Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain Airport

Name: Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain Airport
City: Minneapolis
Country: United States
Elevation: 841 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
DAL2876 N380DNA321-20002:56 28-Jan-2022
DAL2157 N543USB757-20002:54 28-Jan-2022
UAL1772 N845UAA319-10002:53 28-Jan-2022
DAL924 N312DNA321-20002:50 28-Jan-2022
EDV5161 N319PQCRJ-90002:48 28-Jan-2022
SKW3857 N498CACRJ-20002:45 28-Jan-2022
SCX3048 N8059AB737-80002:44 28-Jan-2022
DAL962 N899DNB737-90002:41 28-Jan-2022
SKW3524 N241SYEMB-17502:26 28-Jan-2022
UAL637 N429UAA320-20002:24 28-Jan-2022
UPS495 N473UPB757-20002:22 28-Jan-2022
DAL2183 N391DNA321-20002:20 28-Jan-2022
DAL519 N590NWB757-30002:18 28-Jan-2022
BMJ53 N175EEBeech 99 Airliner02:17 28-Jan-2022
DAL1657 N850DNB737-90002:16 28-Jan-2022
JZA7623 C-FEJFEMB-175 SU02:14 28-Jan-2022
DAL1282 N845DNB737-90002:14 28-Jan-2022
AAY438 N338NVA319-10002:12 28-Jan-2022
BMJ57 N619BAMerlin 2302:10 28-Jan-2022
BMJ45 N611BAMerlin 2302:09 28-Jan-2022
SKW3741 N281SYEMB-17502:08 28-Jan-2022
MTN7553 N914FXATR-42-30002:06 28-Jan-2022
SKW4071 N293SYEMB-17502:06 28-Jan-2022
SKW3985 N246SYEMB-17502:04 28-Jan-2022
BMJ1024 N227LCMerlin 2302:03 28-Jan-2022
SCX608 N824SYB737-80002:02 28-Jan-2022
BMJ51 N172EEBeech 99 Airliner02:01 28-Jan-2022
DAL2424 N371NWA320-20002:00 28-Jan-2022
DAL690 N908DNB737-90001:58 28-Jan-2022
DAL2625 N323NBA319-10001:58 28-Jan-2022
DAL1076 N398DNA321-20001:57 28-Jan-2022
EDV5366 N8837BCRJ-20001:56 28-Jan-2022
SKW3552 N187PQCRJ-90001:54 28-Jan-2022
SKW4496 N554CACRJ-90001:53 28-Jan-2022
DAL2262 N360NBA319-10001:53 28-Jan-2022
SKW3803 N548CACRJ-90001:50 28-Jan-2022
DAL1835 N898DNB737-90001:46 28-Jan-2022
DAL1459 N351NBA319-10001:43 28-Jan-2022
DAL2429 N358DNA321-20001:42 28-Jan-2022
SKW4273 N477CACRJ-20001:41 28-Jan-2022
DAL1888 N362DNA321-20001:40 28-Jan-2022
DAL2244 N390DNA321-20001:39 28-Jan-2022
SCX632 N814SYB737-80001:37 28-Jan-2022
DAL1893 N393DAB737-80001:34 28-Jan-2022
DAL2066 N802DNB737-90001:33 28-Jan-2022
DAL1213 N350DNA321-20001:32 28-Jan-2022
NKS612 N694NKA320-20001:31 28-Jan-2022
DAL2577 N325NBA319-10001:28 28-Jan-2022
DAL425 N886DNB737-90001:26 28-Jan-2022
DAL668 N334NWA320-20001:24 28-Jan-2022
N730JS N730JSCessna 525B Citation CJ301:23 28-Jan-2022
DAL2569 N349NBA319-10001:23 28-Jan-2022
00000000 N859UPBeech Super King Air 35001:21 28-Jan-2022
SKW4107 N256SYEMB-17501:16 28-Jan-2022
ASH6130 N86372EMB-17501:15 28-Jan-2022
EDV5524 N800AYCRJ-20001:05 28-Jan-2022
DAL1517 N376NWA320-20000:52 28-Jan-2022
FDX715 N129FEB767-30000:48 28-Jan-2022
N800GH N800GHFalcon 200000:47 28-Jan-2022
DAL1206 N589NWB757-30000:41 28-Jan-2022
SKW4278 N448SWCRJ-20000:36 28-Jan-2022
DAL605 N321NBA319-10000:34 28-Jan-2022
SKW4016 N270SYEMB-17500:33 28-Jan-2022
SKW4079 N922EVCRJ-20000:29 28-Jan-2022
DAL1056 N722TWB757-20000:26 28-Jan-2022
EDV5068 N8933BCRJ-20000:21 28-Jan-2022
SKW3523 N252SYEMB-17500:21 28-Jan-2022
DAL2205 N109DUCSeries CS10000:19 28-Jan-2022
JBU1235 N3058JCSeries CS30000:17 28-Jan-2022
DAL1393 N810NWA330-30000:12 28-Jan-2022
SKW4083 N827SKCRJ-90000:09 28-Jan-2022
UPS5524 N455UPB757-20023:54 27-Jan-2022
FDX798 N196FEB767-30023:51 27-Jan-2022
SCX540 N838SYB737-80023:48 27-Jan-2022
UAL793 N75433B737-90023:44 27-Jan-2022
N770RG N770RGBAe-125-100023:36 27-Jan-2022
SCX574 N820SYB737-80023:23 27-Jan-2022
N328PF N328PFCessna 560XL Citation Excel23:20 27-Jan-2022
DAL348 N676DLB757-20023:16 27-Jan-2022
SKW3705 N614CZEMB-175 LR23:13 27-Jan-2022
N74MA N74MATBM-85023:10 27-Jan-2022
SKW4039 N820SKCRJ-90023:01 27-Jan-2022
SCX8016 N828SYB737-80022:58 27-Jan-2022
UPS2560 N627UPB747-822:55 27-Jan-2022
SKW4481 N170PQCRJ-90022:44 27-Jan-2022
SCX428 N840SYB737-80022:41 27-Jan-2022
SCX604 N821SYB737-80022:29 27-Jan-2022
N77 N77Beech 300 Super King Air22:23 27-Jan-2022
SKW3995 N447SWCRJ-20022:18 27-Jan-2022
SCX314 N801SYB737-80021:33 27-Jan-2022
FSR45 N45HGLearjet 4520:51 27-Jan-2022
SCX992 N831SYB737-80020:40 27-Jan-2022
ASA1338 N838VAA320-20020:31 27-Jan-2022
SKW4040 N878ASCRJ-20020:12 27-Jan-2022
EDV4813 N368CACRJ-70019:47 27-Jan-2022
ATN3494 N569AZB767-30019:46 27-Jan-2022
N306CJ N306CJCessna 525A Citation CJ219:46 27-Jan-2022
DAL2943 N358NBA319-10018:33 27-Jan-2022
EAL9007 N604KWB767-20018:03 27-Jan-2022
DAL970 N857DZB737-90017:43 27-Jan-2022
BMJ80 N70NPBeech 99 Airliner17:35 27-Jan-2022
N844JS N844JSCessna 560XL Citation Excel15:53 27-Jan-2022
N383T N383TG55015:38 27-Jan-2022
SWQ585 N737KTB737-80014:49 27-Jan-2022
EDV4924 N8928ACRJ-20012:16 27-Jan-2022
FDX1156 N778FDB757-20011:58 27-Jan-2022
N132M N132MFalcon 2000LX S03:13 27-Jan-2022
SCX594 N827SYB737-80003:03 27-Jan-2022
N325JT N325JTPC-1201:23 27-Jan-2022
N244C N244CFalcon 2000LX S01:00 27-Jan-2022
KLM655 PH-BHOB787-9 Dreamliner00:55 27-Jan-2022
DAL2144 N1602B767-30000:16 27-Jan-2022
N716GC N716GCFalcon 2000LX23:55 26-Jan-2022
N895MM N895MMG-5 Gulfstream 523:51 26-Jan-2022
N683F N683FBAe-125-70022:39 26-Jan-2022
EDV4692 N691CACRJ-90022:38 26-Jan-2022
SCX342 N808SYB737-80021:40 26-Jan-2022
DAL823 N106DUCSeries CS10020:01 26-Jan-2022
N686BE N686BEG28019:41 26-Jan-2022
N93VP N93VPG-5 Gulfstream 516:45 26-Jan-2022
DAL510 N101DQA321-20006:01 26-Jan-2022
N963U N963UFalcon 900LX00:51 26-Jan-2022
NOAA67 N67RFBeech Super King Air 35000:05 26-Jan-2022
N90NM N90NMA-10918:53 25-Jan-2022
N71NM N71NMA-10918:43 25-Jan-2022
DAL959 N537USB757-20017:31 25-Jan-2022
SCX548 N809SYB737-80001:47 25-Jan-2022
N606AW N606AWCitation Latitude01:17 25-Jan-2022
SCX344 N830SYB737-80023:46 24-Jan-2022
SCX314 N822SYB737-80021:33 24-Jan-2022
N422CP N422CPChallenger 35020:57 24-Jan-2022
N138KV N138KVCessna 680 Citation Sovereign14:49 24-Jan-2022
DAL2144 N175DZB767-30004:28 24-Jan-2022
N560FS N560FSCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:37 24-Jan-2022
N899NC N899NCG55023:07 23-Jan-2022
N581SF N581SFGulfstream G15022:40 23-Jan-2022
SCX604 N816SYB737-80021:24 23-Jan-2022
N710RH N710RHG20021:07 23-Jan-2022
DAL9939 N950ATB717-20002:29 22-Jan-2022
N74ZC N74ZCBD-100 Challenger 30021:57 21-Jan-2022
DOW175 N175RSEMB-17021:00 21-Jan-2022
N484EM N484EMG28000:36 21-Jan-2022
N865WW N865WWBD-100 Challenger 30022:25 20-Jan-2022
DAL2878 N342NBA319-10020:37 20-Jan-2022
N354LL N354LLA-119 Koala00:59 20-Jan-2022
VIKNG83 92-3283C-130 Hercules22:22 19-Jan-2022
DAL9965 N836MHB767-40021:29 15-Jan-2022
N930GL N930GLG650 ER00:50 15-Jan-2022
DAL691 N105DUCSeries CS10003:33 07-Jan-2022
N560AW N560AWCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:38 07-Jan-2022
N280LT N280LTG20021:15 06-Jan-2022
N560TV N560TVCessna 560XL Citation Excel22:16 02-Jan-2022
N507BE N507BEBeech 1300 Commuter01:54 31-Dec-2021
DAL9969 N977ATB717-20021:31 29-Dec-2021
RCH331 92-3287C-130 Hercules23:06 22-Dec-2021
RCH2287 92-3288C-130 Hercules18:35 21-Dec-2021
EJM583 N583CGLegacy 50002:09 18-Dec-2021
DAL9960 N994ATB717-20019:51 17-Dec-2021
N3817H N3817HBeech 90 King Air00:50 13-Dec-2021
N91RW N91RWBeech 300 Super King Air20:09 12-Dec-2021
TORCH69 96-1008C-130 Hercules16:11 22-Nov-2021
N839RM N839RMR4412:56 17-Oct-2021
N909GF N909GF40719:46 05-Oct-2021
N555SJ N555SJAB-206 JetRanger01:49 10-Jul-2021
N120AJ N120AJEC-120 Colibri19:56 02-Jun-2021
N444TV N444TVAB-206 JetRanger20:28 07-May-2021
N4170M N4170MR22 Beta II15:24 29-Apr-2021
N2060N N2060NAB-206 JetRanger12:32 22-Apr-2021

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