Dane County Regional Truax Field

Name: Dane County Regional Truax Field
City: Madison
Country: United States
Elevation: 887 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RPA3308 N731YXEMB-17501:44 17-May-2022
FDX1329 N730FDA300B4-60001:37 17-May-2022
UAL1967 N24212B737-80001:35 17-May-2022
AAL834 N802AWA319-10001:29 17-May-2022
IRO7559 N727FXCessna 208 Caravan 101:07 17-May-2022
N475DH N475DHCessna 525A Citation CJ223:41 16-May-2022
EDV5056 N931XJCRJ-90022:50 16-May-2022
N416CM N416CMCessna 510 Citation Mustang20:43 16-May-2022
STV4 N711SELearjet 6019:36 16-May-2022
N912DP N912DPCessna 560 Citation 514:46 16-May-2022
N389W N389WPC-1200:27 16-May-2022
08-20120AH-60 Black Hawk19:53 14-May-2022
FDX1577 N943FDB757-20010:56 14-May-2022
FTH975 N975TXCessna 750 Citation X20:13 13-May-2022
N145BU N145BUBK-117C-218:41 13-May-2022
JTL104 N104SGG20021:07 12-May-2022
N204W N204WBeech Super King Air 35020:28 12-May-2022
08-20115AH-60 Black Hawk18:49 12-May-2022
N804CV N804CVCessna 560 Citation 517:16 12-May-2022
N942JS N942JSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign15:41 12-May-2022
N2725N N2725NCessna 441 Conquest 221:52 11-May-2022
N576SC N576SCCessna 525A Citation CJ221:48 11-May-2022
N601TP N601TPChallenger 601 3R19:07 11-May-2022
N978PC N978PCEMB-505 Phenom 30023:36 10-May-2022
N395W N395WPC-1222:30 10-May-2022
N81GK N81GKG45019:50 10-May-2022
N877CR N877CREC-13502:33 08-May-2022
N318RW N318RWCessna 560 Citation 522:52 07-May-2022
N510GL N510GLFalcon 900EX EASy20:40 06-May-2022
N535DL N535DLCessna 525B Citation CJ318:38 05-May-2022
08-20111AH-60 Black Hawk20:25 03-May-2022
N505TV N505TVAB-206 JetRanger15:08 25-Apr-2022
N200LF N200LFCessna 208 Caravan 121:32 05-Apr-2022
N315HC N315HCCessna 525 Citation CJ120:32 31-Mar-2022
N906GL N906GLBK-117C-204:56 22-Mar-2022
N82LF N82LFAS-355/55517:43 16-Mar-2022
00 08-20116AH-60 Black Hawk19:04 05-Mar-2022
FRG1599 N399CZBeech 99 Airliner00:43 03-Jan-2022
N480MM N480MM48014:28 17-Aug-2021

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