Kansas City International Airport

Name: Kansas City International Airport
City: Kansas City
Country: United States
Elevation: 1026 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
DAL799 N399DAB737-80005:33 27-Sep-2021
SKW4454 N300SYEMB-17505:12 27-Sep-2021
SWA648 N8685BB737-80005:05 27-Sep-2021
ASA434 N263AKB737-90004:58 27-Sep-2021
SWA632 N413WNB737-70004:54 27-Sep-2021
DAL1218 N105DUCSeries CS10004:32 27-Sep-2021
EMD4 N495YBeech 90 King Air04:25 27-Sep-2021
SWA1104 N902WNB737-70003:57 27-Sep-2021
SWA883 N8520QB737-80003:53 27-Sep-2021
SWA1562 N8694EB737-80003:45 27-Sep-2021
AAL2267 N818NNB737-80003:37 27-Sep-2021
AAL623 N667AWA320-20003:27 27-Sep-2021
N421YXEMB-17503:13 27-Sep-2021
SCX3056 N7933AB737-80003:07 27-Sep-2021
DAL2475 N928ATB717-20002:52 27-Sep-2021
UAL1063 N36447B737-90002:33 27-Sep-2021
RRPA5638 N878RWEMB-17001:30 27-Sep-2021
FDX384 N105FEB767-30000:23 27-Sep-2021
N213BK N213BKBeech 400 Beechjet14:50 26-Sep-2021
XSR368 N368ASEMB-505 Phenom 30020:46 25-Sep-2021
SCX9025 N825SYB737-80012:56 25-Sep-2021
UPS662 N352UPB767-30010:12 25-Sep-2021
N95NB N95NBCessna 560XL Citation Excel20:06 24-Sep-2021
FDX1180 N778FDB757-20010:18 24-Sep-2021
N96NB N96NBCessna 560XL Citation Excel23:18 21-Sep-2021
DAL799 N3735DB737-80005:09 21-Sep-2021
N411TF N411TF4000 Hawker Horizon21:14 19-Sep-2021
N844SB N844SBR44 II01:01 18-Sep-2021
JESSE94 90-1794C-130 Hercules18:53 11-Sep-2021
N92MZ N92MZPC-1213:35 22-Jul-2021
N52282 N52282B75 Kaydet23:45 06-Jul-2021
00000000 N805KWB777-30022:07 03-Jun-2021
ROU2361 C-GHLVB767-30014:03 01-Jun-2021
OEILV OE-ILVA320-20019:52 26-May-2021
00000000 N771KWB777-20016:32 11-May-2021
N2164E N2164EA320-20017:20 08-May-2021
AJI9830 N465TWB737-20018:57 07-May-2021
PKCLT PK-CLTB737-80002:27 30-Apr-2021
AJI9818 N467TWB737-20021:58 19-Apr-2021
N81EX N81EXEMB-14515:29 01-Apr-2021
ICE6841 TF-FIWB757-20020:07 15-Mar-2021
PLM110P EC-MNYA330-20000:32 26-Jan-2021
ROU2361 C-GSJBA319-10020:04 24-Jan-2021
EAL9001 N602KWB767-20003:22 24-Jan-2021
ROU2367 C-GITPA319-10014:43 22-Jan-2021
ROU2367 C-GFCPA320-20015:45 19-Jan-2021
N251KW N251KWB747-40021:35 17-Jan-2021
ROU2361 C-GITRA319-10019:06 17-Jan-2021
ACA2347 C-FPWDA320-20015:04 13-Jan-2021

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