Metropolitan Oakland International Airport

Name: Metropolitan Oakland International Airport
City: Oakland
Country: United States
Elevation: 9 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
JSX170 N259JXEMB-13516:23 28-Jan-2022
VTE3201 N16502EMB-13516:04 28-Jan-2022
SWA1399 N422WNB737-70016:01 28-Jan-2022
TIV680 N680VMCessna 680 Citation Sovereign15:46 28-Jan-2022
UPS942 N373UPB767-30012:01 28-Jan-2022
PEG55 N55PJG-4 Gulfstream 407:32 28-Jan-2022
N58GX N58GXPC-1206:57 28-Jan-2022
HAL24 N216HAA321neo06:49 28-Jan-2022
FRG9508 N508FRSaab 200006:20 28-Jan-2022
HAL48 N214HAA321neo03:57 28-Jan-2022
XLJ411 N411AJLearjet 4003:53 28-Jan-2022
EJA141 N141QSGlobal 600003:38 28-Jan-2022
PXT920 N920JRCessna 525A Citation CJ203:19 28-Jan-2022
N610CX N610CXBD-700 Global Express03:13 28-Jan-2022
N745KD N745KDLearjet 4502:57 28-Jan-2022
N838GD N838GDCessna 525B Citation CJ302:11 28-Jan-2022
PCM7721 N886FECessna 208 Caravan 102:01 28-Jan-2022
EJA312 N312QSEMB-505 Phenom 30002:00 28-Jan-2022
VTM434 XA-USGMerlin 2301:45 28-Jan-2022
PXT903 N903JPCessna 510 Citation Mustang00:37 28-Jan-2022
N61AP N61APBeech 1300 Commuter00:16 28-Jan-2022
N175MG N175MGGulfstream G15023:39 27-Jan-2022
N7QY N7QYAS-350/55022:50 27-Jan-2022
N450CR N450CRBeech Super King Air 35022:19 27-Jan-2022
N31CG N31CGBeech 1300 Commuter21:39 27-Jan-2022
N56LN N56LNFalcon 5019:17 27-Jan-2022
N680RH N680RHCessna 680 Citation Sovereign06:05 27-Jan-2022
CJE324 N324WKG20001:57 27-Jan-2022
PXT525 N525CRCessna 525B Citation CJ300:49 27-Jan-2022
N214DV N214DVFalcon 50EX21:07 26-Jan-2022
LEX2397 N470BBD-700 Global Express20:50 26-Jan-2022
GAJ834 N834UPBeech Super King Air 35003:18 26-Jan-2022
KAI73 N415PPCessna 525B Citation CJ302:10 26-Jan-2022
N1VR N1VRChallenger 60402:42 25-Jan-2022
TWY4 N238MHG45002:11 24-Jan-2022
N991TW N991TWChallenger 60422:17 23-Jan-2022
N161AJ N161AJPC-1219:31 23-Jan-2022
TWY801 N559FFG650 ER10:47 23-Jan-2022
N208S N208SS-7621:58 22-Jan-2022
N122PR N122PRFalcon 200021:30 22-Jan-2022
N15VX N15VXFalcon 5020:35 22-Jan-2022
PXT504 N504FMCessna 525A Citation CJ206:23 22-Jan-2022
KAI42 N415LTG-4 Gulfstream 419:58 21-Jan-2022
TWY313 N313DSBD-100 Challenger 30006:19 21-Jan-2022
N475MJ N475MJPC-1220:47 20-Jan-2022
N445MD N445MDG-4 Gulfstream 404:00 20-Jan-2022
TWY83 N888QLChallenger 60401:00 20-Jan-2022
N821PD N821PDAS-350/55022:13 18-Jan-2022
TWY28 N248LXFalcon 900LX05:40 18-Jan-2022
PXT656 N656SMCessna 525B Citation CJ303:04 18-Jan-2022
N569EE N569EEEMB-505 Phenom 30002:10 18-Jan-2022
N505SG N505SGBeech Super King Air 35001:50 18-Jan-2022
N809BC N809BCG45001:48 18-Jan-2022
PXT641 N6414PCessna 525B Citation CJ301:46 18-Jan-2022
TWY774 N243VG45023:59 17-Jan-2022
N483C N483CVision SF50 G2+23:03 17-Jan-2022
GDG979 N9793KBAe-125-100002:46 15-Jan-2022
N878HL N878HLBD-700 Global 500001:03 14-Jan-2022
N708PD N708PDAS-350/55021:55 13-Jan-2022
N330PD N330PD26923:37 12-Jan-2022
N1888 N1888Cessna 510 Citation Mustang23:35 09-Jan-2022
GLH3 N1876PG650 ER22:00 09-Jan-2022
00000000 N222TSS-7621:42 09-Jan-2022
N988T N988TFalcon 90021:22 05-Jan-2022
N960SF N960SFFalcon 900EX21:10 04-Jan-2022
N234B N234BM-22 Voyager20:34 31-Dec-2021
TWY10 N552YMGlobal 600020:44 27-Dec-2021
N199FG N199FGFalcon 5000:11 27-Dec-2021
N129DG N129DGCessna 525B Citation CJ300:09 24-Dec-2021
GLH1 N1901GG650 ER20:04 21-Dec-2021
N901SS N901SSGulfstream G15019:16 18-Dec-2021
N115SF N115SF40719:04 17-Dec-2021
TWY812 N812GChallenger 60403:09 17-Dec-2021
N290SH N290SHR22 Beta II18:55 26-Nov-2021

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