Indianapolis International Airport

Name: Indianapolis International Airport
City: Indianapolis
Country: United States
Elevation: 797 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SWA1263 N962WNB737-70001:13 17-May-2022
RPA4793 N111HQEMB-175 LR01:01 17-May-2022
N480JJ N480JJGulfstream G15000:51 17-May-2022
N53SN N53SNPC-1200:47 17-May-2022
DAL1597 N376NWA320-20000:42 17-May-2022
AAL2620 N964NNB737-80000:40 17-May-2022
RPA9929 N422YXEMB-17500:37 17-May-2022
RPA4634 N109HQEMB-175 LR00:29 17-May-2022
AAY2143 N324NVA319-10000:18 17-May-2022
EJA381 N381QSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign00:12 17-May-2022
AAY1121 N286NVA320-20000:05 17-May-2022
N456GA N456GAG55023:59 16-May-2022
N910AC N910ACCessna 680 Citation Sovereign23:48 16-May-2022
RPA3656 N855RWEMB-17023:43 16-May-2022
AWI3885 N458AWCRJ-20023:15 16-May-2022
EJA695 N695QSCitation Latitude23:11 16-May-2022
RPA4585 N436YXEMB-17523:06 16-May-2022
N400GS N400GSGulfstream G10022:57 16-May-2022
N145UW N145UWBK-117C-222:40 16-May-2022
N79 N79Beech 300 Super King Air22:13 16-May-2022
N348BE N348BEBeech 400 Beechjet22:00 16-May-2022
RPA5782 N246JQEMB-175 LR21:59 16-May-2022
AAY1151 N241NVA320-20021:45 16-May-2022
RPA4582 N412YXEMB-175 LR21:43 16-May-2022
EJA543 N543QSCitation Latitude21:16 16-May-2022
SWA1202 N958WNB737-70021:08 16-May-2022
N453PH N453PH40720:45 16-May-2022
RPA3312 N634RWEMB-17020:44 16-May-2022
N672WM N672WMFalcon 900EX EASy20:11 16-May-2022
N500TS N500TSCitation CJ419:59 16-May-2022
MTN5 N747FECessna 208 Caravan 119:19 16-May-2022
EGC797 N797TECitation Bravo18:30 16-May-2022
N450WB N450WBG45018:25 16-May-2022
RPA9939 N437YXEMB-17518:20 16-May-2022
RPA9942 N117HQEMB-175 LR17:58 16-May-2022
N204MB N204MBBeech Super King Air 35017:46 16-May-2022
SWA8700 N8605EB737-80017:38 16-May-2022
N106TD N106TDG-4 Gulfstream 416:10 16-May-2022
N886DB N886DBEMB-500 Phenom 10015:09 16-May-2022
N996LC N996LCEMB-505 Phenom 30012:38 16-May-2022
JLG297 N297KHCessna 525B Citation CJ309:00 16-May-2022
N46VE N46VEBD-100 Challenger 30002:58 16-May-2022
RPA3656 N641RWEMB-17001:06 16-May-2022
FDX574 N726FDA300B4-60022:45 15-May-2022
N500CG N500CGBD-100 Challenger 30022:25 15-May-2022
N444WD N444WD695 Jetprop Commander 100021:41 15-May-2022
N107TD N107TDG-4 Gulfstream 421:07 15-May-2022
PAT090 84-00182Beech 1300 Commuter20:02 15-May-2022
N175HG N175HGLearjet 7519:47 15-May-2022
N961SP N961SPFalcon 2000LX19:31 15-May-2022
N561CE N561CECessna 560XL Citation Excel17:09 15-May-2022
FDX3618 N105FEB767-30013:37 15-May-2022
FDX418 N771FDB757-20012:31 15-May-2022
N194LL N194LLBK-117C-207:28 15-May-2022
SWA1654 N487WNB737-70000:16 15-May-2022
FDX3670 N789FDB757-20016:59 14-May-2022
N119AK N119AKFalcon 5016:38 14-May-2022
FDX3629 N731FDA300B4-60015:50 14-May-2022
FDX5016 N593FEMD-1108:41 14-May-2022
SWA1201 N8690AB737-80004:08 14-May-2022
FDX574 N110FEB767-30022:13 13-May-2022
MTN8811 N811FXATR-72-20019:38 13-May-2022
N927AC N927ACCessna 680 Citation Sovereign18:35 13-May-2022
N777LP N777LPMU-218:08 13-May-2022
FDX3638 N135FEB767-30016:45 13-May-2022
FDX2707 N971FDB757-20016:08 13-May-2022
MTN8325 N806FXATR-72-20013:18 13-May-2022
MTN8345 N999FECessna 208 Caravan 112:29 13-May-2022
JLG25 N111KJCessna 525B Citation CJ312:13 13-May-2022
FDX1612 N529FEMD-1104:17 13-May-2022
FDX1604 N158FEB767-30003:50 13-May-2022
N63HS N63HSG650 ER23:03 12-May-2022
FDX3670 N926FDB757-20016:55 12-May-2022
N497P N497P40716:41 12-May-2022
FDX3628 N780FDB757-20013:05 12-May-2022
N308EL N308ELGVII-G50002:20 12-May-2022
N34HS N34HSG55023:03 11-May-2022
N307EL N307ELGVII-G50022:22 11-May-2022
N855JB N855JB390 Premier 117:45 11-May-2022
N125JJ N125JJCessna 680 Citation Sovereign12:14 11-May-2022
SWA9016 N499WNB737-70005:26 09-May-2022
N199SM N199SMAS-365/36609:25 08-May-2022
N525ME N525MECessna 525A Citation CJ219:25 07-May-2022
FDX3604 N631FEMD-1118:13 07-May-2022
N455SC N455SCCitation Latitude16:59 06-May-2022
NSH255 N255VGCitation Latitude11:59 03-May-2022
N402PH N402PH40721:42 02-May-2022
N120CL N120CLCitation Latitude12:28 02-May-2022
N500ND N500NDG20021:16 01-May-2022
N641TS N641TSBeech 1300 Commuter21:53 27-Apr-2022
JTL562 N562PCessna 560XL Citation Excel02:58 26-Apr-2022
N525CE N525CECessna 525A Citation CJ221:50 24-Apr-2022
N922TR N922TRBeech 400 Beechjet19:49 23-Apr-2022
N71KV N71KV390 Premier 100:11 23-Apr-2022
N500SX N500SXCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:30 20-Apr-2022
0 168436P-8A Poseidon15:54 20-Apr-2022
N438AE N438AEAB-206 JetRanger16:21 19-Apr-2022
N869GS N869GSCessna 525 Citation CJ123:04 18-Apr-2022
N350HS N350HSCessna 510 Citation Mustang16:44 18-Apr-2022
N798TW N798TWEMB-500 Phenom 10015:09 17-Apr-2022
DPJ522 N522MBBeech 400 Beechjet16:34 15-Apr-2022
DOJ04 N738AB737-70021:12 10-Apr-2022
N101AE N101AEAB-206 JetRanger03:33 07-Apr-2022
168998P-8A Poseidon14:06 04-Apr-2022
MLM567 9H-LIVA319-10018:39 03-Apr-2022
CXB772 P4-XTLB777-200LR15:47 30-Mar-2022
0YP 168860P-8A Poseidon14:33 22-Mar-2022
N507SP N507SP40716:10 20-Mar-2022
N190TT N190TTBeech 1300 Commuter21:19 16-Mar-2022
N910NF N910NFMU-222:10 14-Mar-2022
N669SC N669SCR44 Raven II21:38 27-Feb-2022
N399W N399WCessna 750 Citation X17:06 08-Feb-2022
PIONR05 167955P-8A Poseidon16:09 07-Feb-2022
N89SM N89SMAS-365/36601:18 26-Jan-2022
9HFIVE 9H-FIVECSeries CS10017:21 05-Jan-2022
N397BC N397BCCessna 560XL Citation Excel20:50 27-Dec-2021
N166JW N166JWR6622:34 22-Dec-2021
N198LL N198LLBK-11718:43 22-Dec-2021
167952P-8A Poseidon16:17 10-Dec-2021
N610PG N610PGCessna 525B Citation CJ315:42 08-Dec-2021
DCM544 N777LBCessna 525B Citation CJ318:58 04-Aug-2021
MIRAS M-IRASA320neo20:53 30-Jun-2021
N130CS N130CSEC-13011:27 30-May-2021
N5259N N5259N40717:55 13-Jan-2021

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