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Name: Orlando International Airport
City: Orlando
Country: United States
Elevation: 96 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
MJS1132 N191GHBAe-125-70020:31 18-Jan-2021
SWA2892 N8565ZB737-80020:30 18-Jan-2021
SIL61 N702SVATR-72-60020:28 18-Jan-2021
NKS551 N653NKA320-20020:26 18-Jan-2021
SWA2438 N961WNB737-70020:23 18-Jan-2021
FFT1165 N360FRA320neo20:22 18-Jan-2021
SWA2580 N231WNB737-70020:20 18-Jan-2021
NKS2433 N687NKA321-20020:15 18-Jan-2021
DAL1546 N557NWB757-20020:13 18-Jan-2021
DAL542 N586NWB757-30020:11 18-Jan-2021
JBU0969 N317JBEMB-19020:10 18-Jan-2021
ASA782 N558ASB737-80020:04 18-Jan-2021
EJA372 N372QSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign20:00 18-Jan-2021
JBU1696 N612JBA320-20019:57 18-Jan-2021
UAL1256 N37437B737-90019:57 18-Jan-2021
SWA5067 N203WNB737-70019:53 18-Jan-2021
DAL1088 N585NWB757-30019:50 18-Jan-2021
AAL1535 N882NNB737-80019:46 18-Jan-2021
FFT107 N709FRA321-20019:42 18-Jan-2021
JBU451 N966JTA321-20019:41 18-Jan-2021
SIL90 N703SVATR-72-60019:39 18-Jan-2021
NKS893 N681NKA321-20019:38 18-Jan-2021
AAL1617 N856NNB737-80019:36 18-Jan-2021
JBU114 N661JBA320-20019:34 18-Jan-2021
UAL1836 N14242B737-80019:31 18-Jan-2021
AAL2717 N578UWA321-20019:23 18-Jan-2021
FFT1127 N318FRA320neo19:21 18-Jan-2021
AAL1585 N556UWA321-20019:20 18-Jan-2021
DAL2157 N174DZB767-30019:17 18-Jan-2021
N7773J N7773JCessna 525B Citation CJ319:15 18-Jan-2021
SWA4003 N781WNB737-70019:15 18-Jan-2021
FFT1039 N328FRA320neo19:15 18-Jan-2021
DAL1600 N590NWB757-30019:08 18-Jan-2021
DAL1752 N309USA320-20019:03 18-Jan-2021
SWA3091 N8684FB737-80019:01 18-Jan-2021
NKS1081 N638NKA320-20019:00 18-Jan-2021
JBU927 N649JBA320-20018:57 18-Jan-2021
SWA8502 N7736AB737-70018:55 18-Jan-2021
SWA1938 N900WNB737-70018:51 18-Jan-2021
CMP478 HP-1831CMPB737-80018:44 18-Jan-2021
DAL1232 N347NWA320-20018:39 18-Jan-2021
NKS1470 N628NKA320-20018:24 18-Jan-2021
FFT1246 N301FRA320neo18:11 18-Jan-2021
N502TN N502TNCessna 525 Citation CJ117:32 18-Jan-2021
JBU299 N796JBA320-20016:53 18-Jan-2021
N3434M N3434MChallenger 35016:03 18-Jan-2021
JBU51 N507JTA320-20016:02 18-Jan-2021
JBU2327 N556JBA320-20015:36 18-Jan-2021
NKS227 N636NKA320-20012:46 18-Jan-2021
N5I50V N5150VCessna 560XL Citation Excel12:32 18-Jan-2021
JBU802 N804JBA320-20010:18 18-Jan-2021
SWA2522 N8687AB737-80002:17 18-Jan-2021
UAL2496 N37427B737-90000:58 18-Jan-2021
UAL311 N68891B737-90022:55 17-Jan-2021
HK5120 HK-5120Citation CJ418:03 17-Jan-2021
N350AT N350ATChallenger 35016:00 17-Jan-2021
NCR366 N819CAA330-20001:38 17-Jan-2021
FFT9005 N349FRA320neo00:46 17-Jan-2021
HI1055 HI1055G-4 Gulfstream 400:03 17-Jan-2021
XADRG XA-DRGCitation CJ421:22 16-Jan-2021
FFT1065 N354FRA320neo21:17 16-Jan-2021
N58JV N58JVCessna 525B Citation CJ320:25 16-Jan-2021
N40LG N40LGChallenger 35019:30 16-Jan-2021
N750JR N750JRCessna 750 Citation X18:17 16-Jan-2021
N876BB N876BBCitation Bravo17:50 16-Jan-2021
N84CF N84CFPA-31T1-500 Cheyenne 102:19 16-Jan-2021
JBU495 N279JBEMB-19001:29 16-Jan-2021
UPS5512 N144UPA300B4-60000:30 16-Jan-2021
N551WM N551WMCessna 525A Citation CJ222:27 15-Jan-2021
N246JR N246JRCessna 750 Citation X22:10 15-Jan-2021
N137JQ N137JQCitation CJ421:39 15-Jan-2021
N520GP N520GPG-4 Gulfstream 421:14 15-Jan-2021
GQFH N90LEChallenger 35015:38 15-Jan-2021
FFT9010 N717FRA321-20000:51 15-Jan-2021
NKS1042 N672NKA321-20023:03 14-Jan-2021
N220AK N220AKCessna 525B Citation CJ322:45 14-Jan-2021
EJA574 N574QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel20:30 14-Jan-2021
N530AG N530AGCessna 525B Citation CJ320:28 14-Jan-2021
N883JA N883JACessna 680 Citation Sovereign14:58 14-Jan-2021
CCARU CC-ARUCessna 750 Citation X04:26 14-Jan-2021
N560BM N560BMCessna 560 Citation 502:22 14-Jan-2021
N69ME N69MECitation CJ401:31 14-Jan-2021
JBU6420 N524JBA320-20022:21 13-Jan-2021
N725HS N725HSCessna 525B Citation CJ321:37 13-Jan-2021
N6BB N6BBCessna 525B Citation CJ321:08 13-Jan-2021
N896CG N896CGCitation Bravo17:03 13-Jan-2021
N221WR N221WRLearjet 4523:47 12-Jan-2021
N67CL N67CLAB-206 JetRanger21:51 12-Jan-2021
N7YJ N7YJAB-206 JetRanger21:13 12-Jan-2021
N365EG N365EGCessna 560XL Citation Excel03:52 11-Jan-2021
SIL55 N400SVATR 42 60022:53 10-Jan-2021
JBU299 N584JBA320-20016:57 10-Jan-2021
N130PFEC-13020:41 08-Jan-2021
N868JS N868JSCessna 560XL Citation Excel22:24 06-Jan-2021
JBU6108 N535JBA320-20022:19 06-Jan-2021
JBU114 N537JTA320-20019:05 06-Jan-2021
JBU6151 N923JBA321-20017:51 06-Jan-2021
JBU6137 N599JBA320-20017:47 06-Jan-2021
JBU6104 N942JBA321-20015:36 06-Jan-2021
N444DN N444DNCitation Latitude13:59 06-Jan-2021
JBU327 N905JBA321-20013:08 06-Jan-2021
N986LF N986LFEC-13504:24 06-Jan-2021
N28GP N28GPCitation Latitude23:23 05-Jan-2021
N787JJ N787JJCitation CJ417:03 05-Jan-2021
N135AN N135ANEC-13513:05 05-Jan-2021
N407KB N407KB40702:45 05-Jan-2021
JBU2416 N597JBA320-20002:22 05-Jan-2021
N356DC N356DCCessna 525B Citation CJ319:12 04-Jan-2021
N101UD N101UDBD-700 Global 500017:42 04-Jan-2021
N145FH N145FHBK-117C-203:12 02-Jan-2021
N7119U N7119UR44 Raven11:44 31-Dec-2020
N360DA N360DAPC-1200:20 31-Dec-2020
N93D N93DBeech 100 King Air21:35 30-Dec-2020
N357CC N357CCBeech 90 King Air19:46 30-Dec-2020
N255LCR44 I17:32 30-Dec-2020
N219BH N219BH40700:57 30-Dec-2020
N26SM N26SMFalcon 900LX00:45 30-Dec-2020
N246LCR4419:31 29-Dec-2020
N344LC N344LCR44 II18:51 29-Dec-2020

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