Myrtle Beach International Airport

Name: Myrtle Beach International Airport
City: Myrtle Beach
Country: United States
Elevation: 25 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
AWI3856 N445AWCRJ-20003:45 24-Sep-2021
NKS3030 N645NKA320-20002:29 24-Sep-2021
DAL1248 N951ATB717-20002:13 24-Sep-2021
RPA4983 N133HQEMB-175 LR01:15 24-Sep-2021
SWA439 N273WNB737-70001:08 24-Sep-2021
NKS2802 N915NKA320neo00:01 24-Sep-2021
FOX836 163836Beech 1300 Commuter21:16 23-Sep-2021
N407AX N407AXKfir14:10 23-Sep-2021
N290PM N290PMBeech 190012:09 23-Sep-2021
NKS379 N604NKA320-20015:50 22-Sep-2021
N124KT N124KTBeech 1300 Commuter15:38 21-Sep-2021
N406AX N406AXKfir14:06 21-Sep-2021
N3486S N3486SBeech 1300 Commuter18:15 19-Sep-2021
N867PP N867PPPC-1216:38 17-Sep-2021
N1249P N1249PCessna 550 Citation 218:32 15-Sep-2021
N50LL N50LLR44 Raven II23:41 20-Aug-2021
N54EH N54EHR44 Raven II20:13 21-Jul-2021
N569PK N569PKR44 II20:13 21-Jul-2021
N424EP N424EPR44 Raven II19:50 17-Jul-2021
N N39KM40717:02 14-Jul-2021
N161WP N161WPR44 Raven15:29 12-Jul-2021
N197HL N197HLR44 Raven18:16 10-Jul-2021
N411VF N411VFR44 Raven16:11 09-Jul-2021
N436MR N436MRR44 Raven13:53 09-Jul-2021
N828RD N828RDR44 Raven13:52 09-Jul-2021
N144MN N144MNR44 Raven13:49 09-Jul-2021
N2263W N2263WR44 Raven13:46 09-Jul-2021
N224RH N224RHR44 Raven13:22 09-Jul-2021
N7507X N7507XR44 Raven13:21 09-Jul-2021
N413DB N413DBR44 Raven13:21 09-Jul-2021
N531BP N531BPR44 Raven12:47 09-Jul-2021
N144DM N144DMR44 Raven II20:34 07-Jul-2021
N7197V N7197VR44 Raven20:19 07-Jul-2021
N118YL N118YLR44 Raven II20:17 07-Jul-2021
N3055Y N3055YR44 Raven II20:14 07-Jul-2021

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