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Name: Metropolitan Oakland International Airport
City: Oakland
Country: United States
Elevation: 9 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
JSX171 N253JXEMB-13520:33 03-Aug-2020
SWA1551 N201LVB737-70020:30 03-Aug-2020
SWA1254 N750SAB737-70020:22 03-Aug-2020
N774GT N774GTFalcon 200020:18 03-Aug-2020
N358V N358VG650 ER20:15 03-Aug-2020
SWA2219 N459WNB737-70020:14 03-Aug-2020
SWA120 N940WNB737-70019:48 03-Aug-2020
SWA2017 N8552ZB737-80019:45 03-Aug-2020
PXT525 N525CRCessna 525B Citation CJ319:28 03-Aug-2020
XOJ765 N765XJCessna 750 Citation X19:18 03-Aug-2020
EJA670 N670QSCitation Latitude18:28 03-Aug-2020
N543PD N543PDCessna 525B Citation CJ317:59 03-Aug-2020
N819CW N819CWCessna 525B Citation CJ317:40 03-Aug-2020
N1220W N1220WCessna 525A Citation CJ215:49 03-Aug-2020
N600WG N600WGFalcon 5008:20 03-Aug-2020
REH3 N31RXEC-13505:09 03-Aug-2020
FDX944 N729FDA300B4-60003:59 03-Aug-2020
CMD8 N838CSEC-13503:16 03-Aug-2020
KAI99 N733KAB737-80002:55 03-Aug-2020
PXT725 N725SJCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:40 03-Aug-2020
N840CP N840CPBeech 1300 Commuter23:01 02-Aug-2020
FDX311 N859FDB777-200LR22:54 02-Aug-2020
N939KM N939KMG-1159A Gulfstream 318:40 02-Aug-2020
N75BS N75BSTBM 90017:14 02-Aug-2020
N131KRChallenger 35005:03 02-Aug-2020
FDX3707 N624FEMD-1100:53 02-Aug-2020
PXT920 N920JRCessna 525A Citation CJ222:29 01-Aug-2020
TWY711 N809SMG45020:24 01-Aug-2020
XOJ753 N753XJCessna 750 Citation X19:55 01-Aug-2020
N1895T N1895TG650 ER04:32 01-Aug-2020
N777ZL N777ZLFalcon 5004:08 01-Aug-2020
BXR8603 N9766BCessna 208 Caravan 101:14 01-Aug-2020
PCM7721 N908FECessna 208 Caravan 101:10 01-Aug-2020
N313DS N313DSBD-100 Challenger 30000:15 01-Aug-2020
N1876P N1876PG650 ER22:44 31-Jul-2020
KAI73 N415PPCessna 525B Citation CJ321:48 31-Jul-2020
N567RB N567RBCessna 525B Citation CJ320:14 31-Jul-2020
N475MJ N475MJPC-1217:21 31-Jul-2020
PCM8260 N726FXCessna 208 Caravan 117:13 31-Jul-2020
N445MD N445MDG-4 Gulfstream 402:12 31-Jul-2020
C6540 6540AS-365/36600:22 31-Jul-2020
N470B N470BBD-700 Global Express22:20 30-Jul-2020
N454AN N454ANLearjet 6018:10 30-Jul-2020
PCM7679 N984FECessna 208 Caravan 101:01 30-Jul-2020
N233HC N233HCAB-206 JetRanger21:11 29-Jul-2020
N42SL N42SLAB-206 JetRanger23:18 28-Jul-2020
GAJ903 N903UPCessna 750 Citation X19:28 28-Jul-2020
JSX331 N262JXEMB-13502:56 28-Jul-2020
N801BG N801BGChallenger 60502:51 28-Jul-2020
JSX204 N251JXEMB-13501:53 28-Jul-2020
N1SH N1SH390 Premier 118:12 26-Jul-2020
KAI91 N737KAB737-70009:05 26-Jul-2020
N901SS N901SSGulfstream G15000:57 24-Jul-2020
N850AH N850AHTBM-85020:34 19-Jul-2020
N1901G N1901GG650 ER21:33 18-Jul-2020
N695BA N695BABD-100 Challenger 30017:34 17-Jul-2020
N610JC N610JCCessna 550 Citation 201:42 12-Jul-2020
PXT843 N843CCChallenger 60421:42 11-Jul-2020
XSN61 N618JCPC-1217:13 11-Jul-2020
N273JE N273JEAS-350/55018:02 09-Jul-2020
N802CF N802CFBAe-125-70017:58 09-Jul-2020
N980SF N980SFFalcon 900EX EASy06:20 09-Jul-2020
TWY28 N248LXFalcon 900LX22:49 08-Jul-2020
N7QY N7QYAS-350/55019:46 08-Jul-2020
N450CR N450CRBeech Super King Air 35000:38 07-Jul-2020
N888ES N888ESG-4 Gulfstream 403:11 04-Jul-2020
TWY5 N138GLG55020:20 01-Jul-2020
N960SF N960SFFalcon 900EX02:25 29-Jun-2020
N199FG N199FGFalcon 5021:01 20-Jun-2020
N115SF N115SF40716:58 13-Jun-2020
N63PP N63PP40722:02 04-Jun-2020
KAI329 N732KAB737-50021:24 03-Jun-2020
KAI96 N58HABD-100 Challenger 30021:48 01-Jun-2020
16309 N911JMUH-1 Iroquois00:15 30-May-2020
N5092 N5092G55005:59 19-May-2020
N664QH N664QHR6620:47 08-May-2020
ASA532 N267AKB737-90018:18 08-Apr-2020
ASA532 N479ASB737-90018:11 05-Apr-2020
ASA532 N508ASB737-80018:12 04-Apr-2020
ASA640 N273AKB737-90004:35 04-Apr-2020
N330PD N330PD26920:27 29-Mar-2020

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