La Guardia Airport

Name: La Guardia Airport
City: New York
Country: United States
Elevation: 21 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
UAL406 N854UAA319-10002:26 28-Jan-2022
AAL1638 N898NNB737-80002:22 28-Jan-2022
EDV4803 N604LRCRJ-90002:21 28-Jan-2022
EDV4917 N904XJCRJ-90002:19 28-Jan-2022
DAL1549 N3752B737-80002:16 28-Jan-2022
DAL2522 N318DXA321-20002:14 28-Jan-2022
JBU2060 N510JBA320-20002:12 28-Jan-2022
RPA5856 N244JQEMB-175 LR02:11 28-Jan-2022
RPA5703 N823MDEMB-17002:08 28-Jan-2022
EDV5508 N918XJCRJ-90002:05 28-Jan-2022
AAL1011 N768USA319-10002:00 28-Jan-2022
DAL446 N304DNA321-20001:58 28-Jan-2022
RPA4562 N422YXEMB-17501:55 28-Jan-2022
UAL1238 N408UAA320-20001:54 28-Jan-2022
ACA724 C-GNBNCSeries CS30001:52 28-Jan-2022
RPA5686 N208JQEMB-175 LR01:51 28-Jan-2022
AAL2271 N339SUB737 MAX 801:50 28-Jan-2022
RPA5791 N216JQEMB-175 LR01:47 28-Jan-2022
RPA4643 N111HQEMB-175 LR01:46 28-Jan-2022
EDV5500 N915XJCRJ-90001:45 28-Jan-2022
EDV4666 N929XJCRJ-90001:42 28-Jan-2022
EDV5093 N932XJCRJ-90001:40 28-Jan-2022
EDV4867 N329PQCRJ-90001:39 28-Jan-2022
RPA4995 N431YXEMB-17501:38 28-Jan-2022
EDV5335 N482PXCRJ-90001:36 28-Jan-2022
RPA5770 N203JQEMB-175 LR01:35 28-Jan-2022
EDV5112 N917XJCRJ-90001:33 28-Jan-2022
EDV4628 N315PQCRJ-90001:32 28-Jan-2022
DAL2097 N391DAB737-80001:31 28-Jan-2022
JBU798 N807JBA320-20001:29 28-Jan-2022
AAL1291 N770UWA319-10001:27 28-Jan-2022
NKS2157 N683NKA321-20001:26 28-Jan-2022
ASH6263 N88310EMB-17501:24 28-Jan-2022
JBU472 N608JBA320-20001:23 28-Jan-2022
EDV4989 N914XJCRJ-90001:19 28-Jan-2022
RPA4945 N448YXEMB-17501:18 28-Jan-2022
RPA4554 N406YXEMB-175 LR01:16 28-Jan-2022
AAL562 N986NNB737-80001:11 28-Jan-2022
DAL514 N309DUCSeries CS30001:11 28-Jan-2022
EDV5361 N908XJCRJ-90001:09 28-Jan-2022
AAL1893 N769USA319-10001:08 28-Jan-2022
JZA7658 C-FXJCEMB-175 SU01:06 28-Jan-2022
RPA5755 N209JQEMB-175 LR00:59 28-Jan-2022
RPA4569 N416YXEMB-17500:53 28-Jan-2022
JBU1431 N353JBEMB-19000:49 28-Jan-2022
AAL2123 N776XFA319-10000:48 28-Jan-2022
AAL2669 N304RBB737 MAX 800:42 28-Jan-2022
JBU153 N588JBA320-20000:35 28-Jan-2022
AAL2513 N337PJB737-80000:31 28-Jan-2022
EDV4706 N607LRCRJ-90000:28 28-Jan-2022
UAL1544 N418UAA320-20000:18 28-Jan-2022
DAL1045 N336NWA320-20000:04 28-Jan-2022
RPA5833 N824MDEMB-17023:17 27-Jan-2022
LXJ415 N415FXLegacy 45022:33 27-Jan-2022
N944K N944KBeech 90 King Air21:50 27-Jan-2022
N77NY N77NY40721:19 27-Jan-2022
AAL350 N760USA319-10021:01 27-Jan-2022
EDV5081 N480PXCRJ-90019:16 27-Jan-2022
RPA4763 N871RWEMB-17016:37 27-Jan-2022
N9BQ N9BQAB-206 JetRanger15:57 27-Jan-2022
N429TD N429TD42714:37 27-Jan-2022
N698V N698VAW13913:16 27-Jan-2022
EDV5035 N922XJCRJ-90012:40 27-Jan-2022
TWY193 N193LSG650 ER01:39 27-Jan-2022
EJA351 N351QSEMB-505 Phenom 30022:33 26-Jan-2022
AAL1656 N762USA319-10016:57 26-Jan-2022
N175RV N175RVR44 Raven II14:55 26-Jan-2022
SWA742 N292WNB737-70004:10 26-Jan-2022
NCH12 N12NNAS-350/55016:55 25-Jan-2022
N5MV N5MVFalcon 900EX EASy14:14 24-Jan-2022
N277CH N277CHR44 Raven II19:00 23-Jan-2022
N98ZA N98ZA40721:40 21-Jan-2022
R21202 21-21202AH-60 Black Hawk16:42 19-Jan-2022
N408GG N408GG40701:38 19-Jan-2022
N711DS N711DSS-7608:56 14-Jan-2022
N155RR N155RRS-7622:22 13-Jan-2022
N433DE N433DER44 Raven II01:18 09-Jan-2022
N7679S N7679SS-7600:17 09-Jan-2022
N800SG N800SGS-7600:39 03-Jan-2022
N115GK N115GKCessna 208 Caravan 120:22 28-Dec-2021
N99DQ N99DQAW13923:05 19-Dec-2021
N553YB N553YBS-7622:16 16-Dec-2021
N353JS N353JSAS-350/55020:16 10-Dec-2021
21184 20-21184AH-60 Black Hawk18:10 07-Dec-2021
N718WA N718WAAS-355/55522:50 05-Dec-2021
N62ZA N62ZA40723:14 03-Dec-2021
R21199 21-21199AH-60 Black Hawk16:55 03-Dec-2021
N726H N726HAB-206 JetRanger15:55 03-Dec-2021
N290SF N290SFA-10922:41 02-Dec-2021
N401TD N401TD40716:48 24-Nov-2021
N134HF N134HFAW13922:39 12-Nov-2021
2121197 21-21197AH-60 Black Hawk17:34 19-Oct-2021
N23423 80-23423AH-60 Black Hawk21:57 20-Sep-2021
N355FF N355FFAS-355/55522:31 04-Sep-2021
N7510T N7510TR44 Raven19:59 29-Aug-2021
N65543 N65543B75 Kaydet18:14 19-Jul-2021
N898JF N898JFAS-350/55021:44 30-Jun-2021
N402TD N402TDAB-206 JetRanger14:31 26-Feb-2021
N606PD N606PD429 GlobalRanger09:08 01-Jan-2021

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