47 20-Sep-2021
N483RA N483RAG-4 Gulfstream 402:45 20-Sep-2021
UPS916 N303UPB767-30002:37 20-Sep-2021
N220PF N220PFBAe-125-70002:35 20-Sep-2021
N510SD N510SDCessna 650 Citation 302:09 20-Sep-2021
UPS9859 N572UPB747-40001:46 20-Sep-2021
UPS918 N159UPA300B4-60001:33 20-Sep-2021
N54US N54USBeech 100 King Air00:56 20-Sep-2021
N43U N43UBeech 1300 Commuter00:53 20-Sep-2021
AAL2471 N986ANA321-20000:51 20-Sep-2021
FDX978 N186FEB767-30000:41 20-Sep-2021
UPS920 N610UPB747-800:28 20-Sep-2021
N109BG N109BGBAe-125-70023:56 19-Sep-2021
ATN3233 N762CXB767-20023:11 19-Sep-2021
FDX912 N679FEA300B4-60023:04 19-Sep-2021
UPS900 N582UPB747-40022:25 19-Sep-2021
GTI3810 N1489AB767-30020:43 19-Sep-2021
FDX3024 N914FDB757-20019:52 19-Sep-2021
N25RA N25RAG-4 Gulfstream 419:32 19-Sep-2021
N220DK N220DKCessna 510 Citation Mustang19:23 19-Sep-2021
FDX3785 N612FEMD-1104:10 19-Sep-2021
SWA5844 N731SAB737-70003:58 19-Sep-2021
N462PD N462PDR6622:07 18-Sep-2021
C305 N488DFUH-1 Iroquois21:00 18-Sep-2021
GTI3810 N1427AB767-30020:26 18-Sep-2021
N63RB N63RBAT-16 Harvard18:05 18-Sep-2021
AMF1898 N949KBeech 99 Airliner17:14 18-Sep-2021
PCM8662 N744FXCessna 208 Caravan 116:36 18-Sep-2021
PCM8683 N872FECessna 208 Caravan 115:50 18-Sep-2021
N42CU N42CUCH-47 Chinook08:59 18-Sep-2021
N57B N57BBeech 1300 Commuter02:45 18-Sep-2021
AMF1901 N802BABeech 99 Airliner02:15 18-Sep-2021
AIP1937 N120UCBeech 190001:44 18-Sep-2021
AMF2521 N179CAEMB-120 Brasilia00:59 18-Sep-2021
PCM7654 N886FECessna 208 Caravan 100:55 18-Sep-2021
N312TL N312TLLearjet 3123:46 17-Sep-2021
UPS2610 N271UPMD-1123:15 17-Sep-2021
UPS2989 N325UPB767-30014:49 17-Sep-2021
UPS9303 N335UPB767-30014:44 17-Sep-2021
UPS928 N317UPB767-30011:20 17-Sep-2021
UPS916 N278UPMD-1110:30 17-Sep-2021
UPS51 N573UPB747-40005:05 17-Sep-2021
UPS991 N409UPB757-20004:45 17-Sep-2021
UPS849 N296UPMD-1104:18 17-Sep-2021
N705SG N705SGCessna 560XL Citation Excel22:30 16-Sep-2021
N199XX N199XXCessna 750 Citation X01:51 15-Sep-2021
PD10 N60NTAS-350/55001:50 15-Sep-2021
N787AS N787AST-28 Trojan22:30 14-Sep-2021
N567MC N567MCCessna 560XL Citation Excel22:26 14-Sep-2021
N521ZB N521ZBCitation M222:06 14-Sep-2021
N817CE N817CEAS-350/55021:30 14-Sep-2021
N282MW N282MWCessna 208 Caravan 119:48 14-Sep-2021
N323EZ N323EZCessna 525 Citation CJ102:03 14-Sep-2021
N637SVCessna 680 Citation Sovereign00:22 14-Sep-2021
N81118 N81118BD-700 Global 500022:15 13-Sep-2021
N57PE N57PEBeech Super King Air 35021:59 13-Sep-2021
N10AM N10AMCessna 750 Citation X02:05 13-Sep-2021
N1685S N1685SBeech 90 King Air01:01 13-Sep-2021
N1168U N1168US-58T18:11 11-Sep-2021
N306SB N306SBUH-1 Iroquois15:47 11-Sep-2021
N239CA N239CALearjet 3122:12 10-Sep-2021
N383SH N383SHAB-206 JetRanger21:29 10-Sep-2021
N413CE N413CE429 GlobalRanger18:56 10-Sep-2021
N51EW N51EWCA-18 Mustang02:25 10-Sep-2021
N470MD N470MDLearjet 6000:51 09-Sep-2021
N896VR N896VRBAe-125-70000:30 09-Sep-2021
TAIL N180BPP-180 Avanti01:45 07-Sep-2021
N144AL N144ALCessna 525B Citation CJ300:44 07-Sep-2021
N411HB N411HBPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian21:02 06-Sep-2021
N5341C N5341CPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian22:21 05-Sep-2021
N605KL N605KLChallenger 60505:56 05-Sep-2021
00000000 N306TTG-4 Gulfstream 404:28 05-Sep-2021
N230MK N230MK23000:14 05-Sep-2021
N348CM N348CMCitation Bravo21:19 04-Sep-2021
N159DE N159DEG55023:26 31-Aug-2021
N617HP N617HPAS-350/55021:00 30-Aug-2021
N45PV N45PVG-44 Widgeon19:36 29-Aug-2021
N7025N N7025NAlbatross23:11 26-Aug-2021
N114DZ N114DZCJ-602:11 26-Aug-2021
N900DG N900DGTBM-70023:29 25-Aug-2021
CFBVF C-FBVFFalcon 5020:59 23-Aug-2021
N858RM N858RMCitation Bravo23:09 22-Aug-2021
N435TM N435TMEMB-505 Phenom 30001:57 11-Aug-2021
C909 N481DFUH-1 Iroquois17:59 06-Aug-2021
N722JE N722JES-7619:14 02-Aug-2021
WWI90 N908DGChallenger 601 3A19:10 26-Jul-2021
N68800 N68800B75 Kaydet20:47 17-Jul-2021
N2880D N2880DBeech 1819:02 16-Jul-2021
N723PV N723PVEC-13021:01 15-Jul-2021
N888HJ N888HJBeech 1300 Commuter21:39 09-Jul-2021
N89TD N89TDFalcon 5019:59 08-Jul-2021
N518EA N518EAELA 10 Eclipse21:09 26-Jun-2021
N108DJ N108DJR44 Raven00:25 21-Jun-2021
N9856C N9856CB-25 Mitchell17:01 15-Jun-2021
WWI61 N601BEChallenger 601 3A20:03 04-Jun-2021
N801LM N801LMBAe-125-70016:47 03-Jun-2021
N560PP N560PPCessna 560 Citation 500:09 03-Jun-2021
N120MH N120MHEC-120 Colibri18:31 22-May-2021
N225CC N225CCFalcon 1021:43 13-May-2021
N999WS N999WSCessna 501 Citation 1SP01:55 13-May-2021
N7835C N7835CTBF Avenger22:55 21-Apr-2021
N214PG N214PGMU-300 Diamond01:52 16-Apr-2021
N90WM N90WMMTO Sport 201722:04 10-Apr-2021
N986HH N986HHGulfstream G10021:35 06-Apr-2021
N48119 N48119AT-16 Harvard23:04 03-Apr-2021
N711KE N711KE1124 Westwind01:49 27-Mar-2021
N902GG N902GGMD-902 Explorer20:34 24-Feb-2021
N45918 N45918AT-16 Harvard18:52 05-Feb-2021
VFR RA-40461Antonov An-200:25 02-Feb-2021
N836FM N836FMMTO Sport18:37 30-Jan-2021
N5199G N5199GCessna Bird Dog18:40 21-Jan-2021
N90775 N90775280 Shark21:04 15-Jan-2021
N543MM N543MMAS-350/55001:49 01-Jan-2021

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