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Name: Chicago Midway International Airport
City: Chicago
Country: United States
Elevation: 620 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SWA2412 N8540VB737-80018:31 18-Jan-2021
SVL27 N290CJCessna 525B Citation CJ318:29 18-Jan-2021
SWA1941 N279WNB737-70018:27 18-Jan-2021
SWA4248 N421LVB737-70018:19 18-Jan-2021
N716FG N716FGLearjet 7518:16 18-Jan-2021
SWA4917 N8616CB737-80018:13 18-Jan-2021
SWA3262 N8667DB737-80018:12 18-Jan-2021
SWA4196 N7867AB737-70018:10 18-Jan-2021
SWA776 N8509UB737-80018:09 18-Jan-2021
SWA1065 N441WNB737-70018:07 18-Jan-2021
SWA4291 N8693AB737-80018:06 18-Jan-2021
SWA474 N296WNB737-70018:04 18-Jan-2021
SWA4408 N942WNB737-70017:58 18-Jan-2021
SWA2180 N428WNB737-70017:55 18-Jan-2021
SWA3749 N297WNB737-70017:54 18-Jan-2021
SWA3357 N562WNB737-70017:44 18-Jan-2021
SWA2979 N420WNB737-70017:37 18-Jan-2021
SWA1932 N8572XB737-80017:28 18-Jan-2021
EJA602 N602QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel16:46 18-Jan-2021
EJA576 N576QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel15:22 18-Jan-2021
N929AW N929AWG20014:54 18-Jan-2021
N650NB N650NBG65002:27 18-Jan-2021
SWA2273 N8625AB737-80002:21 18-Jan-2021
SWA2931 N792SWB737-70000:56 18-Jan-2021
EJM78 N778CRG45000:24 18-Jan-2021
N421SZ N421SZGlobal 600000:12 18-Jan-2021
EJM205 N205FPBD-100 Challenger 30000:07 18-Jan-2021
SWA4868 N293WNB737-70022:24 17-Jan-2021
EJM701 N701CRG28022:01 17-Jan-2021
N982MM N982MMG20021:40 17-Jan-2021
N448QS N448QSG45019:57 17-Jan-2021
EJA619 N619QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel19:23 17-Jan-2021
SWA4615 N8659DB737-80018:17 17-Jan-2021
SWQ9859 N314XAB737-40007:59 17-Jan-2021
N782BJ N782BJBD-100 Challenger 30022:37 16-Jan-2021
EJM141 N3LAG55021:59 16-Jan-2021
EJA611 N611QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel19:34 16-Jan-2021
N481EC N481ECFalcon 2000LX S00:58 16-Jan-2021
JAS99 N900NBFalcon 7X20:33 15-Jan-2021
LXJ300 N1897ABD-100 Challenger 30001:29 14-Jan-2021
N46WC N46WC4000 Hawker Horizon19:46 13-Jan-2021
N129NH N129NHS-58T16:59 12-Jan-2021
N117TV N117TVAS-350/55012:29 12-Jan-2021
N918JM N918JMFalcon 900EX EASy00:40 11-Jan-2021
EJM300 N300NCBD-100 Challenger 30000:12 11-Jan-2021
N211RG N211RGChallenger 601 3A23:46 09-Jan-2021
N929WC N929WCG20021:42 09-Jan-2021
N316VB N316VBG-4 Gulfstream 415:04 09-Jan-2021
N729HZ N729HZChallenger 60519:35 08-Jan-2021
N1955M N1955MGlobal 600023:08 06-Jan-2021
N365UC N365UCBK-117C-217:32 06-Jan-2021
TWY4 N238MHG45019:23 05-Jan-2021
N788AM N788AM22201:56 01-Jan-2021
N888US N888US36921:21 31-Dec-2020
EJM268 N270GPBD-100 Challenger 30023:18 30-Dec-2020
N911UU N911UUAB-206 JetRanger22:24 30-Dec-2020
N252SA N252SAEC-13521:03 30-Dec-2020
N534LN N534LNEC-13518:14 29-Dec-2020
N888TV N888TVAS-350/55013:04 29-Dec-2020

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