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Name: McCarran International Airport
City: Las Vegas
Country: United States
Elevation: 2181 ft.

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© Callum Payne

© Callum Payne

© Callum Payne

© Callum Payne

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SWA1085 N8698BB737-80020:42 03-Aug-2020
SWA972 N8515XB737-80020:40 03-Aug-2020
SWA1737 N8323CB737-80020:39 03-Aug-2020
FFT2183 N337FRA320neo20:37 03-Aug-2020
JSX105 N264JXEMB-13520:37 03-Aug-2020
AAL671 N929NNB737-80020:36 03-Aug-2020
SWA1313 N472WNB737-70020:34 03-Aug-2020
AAL1886 N540UWA321-20020:34 03-Aug-2020
AAY151 N319NVA319-10020:33 03-Aug-2020
SWA198 N8694EB737-80020:31 03-Aug-2020
JBU1407 N643JBA320-20020:30 03-Aug-2020
SWA3234 N965WNB737-70020:29 03-Aug-2020
EDG245 N245BKG28020:24 03-Aug-2020
AAY174 N307NVA319-10020:24 03-Aug-2020
AAY48 N273NVA320-20020:22 03-Aug-2020
SWA1288 N242WNB737-70020:20 03-Aug-2020
QXE2136 N632QXEMB-17520:18 03-Aug-2020
DOJ477 N279ADB737-40020:17 03-Aug-2020
N654BA N654BABeech 1300 Commuter20:15 03-Aug-2020
N303MT N303MTEMB-500 Phenom 10020:14 03-Aug-2020
SWA1520 N7747CB737-70020:13 03-Aug-2020
N881MH N881MHEC-13020:13 03-Aug-2020
N868MH N868MHEC-13020:11 03-Aug-2020
SWA1710 N7741CB737-70020:03 03-Aug-2020
DAL833 N805DNB737-90020:01 03-Aug-2020
NKS720 N626NKA320-20019:58 03-Aug-2020
FFT2095 N329FRA320neo19:55 03-Aug-2020
AAL1895 N575UWA321-20019:52 03-Aug-2020
SWA5641 N760SWB737-70019:49 03-Aug-2020
NKS333 N691NKA320-20019:42 03-Aug-2020
SWA6002 N486WNB737-70019:38 03-Aug-2020
SWA448 N8604KB737-80019:34 03-Aug-2020
N136PH N136PHEC-13019:34 03-Aug-2020
SWA432 N8316HB737-80019:30 03-Aug-2020
DAL1310 N802DNB737-90019:28 03-Aug-2020
N505GJ N505GJLearjet 3519:26 03-Aug-2020
N37XX N37XXBeech 1300 Commuter19:23 03-Aug-2020
NKS260 N631NKA320-20019:21 03-Aug-2020
DAL658 N913DUB737-90019:14 03-Aug-2020
SWA2140 N7847AB737-70019:12 03-Aug-2020
JBU1611 N935JBA321-20019:11 03-Aug-2020
N650VM N650VMCitation M219:10 03-Aug-2020
AAL2238 N767AJB777-20019:09 03-Aug-2020
UAL373 N62892B737-90019:06 03-Aug-2020
N785MM N785MMEMB-19019:04 03-Aug-2020
N787CH N787CHLearjet 4519:03 03-Aug-2020
NKS357 N605NKA320-20018:56 03-Aug-2020
AAL168 N582UWA321-20018:50 03-Aug-2020
N129AR N129ARA-10918:42 03-Aug-2020
LXJ593 N593FXChallenger 35018:40 03-Aug-2020
EJA614 N614QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel18:38 03-Aug-2020
N600VM N600VMCitation M218:30 03-Aug-2020
AAL1368 N890NNB737-80018:28 03-Aug-2020
AAL711 N147AAA321-20018:13 03-Aug-2020
N7886 N7886Challenger 60418:00 03-Aug-2020
UAL2420 N68802B737-90017:36 03-Aug-2020
N623RA N623RABeech 190017:34 03-Aug-2020
GDS55 N955PSPC-2416:39 03-Aug-2020
N300TM N300TMBeech Super King Air 35016:13 03-Aug-2020
N208BH N208BHLearjet 6015:57 03-Aug-2020
SWA2079 N948WNB737-70015:17 03-Aug-2020
AMF1367 N673AVMerlin 2315:15 03-Aug-2020
FFT2139 N360FRA320neo06:16 03-Aug-2020
2003 N206FRA320-20005:28 03-Aug-2020
N88WR N88WRG55005:21 03-Aug-2020
N89CE N89CEFalcon 2000EX EASy05:15 03-Aug-2020
ASA596 N431ASB737-90004:49 03-Aug-2020
N137PH N137PHEC-13003:01 03-Aug-2020
N138PH N138PHEC-13003:01 03-Aug-2020
N850WGBAe-125-70002:55 03-Aug-2020
N781MM N781MMLegacy 50002:53 03-Aug-2020
EJM22 N22VSHawker 900XP02:46 03-Aug-2020
FDX988 N970FDB757-20002:36 03-Aug-2020
N452CF N452CFFalcon 5001:17 03-Aug-2020
GAJ827 N827UPBeech Super King Air 35000:56 03-Aug-2020
N525PH N525PHCessna 525A Citation CJ200:52 03-Aug-2020
JSX0203 N245JXEMB-14500:52 03-Aug-2020
FDX541 N152FEB767-30000:39 03-Aug-2020
KFS153 N295CKLearjet 3500:38 03-Aug-2020
EJA572 N572QSCitation Latitude00:26 03-Aug-2020
N400KP N400KPBeech 400 Beechjet00:09 03-Aug-2020
N885LS N885LSB737-70022:33 02-Aug-2020
N800EJ N800EJEclipse 50022:09 02-Aug-2020
N711MC N711MCBD-700 Global Express20:28 02-Aug-2020
AAY9300 N337NVA319-10020:06 02-Aug-2020
N720HW N720HWCessna 680 Citation Sovereign19:59 02-Aug-2020
EJA368 N368QSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign19:58 02-Aug-2020
EJA336 N336QSEMB-505 Phenom 30019:01 02-Aug-2020
UAL358 N854UAA319-10018:52 02-Aug-2020
N30CV N30CVCessna 560 Citation 517:55 02-Aug-2020
N20RA N20RABeech 190014:48 02-Aug-2020
SWA1783 N944WNB737-70003:19 02-Aug-2020
N864MH N864MHEC-13003:01 02-Aug-2020
N975LV N975LVLearjet 6002:16 02-Aug-2020
N510HF N510HFCessna 560XL Citation Excel01:12 02-Aug-2020
N711WM N711WMGlobal 600000:25 02-Aug-2020
SWA1774 N564WNB737-70000:23 02-Aug-2020
N782MM N782MMLegacy 50022:46 01-Aug-2020
N939CC N939CCChallenger 601 3A22:33 01-Aug-2020
N117WR N117WRG35021:48 01-Aug-2020
N690 N690DHC-2 Mk1 Beaver21:10 01-Aug-2020
N953XT N953XTCessna 525B Citation CJ320:34 01-Aug-2020
N900EM N900EMLegacy 60020:22 01-Aug-2020
N437MC N437MCChallenger 60420:14 01-Aug-2020
EJA603 N603QSCitation Latitude19:59 01-Aug-2020
N898CE N898CEG55019:07 01-Aug-2020
N63YA N63YACitation M218:34 01-Aug-2020
N44PR N44PRCessna 750 Citation X17:40 01-Aug-2020
UPS892 N141UPA300B4-60013:23 01-Aug-2020
N1068K N1068KBeech 90 King Air10:53 01-Aug-2020
JANET36 N273RHB737-60003:26 01-Aug-2020
N570RR N570RRLearjet 6001:33 01-Aug-2020
N489BM N489BMBAe-125-70001:28 01-Aug-2020
N1811S N1811SBAe-125-70001:20 01-Aug-2020
N321TV N321TVR44 Raven II01:05 01-Aug-2020
PCM7798 N781FECessna 208 Caravan 100:53 01-Aug-2020
N702SS N702SSCessna 650 Citation 300:48 01-Aug-2020
00000000 N96FTG28000:43 01-Aug-2020
N3344 N3344Beech 190000:07 01-Aug-2020
JSX214 N259JXEMB-13523:44 31-Jul-2020
N969RE N969RE390 Premier 123:08 31-Jul-2020
N762F N762FGlobal 750022:52 31-Jul-2020
N319BDB737-60022:14 31-Jul-2020
N337LS N337LSG55021:53 31-Jul-2020
N300JC N300JCLearjet 7520:54 31-Jul-2020
N478CB N478CBCessna 650 Citation 319:04 31-Jul-2020
N769F N769FGlobal 750018:47 31-Jul-2020
N383LS N383LSG-5 Gulfstream 516:41 31-Jul-2020
N339LS N339LSG55016:21 31-Jul-2020
N365AA N365AAA-10915:00 31-Jul-2020
LN111PV N111PVBeech 1300 Commuter01:38 31-Jul-2020
N721FFBD-700 Global Express22:59 30-Jul-2020
AAL1895 N914UYA321-20020:05 30-Jul-2020
VPBLK VP-BLKB747SP17:40 30-Jul-2020
N507SH N507SHAS-350/55017:22 30-Jul-2020
AAL425 N680AWA320-20001:34 30-Jul-2020
N701SC N701SCLearjet 2405:41 29-Jul-2020
N247KG N247KGCessna 560XL Citation Excel03:09 29-Jul-2020
N10M N10MFalcon 900EX EASy22:56 28-Jul-2020
N231SH N231SHEC-13015:29 28-Jul-2020
N711NV N711NVCessna 550 Citation 215:07 28-Jul-2020
N209LF N209LFEC-13019:01 27-Jul-2020
N560HC N560HCCessna 560 Citation 517:48 27-Jul-2020
N549AF N549AFEclipse 50006:05 27-Jul-2020
N550TR N550TRCessna 550 Citation 201:06 27-Jul-2020
N77UF N77UFBD-700 Global Express17:33 26-Jul-2020
N456LS N456LSR6603:41 26-Jul-2020
N883CE N883CEFalcon 2000LX02:17 26-Jul-2020
N108MS N108MSB737-70022:14 24-Jul-2020
EDG193 N193BKHawker 900XP21:57 24-Jul-2020
N812J N812JCessna 510 Citation Mustang20:23 24-Jul-2020
N600SJ N600SJLearjet 6003:56 24-Jul-2020
N43PR N43PRB737-70018:30 23-Jul-2020
N846MH N846MHEC-13003:15 23-Jul-2020
N999GP N999GPG20002:23 23-Jul-2020
N80VM N80VMCessna 525B Citation CJ301:36 23-Jul-2020
N992MS N992MSG-4 Gulfstream 400:00 23-Jul-2020
N745SH N745SHAS-350/55020:20 22-Jul-2020
N827DCG650 ER00:09 20-Jul-2020
XAUUP132 XA-UUPLearjet 6021:15 19-Jul-2020
N458NC N458NCCessna 560 Citation 500:53 18-Jul-2020
N33BG N33BGFalcon 2000LX S17:01 17-Jul-2020
N244SH N244SHEC-13004:30 16-Jul-2020
N749SH N749SHAS-350/55018:19 14-Jul-2020
N889LS N889LSB737-70021:19 13-Jul-2020
N101SN N101SNBeech 100 King Air17:31 13-Jul-2020
N847MH N847MHEC-13003:18 12-Jul-2020
N721MMG650 ER23:03 11-Jul-2020
N443PR N443PRBD-700 Global 500018:09 11-Jul-2020
EJM88 N888CSG-4 Gulfstream 400:35 11-Jul-2020
JSX214 N244JXEMB-14500:03 11-Jul-2020
N28ZF N28ZFBAe-125-70016:04 10-Jul-2020
N776PJ N776PJEclipse 50015:36 10-Jul-2020
N813AM N813AMEC-13017:54 06-Jul-2020
N708SH N708SHAS-350/55017:38 06-Jul-2020
N13NN N13NNAB-206 JetRanger04:16 05-Jul-2020
N853MH N853MHEC-13003:27 04-Jul-2020
N567MA N567MABeech 190021:58 03-Jul-2020
N160LD N160LDG-4 Gulfstream 417:27 03-Jul-2020
N783MM N783MMEMB-19001:40 03-Jul-2020
N888PX N888PXG55004:32 27-Jun-2020
N237SH N237SHEC-13004:24 27-Jun-2020
N70PL N70PLFalcon 2003:30 26-Jun-2020
N181DE N181DEVision SF5021:30 25-Jun-2020
N1Z N1ZG45020:48 25-Jun-2020
N850MH N850MHEC-13003:29 20-Jun-2020
N999YG N999YGCRJ-10001:30 20-Jun-2020
N879MH N879MHEC-13020:28 19-Jun-2020
N878MH N878MHEC-13016:26 09-Jun-2020
N851MH N851MHEC-13017:18 06-Jun-2020
N822MH N822MHEC-13017:57 03-Jun-2020
N882MH N882MHEC-13014:56 25-May-2020
N443RS N443RSR44 Raven II00:39 24-May-2020
N872MH N872MHEC-13015:57 23-May-2020
N863MH N863MHEC-13023:50 20-May-2020
N877MH N877MHEC-13014:26 20-May-2020
N735SH N735SHAS-350/55017:57 18-May-2020
N849MH N849MHEC-13016:19 15-May-2020
N876MH N876MHEC-13018:36 14-May-2020
N862MH N862MHEC-13021:33 13-May-2020
N712SH N712SHAS-350/55017:14 13-May-2020
N223SH N223SHEC-13015:21 13-May-2020
N216SH N216SHEC-13016:16 12-May-2020
N222SH N222SHEC-13015:41 12-May-2020
ASA1064 N563ASB737-80004:40 06-Apr-2020
N220SH N220SHEC-13022:13 31-Mar-2020

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