Luke Air Force Base

Codes: KLUF/
Name: Luke Air Force Base
City: Glendale
Country: United States
Elevation: 1085 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
GRP99 N999TRG-4 Gulfstream 414:59 31-Jul-2021
N460AS N460AS390 Premier 101:16 31-Jul-2021
N634AX N634AXMirage F122:13 30-Jul-2021
N741CC N741CCCessna 525 Citation CJ122:01 30-Jul-2021
N623AX N623AXMirage F119:04 30-Jul-2021
N630AX N630AXMirage F118:51 30-Jul-2021
N169LL N169LLG-5 Gulfstream 517:20 30-Jul-2021
N425CF N425CFCessna 425 Conquest 121:16 29-Jul-2021
N938AM N938AMCitation Bravo20:41 28-Jul-2021
JLG55 N55ARLearjet 5505:15 28-Jul-2021
GRP74 N740SSG-5 Gulfstream 509:06 24-Jul-2021
JLG275 N275MBCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:34 20-Jul-2021
N800UH N800UHR44 Raven II11:05 17-Jul-2021
N301MK N301MKEclipse 50000:50 17-Jul-2021
N895CC N895CCChallenger 60520:09 15-Jul-2021
ASA9536 N626VAA320-20023:57 14-Jul-2021
BWA7408 9Y-BGIB737-80021:15 10-Jul-2021
UAL2720 N477UAA320-20016:07 06-Jul-2021
N36TG N36TGBeech 90 King Air17:45 05-Jul-2021
N415AJ N415AJCessna 550 Citation 218:19 04-Jul-2021
N930EA N930EATBM 93017:41 03-Jul-2021
JLG38 N38PSLearjet 3521:56 30-Jun-2021
JTN132 VP-CCGA321-20020:48 29-Jun-2021
N30LX N30LXG-1159A Gulfstream 323:26 17-Jun-2021
N612FA N612FAG20002:40 17-Jun-2021
UAL2715 N6308UA319-10016:25 11-Jun-2021
JTN147 N192ANB757-20015:54 27-May-2021
N914WB N914WBCavalon20:57 23-May-2021
UAL2715 N6309UA319-10017:13 21-May-2021
UAL2722 N438UAA320-20019:28 14-May-2021
UAL2720 N492UAA320-20022:13 13-May-2021
UAL2715 N3304UA319-10017:42 28-Apr-2021
UAL2712 N4306UA319-10014:12 23-Apr-2021
UAL2727 N801UAA319-10021:05 05-Apr-2021
UAL2726 N439UAA320-20020:39 25-Mar-2021
UAL2722 N437UAA320-20020:24 21-Mar-2021
UAL2709 N7719AB737-70019:02 17-Mar-2021
N7718BB737-70020:26 13-Mar-2021
JTN58 N172AJB757-20023:18 11-Mar-2021
N638BC N638BCB777-30018:11 11-Mar-2021
N623BC N623BCB777-30018:07 04-Mar-2021
SWA8700 N553WNB737-70000:55 12-Feb-2021
N45DT N45DTBeech 45 Mentor21:47 09-Feb-2021
JTN315 EI-GUHA320-20018:23 02-Feb-2021

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