Will Rogers World Airport

Name: Will Rogers World Airport
City: Oklahoma City
Country: United States
Elevation: 1295 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
AAL2734 N918NNB737-80005:22 24-Sep-2021
DAL2408 N371NWA320-20005:01 24-Sep-2021
SKW3633 N260SYEMB-17504:48 24-Sep-2021
ENY3679 N271NNEMB-17504:48 24-Sep-2021
SKW5841 N128SYEMB-17504:45 24-Sep-2021
AAL2744 N824AWA319-10004:42 24-Sep-2021
N97VF N97VFCessna 525 Citation CJ104:32 24-Sep-2021
SWA2643 N751SWB737-70004:27 24-Sep-2021
AAL1458 N143ANA321-20003:01 24-Sep-2021
RPA4804 N109HQEMB-175 LR02:52 24-Sep-2021
SWA3506 N8552ZB737-80002:28 24-Sep-2021
ASH6138 N82338EMB-17502:25 24-Sep-2021
SKW482Z N154SYEMB-17502:23 24-Sep-2021
N988RT N988RTBD-100 Challenger 30002:21 24-Sep-2021
N127RR N127RRG45002:03 24-Sep-2021
SKW3074 N715SKCRJ-70002:01 24-Sep-2021
N510PX N510PXCessna 510 Citation Mustang01:52 24-Sep-2021
ASH6206 N88326EMB-17501:50 24-Sep-2021
SKW3001 N744SKCRJ-70001:46 24-Sep-2021
SWA4188 N7864BB737-70001:36 24-Sep-2021
SWA701 N561WNB737-70001:33 24-Sep-2021
DAL2074 N942ATB717-20001:30 24-Sep-2021
N456CM N456CMP-180 Avanti01:29 24-Sep-2021
SKW3791 N831SKCRJ-90001:23 24-Sep-2021
SKW5446 N959SWCRJ-20001:13 24-Sep-2021
SWA3166 N8687AB737-80000:58 24-Sep-2021
MRA637 N1120WCessna 208 Caravan 100:54 24-Sep-2021
SKW5409 N153SYEMB-17500:45 24-Sep-2021
FLC58 N58Learjet 6023:01 23-Sep-2021
N769JW N769JWFalcon 2000LX22:55 23-Sep-2021
JAG66 09-0654Beech Super King Air 35022:50 23-Sep-2021
JUDGE32 N6450LBeech Super King Air 35022:45 23-Sep-2021
HOB1 N2HLChallenger 35022:45 23-Sep-2021
PKW910 N770TRMerlin 2322:36 23-Sep-2021
N75 N75Beech 300 Super King Air22:26 23-Sep-2021
SOONR12 09-0624Beech Super King Air 35022:11 23-Sep-2021
DOJ602 N639CSB737-40022:03 23-Sep-2021
FLC85 N85Challenger 601 3R21:48 23-Sep-2021
JUDGE32 N350EBBeech Super King Air 35021:32 23-Sep-2021
FWK719 N719HGBAe-125-70021:27 23-Sep-2021
DOJ601 N279ADB737-40021:15 23-Sep-2021
HOB3 N72HLLearjet 7521:00 23-Sep-2021
SOONR61 09-0660Beech Super King Air 35020:31 23-Sep-2021
N918WA N918WACessna 510 Citation Mustang18:40 23-Sep-2021
N515JM N515JMLegacy 60018:40 23-Sep-2021
N469B N469BBeech 90 King Air18:24 23-Sep-2021
ARIES65 92-0355Beech 400 Beechjet16:21 23-Sep-2021
N727B N727BBeech 1300 Commuter15:48 23-Sep-2021
SKW9919 N724EVCRJ-70014:53 23-Sep-2021
N561SF N561SF40707:46 23-Sep-2021
N53MS N53MSBeech 400 Beechjet05:15 23-Sep-2021
N930U N930UEC-13004:15 23-Sep-2021
N719SS N719SSHA-420 HondaJet01:50 23-Sep-2021
SOONR61 09-0655Beech Super King Air 35001:46 23-Sep-2021
N699GG N699GGLearjet 3101:40 23-Sep-2021
N705WL N705WLFalcon 200001:33 23-Sep-2021
DPJ9 N999CXCessna 560XL Citation Excel01:28 23-Sep-2021
N10HH N10HHCessna 750 Citation X00:39 23-Sep-2021
N633PJ N633PJLearjet 3100:00 23-Sep-2021
N419HF N419HFBeech Super King Air 35023:07 22-Sep-2021
OKC116 N116PJLearjet 4023:03 22-Sep-2021
N793TB N793TBBeech 400 Beechjet21:42 22-Sep-2021
HOB5 N372HLLearjet 7521:18 22-Sep-2021
N395PW N385WBPC-1220:59 22-Sep-2021
JUDGE31 N6366SBeech Super King Air 35020:39 22-Sep-2021
N651AC N651ACVision SF5019:35 22-Sep-2021
SAME90 09-0635Beech Super King Air 35018:11 22-Sep-2021
N1903G N1903GChallenger 60417:22 22-Sep-2021
N716MD N716MDG28015:58 22-Sep-2021
N527PB N527PBPC-1204:53 22-Sep-2021
N276GR N276GRChallenger 601 3R02:23 22-Sep-2021
N87NG N87NGPC-1201:13 22-Sep-2021
N1919 N1919PC-1200:42 22-Sep-2021
DRL68 N608MBCessna 560XL Citation Excel22:55 21-Sep-2021
N75EG N75EGCessna 750 Citation X22:19 21-Sep-2021
N850PD N850PDTBM-85021:43 21-Sep-2021
N724RM N724RMCessna 680 Citation Sovereign21:07 21-Sep-2021
BOXED94 94-0133Beech 400 Beechjet14:39 21-Sep-2021
EJA598 N598QSCitation Latitude13:42 21-Sep-2021
OKC473 N473FLBeech 400 Beechjet02:55 21-Sep-2021
N46BE N46BECessna 525A Citation CJ200:41 21-Sep-2021
N500FR N500FRCessna 650 Citation 323:28 20-Sep-2021
SOONR61 09-0546Beech Super King Air 35021:41 20-Sep-2021
N89 N89Challenger 60522:43 19-Sep-2021
N186CW N186CWG20022:31 19-Sep-2021
ASH6138 N85340EMB-17503:58 19-Sep-2021
N711BH N711BHLearjet 4000:31 19-Sep-2021
N364CA N364CABeech Super King Air 35019:07 18-Sep-2021
N748RM N748RMFalcon 2000S04:53 18-Sep-2021
SKW3791 N838SKCRJ-90001:36 18-Sep-2021
FLC67 N67Beech 300 Super King Air18:20 17-Sep-2021
JUDGE31 09-0686Beech Super King Air 35017:25 17-Sep-2021
ASA9421 N588ASB737-80020:03 11-Sep-2021
DIXIE71 63-7984KC-135R/T 18:27 11-Sep-2021
FLC83 N83Beech 300 Super King Air17:42 10-Sep-2021
N345PH N345PHR6620:31 09-Sep-2021
ASA9414 N915AKB737 MAX 900:36 09-Sep-2021
IGLOO24 09-0639Beech Super King Air 35002:57 08-Sep-2021
N44SHCessna 680 Citation Sovereign19:55 03-Sep-2021
FLC11 N11Beech 90 King Air16:37 03-Sep-2021
ASA9421 N611ASB737-70020:00 31-Aug-2021
N720KC N720KCAS-350/55021:15 29-Aug-2021
CNV836 165836B737-70017:47 29-Aug-2021
SOONR61 09-0637Beech Super King Air 35019:21 27-Aug-2021
ASA9422 N615ASB737-70023:10 26-Aug-2021
HUSKR65 59-1463KC-135R/T 18:26 25-Aug-2021
N569T N569TAB-206 JetRanger11:23 23-Aug-2021
JAG11 N336MMBeech Super King Air 35022:19 21-Aug-2021
JAG33 09-0662Beech Super King Air 35023:37 17-Aug-2021
SLOW31 97-3016CT-156 Harvard 218:15 11-Aug-2021
N730KC N730KCAS-350/55019:21 25-Jul-2021
N79 N79Beech 300 Super King Air19:33 09-Jul-2021
N4447V N4447VR44 Raven II23:13 02-Jul-2021
FLC86 N86Challenger 601 3R22:59 01-Jul-2021
N371HS N371HSEC-120 Colibri03:13 15-Jun-2021
N280JD N280JDL-39 Albatros22:39 01-Apr-2021
N350KV N350KVBeech Super King Air 35021:32 22-Jan-2021
N206KQ N206KQKodiak 10017:12 07-Jan-2021
N162KQ N162KQKodiak 10022:08 03-Jan-2021

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