Modesto City Co-Harry Sham Field

Name: Modesto City Co-Harry Sham Field
City: Modesto
Country: United States
Elevation: 97 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N55GX N55GXPC-1221:08 16-Sep-2021
N393P N393PAS-350/55019:36 16-Sep-2021
N354P N354PAS-350/55017:07 16-Sep-2021
REH002 N412RXEC-13016:45 16-Sep-2021
N57112 N57112690 Jetprop Commander 84017:35 15-Sep-2021
N511PS N511PSBeech Super King Air 35000:10 15-Sep-2021
N541SC N541SCBeech 300 Super King Air19:04 14-Sep-2021
N751TR N751TRMerlin 2318:58 14-Sep-2021
N628SR N628SRPC-1218:10 14-Sep-2021
N846PW N846PWPC-1216:31 14-Sep-2021
N583TL N583TLCessna 560 Citation 507:57 14-Sep-2021
N125DJ N125DJBeech 400 Beechjet03:57 14-Sep-2021
N871DG N871DGPC-1221:56 13-Sep-2021
N506MV N506MVBeech Super King Air 35006:12 13-Sep-2021
N749P N749PCessna 750 Citation X20:27 11-Sep-2021
N901PS N901PSBeech 90 King Air03:25 10-Sep-2021
N78VH N78VHPC-2423:04 07-Sep-2021
N530KA N530KACessna 680 Citation Sovereign21:31 07-Sep-2021
N922ST N922ST429 GlobalRanger14:44 04-Sep-2021
N3066W N3066WBeech 90 King Air21:53 03-Sep-2021
N511DD N511DDChallenger 601 3R22:44 12-Aug-2021
N206LW N206LWAB-206 JetRanger20:26 10-Aug-2021
N277GE N277GEBeech 1300 Commuter23:29 05-Aug-2021
N200HR N200HRAB-206 JetRanger23:45 03-Aug-2021
N79ZA N79ZA40700:58 25-Jun-2021
N500WL N500WLCavalon17:48 06-May-2021
N206BG N206BGAB-206 JetRanger21:10 09-Apr-2021

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