Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain Airport

Name: Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain Airport
City: Minneapolis
Country: United States
Elevation: 841 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
DAL1323 N302DNA321-20005:54 17-Jun-2021
SWA2432 N8655DB737-80005:32 17-Jun-2021
SWA4348 N958WNB737-70005:22 17-Jun-2021
N977KG N977KGFalcon 5005:03 17-Jun-2021
DAL2167 N199DNB767-30004:55 17-Jun-2021
AAL1186 N860NNB737-80004:41 17-Jun-2021
SWA47 N7829BB737-70004:38 17-Jun-2021
AAL2806 N972NNB737-80004:36 17-Jun-2021
SCX106 N825SYB737-80004:33 17-Jun-2021
SWA4383 N7832AB737-70004:27 17-Jun-2021
ENY3679 N284JNEMB-17504:25 17-Jun-2021
N1184U N1184ULegacy 65004:23 17-Jun-2021
SCX286 N836SYB737-80004:20 17-Jun-2021
ASA1012 N267AKB737-90004:08 17-Jun-2021
AAL2041 N916NNB737-80004:00 17-Jun-2021
SCX396 N822SYB737-80003:57 17-Jun-2021
SCX294 N830SYB737-80003:52 17-Jun-2021
SCX426 N837SYB737-80003:50 17-Jun-2021
SCX3032 N7933AB737-80003:26 17-Jun-2021
DAL2140 N585NWB757-30003:20 17-Jun-2021
AAL1560 N839AWA319-10003:07 17-Jun-2021
SCX342 N835SYB737-80003:04 17-Jun-2021
DAL2267 N121DUCSeries CS10002:52 17-Jun-2021
DAL1470 N924DZB737-90002:47 17-Jun-2021
SWA4354 N8525SB737-80002:37 17-Jun-2021
AAL1578 N849NNB737-80002:35 17-Jun-2021
DAL1423 N866DNB737-90002:32 17-Jun-2021
DAL811 N381DZA321-20002:21 17-Jun-2021
SKW4751 N120SYEMB-17502:19 17-Jun-2021
SCX656 N834SYB737-80002:08 17-Jun-2021
SCX3048 N8059AB737-80002:03 17-Jun-2021
DAL1084 N658DLB757-20001:52 17-Jun-2021
UAL637 N852UAA319-10001:51 17-Jun-2021
VIKNG62 92-3282C-130 Hercules01:49 17-Jun-2021
AAL2381 N830AWA319-10001:41 17-Jun-2021
DAL1343 N894DNB737-90001:31 17-Jun-2021
BMJ53 N172EEBeech 99 Airliner01:30 17-Jun-2021
EDV5124 N296PQCRJ-90001:29 17-Jun-2021
DAL1073 N304DNA321-20001:28 17-Jun-2021
DAL1416 N104DNA321-20001:26 17-Jun-2021
DAL2424 N369NWA320-20001:24 17-Jun-2021
DKT1024 N366AEMerlin 2301:22 17-Jun-2021
BMJ45 N619BAMerlin 2301:20 17-Jun-2021
EDV5164 N832AYCRJ-20001:20 17-Jun-2021
BMJ57 N175EEBeech 99 Airliner01:18 17-Jun-2021
RPA3538 N634RWEMB-17001:15 17-Jun-2021
MTN7553 N907FXATR-42-30001:07 17-Jun-2021
DAL2597 N357NBA319-10001:05 17-Jun-2021
DAL2066 N303DUCSeries CS30001:04 17-Jun-2021
DAL512 N391DNA321-20000:55 17-Jun-2021
BMJ76 N611BAMerlin 2300:48 17-Jun-2021
UAL1957 N69888B737-90000:46 17-Jun-2021
JTL61 N61GBBeech 400 Beechjet00:43 17-Jun-2021
UAL430 N817UAA319-10000:28 17-Jun-2021
DAL1042 N823DXB757-20000:22 17-Jun-2021
SCX8671 N832SYB737-80000:19 17-Jun-2021
DAL2057 N326NBA319-10000:16 17-Jun-2021
EDV5199 N655CACRJ-70000:14 17-Jun-2021
EDV5118 N8980ACRJ-20000:08 17-Jun-2021
DAL9962 N109DNA321-20023:50 16-Jun-2021
N963U N963UFalcon 900LX EASy23:48 16-Jun-2021
SCX8651 N823SYB737-80023:41 16-Jun-2021
DAL1488 N364NWA320-20023:35 16-Jun-2021
SCX8943 N829SYB737-80023:31 16-Jun-2021
DAL1449 N3765B737-80023:01 16-Jun-2021
SCX8934 N813SYB737-80022:58 16-Jun-2021
N74ZC N74ZCBD-100 Challenger 30022:43 16-Jun-2021
SCX8676 N828SYB737-80022:21 16-Jun-2021
SCX8688 N827SYB737-80022:16 16-Jun-2021
SCX8699 N838SYB737-80022:16 16-Jun-2021
EDV4641 N134EVCRJ-90022:06 16-Jun-2021
SCX8938 N831SYB737-80022:01 16-Jun-2021
N585PL N585PLG28021:56 16-Jun-2021
SCX574 N819SYB737-80021:55 16-Jun-2021
N424TJ N424TJHawker 900XP21:54 16-Jun-2021
N531FC N531FCCessna 680 Citation Sovereign21:51 16-Jun-2021
EDV5094 N8986BCRJ-20021:49 16-Jun-2021
N716MD N716MDG28021:46 16-Jun-2021
SCX8664 N826SYB737-80021:32 16-Jun-2021
DAL949 N6712BB757-20021:06 16-Jun-2021
FTH860 N860TXCessna 750 Citation X20:41 16-Jun-2021
N732AC N732ACEMB-505 Phenom 30020:18 16-Jun-2021
N560KC N560KCCessna 560XL Citation Excel20:06 16-Jun-2021
N42NM N42NMA-10920:05 16-Jun-2021
DAL1070 N106DNA321-20019:29 16-Jun-2021
DOW885 N885BBCessna 560XL Citation Excel18:38 16-Jun-2021
N209AM N209AMCessna 525A Citation CJ218:29 16-Jun-2021
SCX494 N713SYB737-70018:03 16-Jun-2021
DAL2608 N323NBA319-10017:05 16-Jun-2021
DAL161 N825NWA330-30017:01 16-Jun-2021
DAL797 N352NBA319-10016:30 16-Jun-2021
DAL2468 N345NWA320-20016:27 16-Jun-2021
SKW4206 N477CACRJ-20016:25 16-Jun-2021
DAL1256 N380DNA321-20015:59 16-Jun-2021
BMJ21 N70NPBeech 99 Airliner14:18 16-Jun-2021
N83M N83MG55013:49 16-Jun-2021
N770E N770EBAe-125-70013:31 16-Jun-2021
SCX426 N833SYB737-80003:56 16-Jun-2021
N118SP N118SP40702:56 16-Jun-2021
N93VP N93VPG-5 Gulfstream 500:13 16-Jun-2021
DAL1443 N306DUCSeries CS30023:12 15-Jun-2021
DOW896 N896BBBD-100 Challenger 30023:05 15-Jun-2021
N70MN N70MNBeech 1300 Commuter22:08 15-Jun-2021
N280LT N280LTG20021:25 15-Jun-2021
SCX398 N820SYB737-80010:29 15-Jun-2021
SCX3032 N5683AB737-80003:11 15-Jun-2021
SCX626 N808SYB737-80003:09 15-Jun-2021
SCX504 N814SYB737-80003:07 15-Jun-2021
DAL2267 N105DUCSeries CS10002:49 15-Jun-2021
DAL2625 N341NWA320-20023:55 14-Jun-2021
EDV5147 N924EVCRJ-20023:05 14-Jun-2021
N422CP N422CPChallenger 35021:02 14-Jun-2021
N600NX N600NXPraetor 60020:16 14-Jun-2021
N353LL N353LLA-119 Koala17:31 14-Jun-2021
DAL1333 N121DZA321-20012:45 14-Jun-2021
SCX504 N817SYB737-80003:44 14-Jun-2021
DAL2597 N333NBA319-10000:55 14-Jun-2021
DAL1727 N105DXA321-20019:28 13-Jun-2021
N547JR N547JRCessna 560XL Citation Excel01:05 13-Jun-2021
DAL811 N110DXA321-20002:26 12-Jun-2021
DAL9936 N402DXA330-900neo23:12 11-Jun-2021
N383T N383TG55019:50 11-Jun-2021
N241HB N241HBCabri G215:22 11-Jun-2021
N81NM N81NMA-10901:22 11-Jun-2021
N3221B N3221BFalcon 2000EX21:50 10-Jun-2021
N108ET N108ETBD-100 Challenger 30022:17 09-Jun-2021
N890LT N890LTFalcon 900EX21:04 09-Jun-2021
N560AW N560AWCessna 560XL Citation Excel01:24 09-Jun-2021
N921BG N921BGChallenger 60520:23 08-Jun-2021
EJM724 N724CPraetor 60016:33 08-Jun-2021
SWD6 N613CLCitation Latitude23:31 07-Jun-2021
EJM273 N9273Falcon 2000LX S19:49 06-Jun-2021
N401MW N401MWCessna 680 Citation Sovereign22:46 04-Jun-2021
VIKNG88 92-3288C-130 Hercules18:24 04-Jun-2021
N484EM N484EMG28022:45 03-Jun-2021
N345WT N345WTPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian03:45 03-Jun-2021
N120AJ N120AJEC-120 Colibri19:56 02-Jun-2021
DAL9936 N309DNA321-20001:14 02-Jun-2021
N449MT N449MTG650 ER23:19 01-Jun-2021
DAL1084 N357DNA321-20001:23 01-Jun-2021
555VR N555VRLearjet 4501:08 30-May-2021
N650PF N650PFCessna 650 Citation 319:46 29-May-2021
N800GH N800GHFalcon 200019:20 28-May-2021
N137M N137MAB-206 JetRanger22:33 26-May-2021
N8341C N8341CCessna 525 Citation CJ118:13 21-May-2021
N564CH N564CHCessna 560XL Citation Excel17:18 14-May-2021
N825DT N825DTBD-100 Challenger 30018:35 10-May-2021
N444TV N444TVAB-206 JetRanger20:28 07-May-2021
N441GT N441GTCessna 680 Citation Sovereign18:57 07-May-2021
N675MS N675MSCessna 208 Caravan 123:20 05-May-2021
N4170M N4170MR22 Beta II15:24 29-Apr-2021
N2060N N2060NAB-206 JetRanger12:32 22-Apr-2021
N5774W N5774WAS-350/55021:19 29-Mar-2021
N1868M N1868MBD-700 Global Express19:45 26-Mar-2021

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