Rogue Valley International Medford Airport

Name: Rogue Valley International Medford Airport
City: Medford
Country: United States
Elevation: 1335 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N149MF N149MFBeech 90 King Air01:35 19-Sep-2021
N616PR N616PRCessna 525 Citation CJ100:11 19-Sep-2021
N6924G N6924GTBM 94023:38 18-Sep-2021
AMF1994 N31703Beech 190016:35 18-Sep-2021
N625CK N625CKHSS-202:18 18-Sep-2021
N102DR N102DRCessna 551 Citation 2SP02:03 18-Sep-2021
N586DV N586DV690 Jetprop Commander 84000:01 18-Sep-2021
N464RT N464RTPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian01:56 17-Sep-2021
N31MH N31MHAS-350/55021:10 16-Sep-2021
N352HD N352HDAS-350/55018:41 15-Sep-2021
N851AL N851ALAS-350/55019:50 14-Sep-2021
TNKR101 N291EAMD-8702:06 14-Sep-2021
N77RZ N77RZCessna 208 Caravan 123:07 13-Sep-2021
N119MF N119MF40720:27 13-Sep-2021
N217SA N217SACessna 550 Citation 218:53 13-Sep-2021
N1TS N1TSB737-70022:42 12-Sep-2021
N904AF N904AFMD-902 Explorer22:33 10-Sep-2021
N769KB N769KBAH-6J18:36 10-Sep-2021
N160BR N160BRCessna 525B Citation CJ304:40 10-Sep-2021
T103 N293EAMD-8701:56 09-Sep-2021
N716CC N716CCCessna 441 Conquest 222:33 08-Sep-2021
N501CD N501CDCessna 501 Citation 1SP05:15 08-Sep-2021
N510JC N510JCCessna 550 Citation 219:21 07-Sep-2021
N501KV N501KVChallenger 601 3R00:51 07-Sep-2021
N58468 N58468UH-1 Iroquois02:14 31-Aug-2021
N626CK N626CKHSS-220:35 23-Aug-2021
N505RJ N505RJCessna 501 Citation 1SP21:42 20-Aug-2021
N843AK N843AKR44 Raven22:09 09-Aug-2021
N421KY N421KY36922:32 05-Aug-2021
N656PS N656PSCessna 550 Citation 219:32 16-Jul-2021
N261AS N261ASR6618:52 16-Jul-2021
N669KB N669KBUH-1 Iroquois17:50 30-May-2021
N5000G N5000GAB-206 JetRanger12:41 25-May-2021
N41GA N41GACessna 550 Citation 217:08 02-May-2021

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