Chicago Midway International Airport

Name: Chicago Midway International Airport
City: Chicago
Country: United States
Elevation: 620 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SWA1925 N8687AB737-80016:54 22-May-2022
SWA1703 N8552ZB737-80016:52 22-May-2022
N764JS N764JSCessna 560 Citation 516:50 22-May-2022
SWA1791 N8548PB737-80016:36 22-May-2022
SWA1305 N8305EB737-80016:33 22-May-2022
N735XL N735XLCessna 560XL Citation Excel16:32 22-May-2022
SWA2551 N468WNB737-70016:29 22-May-2022
N781MM N781MMLegacy 50016:20 22-May-2022
LXJ418 N418FXPraetor 50016:16 22-May-2022
N259PC N259PCPC-1216:13 22-May-2022
SWA1672 N500WRB737-80016:09 22-May-2022
SWA2687 N488WNB737-70016:06 22-May-2022
DAL1360 N372NWA320-20016:04 22-May-2022
SWA1635 N8317MB737-80015:59 22-May-2022
SWA1866 N8802QB737 MAX 815:58 22-May-2022
SWA2464 N8323CB737-80015:55 22-May-2022
VOI940 XA-VLMA320-20015:54 22-May-2022
EJA158 N158QSGlobal 650015:52 22-May-2022
N285FAG28015:45 22-May-2022
NTW479 N479MAEMB-505 Phenom 30015:43 22-May-2022
SWA781 N8660AB737-80015:35 22-May-2022
SWA2662 N8616CB737-80015:34 22-May-2022
XSR718 N718ASChallenger 35015:28 22-May-2022
N513VV N513VVCessna 560XL Citation Excel15:11 22-May-2022
N1875A N1875AG650 ER14:52 22-May-2022
SWA922 N268WNB737-70014:43 22-May-2022
N333AJ N333AJPC-1214:39 22-May-2022
N469RS N469RSCessna 560XL Citation Excel13:35 22-May-2022
SWA1063 N8672FB737-80010:44 22-May-2022
N583GD N583GDGVII-G50006:48 22-May-2022
REY13 163559Beech 1300 Commuter03:43 22-May-2022
SWA17 N8627BB737-80000:51 22-May-2022
N5A N5AEMB-505 Phenom 30022:58 21-May-2022
N627LG N627LGFalcon 200021:16 21-May-2022
SJJ945 N945TMG55021:04 21-May-2022
N816FG N816FGLearjet 7520:06 21-May-2022
XAVFV XA-VFVPraetor 50018:12 21-May-2022
N560CX N560CXCessna 560 Citation 518:07 21-May-2022
EJM701 N701CRG28017:30 21-May-2022
LXJ592 N592FXChallenger 35017:25 21-May-2022
NUS39 N39TTGulfstream G10016:50 21-May-2022
ERY707 N707BMBAe-125-70016:05 21-May-2022
N700SW N700SWFalcon 900EX EASy15:55 21-May-2022
N962GA N962GAGVII-G60015:52 21-May-2022
N201MC N201MCCessna 525B Citation CJ314:46 21-May-2022
N375EF N375EFCessna 560XL Citation Excel14:03 21-May-2022
SKW3703 N625CACRJ-70002:34 21-May-2022
N650AS N650ASCessna 650 Citation 302:10 21-May-2022
EJA683 N683QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel02:02 21-May-2022
N729HZ N729HZChallenger 60523:10 20-May-2022
GTW651 N651DHGulfstream G15022:47 20-May-2022
EJA376 N376QSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign22:23 20-May-2022
N117HD N117HDAS-350/55022:19 20-May-2022
EJM972 N972SCChallenger 35022:13 20-May-2022
DAL8840 N651DLB757-20022:03 20-May-2022
FFL683 N510HSCessna 510 Citation Mustang21:50 20-May-2022
EJM78 N778CRG45021:33 20-May-2022
VTSDK VT-SDKBD-700 Global Express21:29 20-May-2022
N1967M N1967MG55020:43 20-May-2022
N695BA N695BABD-100 Challenger 30019:54 20-May-2022
N510NH N510NHCitation CJ419:37 20-May-2022
NOJ60 C-GRMZChallenger 60519:08 20-May-2022
N621LC N621LCVision SF50 G218:06 20-May-2022
N111LJ N111LJCessna 550 Citation 217:39 20-May-2022
EJM206 N206NTCessna 680 Citation Sovereign17:34 20-May-2022
YEL6 N306AZEMB-505 Phenom 30016:58 20-May-2022
TKK800 N588SGLearjet 7516:04 20-May-2022
N888US N888US36915:50 20-May-2022
EJM25 N725NBD-100 Challenger 30015:25 20-May-2022
N280RH N280RHG28014:17 20-May-2022
N7PW N7PWBD-100 Challenger 30002:16 20-May-2022
N35DB N35DBR6600:27 20-May-2022
EJM141 N3LAG55023:40 19-May-2022
TWY23 N1428NG-4 Gulfstream 421:14 19-May-2022
EJM80 N780CRG55020:22 19-May-2022
N70LF N70LFFalcon 900EX19:55 19-May-2022
N480EC N480ECFalcon 2000LX S13:41 19-May-2022
LXJ377 N377FXEMB-505 Phenom 30000:30 19-May-2022
GTW650 N650DHGulfstream G15000:04 19-May-2022
N1955M N1955MGlobal 600022:38 18-May-2022
EJA525 N525QSCitation Latitude20:26 18-May-2022
N450NP N450NPG45017:05 18-May-2022
1234 N203ZAS-350/55004:02 18-May-2022
EJM220 N206FPBD-100 Challenger 30022:58 17-May-2022
N911BH N911BHBK-117C-201:38 17-May-2022
N888TV N888TVAS-350/55022:47 16-May-2022
N46WC N46WC4000 Hawker Horizon20:53 16-May-2022
N27M N27MAB-206 JetRanger16:23 16-May-2022
SWA2539 N8617EB737-80001:31 16-May-2022
N421AL N421ALBD-700 Global Express22:38 15-May-2022
N4452 N4452AB-206 JetRanger18:36 14-May-2022
N724GP N724GPBAe-125-70012:24 10-May-2022
N721ES N721ESCessna 525A Citation CJ200:48 10-May-2022
N337HG N337HG505 Jet Ranger X15:25 09-May-2022
N587MH N587MHBK-117C-207:57 05-May-2022
N929WC N929WCG20022:34 03-May-2022
N554F N554F36919:11 01-May-2022
N928SZ N928SZGlobal 600022:05 24-Apr-2022
12345 N893NAS-350/55001:15 22-Apr-2022
N235DH N235DHEC-13523:01 21-Apr-2022
N129TV N129TVAS-350/55021:04 18-Apr-2022
N316VB N316VBG-4 Gulfstream 421:38 13-Apr-2022
N252SA N252SAEC-13522:28 10-Apr-2022
N365UC N365UCBK-117C-223:32 20-Mar-2022
N911UU N911UUAB-206 JetRanger23:22 09-Mar-2022
N681FD N681FD41217:12 08-Mar-2022
N863LH N863LHEC-13009:25 05-Mar-2022
N86238 N86238280 Shark20:40 03-Mar-2022
N911LG N911LG40702:16 18-Jan-2022
N4125T N4125TR44 Raven II01:30 09-Oct-2021
N929WB N929WBAS-350/55019:24 15-Jul-2021
N5QY N5QYAB-206 JetRanger22:17 15-Apr-2021
N911YY N911YYAB-206 JetRanger16:23 19-Jan-2021

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