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Name: Indianapolis International Airport
City: Indianapolis
Country: United States
Elevation: 797 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RPA3442 N723YXEMB-17519:45 18-Jan-2021
N501RP N501RPGulfstream G15019:34 18-Jan-2021
NKS586 N603NKA320-20019:24 18-Jan-2021
SWA3179 N259WNB737-70019:15 18-Jan-2021
SKW4700 N154SYEMB-17519:13 18-Jan-2021
DAL1591 N359DNA321-20019:06 18-Jan-2021
FFT606 N359FRA320neo18:56 18-Jan-2021
N500RP N500RPG28018:55 18-Jan-2021
ASH6328 N88327EMB-17518:44 18-Jan-2021
RPA4838 N117HQEMB-175 LR18:39 18-Jan-2021
RPA4765 N294NNEMB-17516:29 18-Jan-2021
SWA3105 N212WNB737-70015:41 18-Jan-2021
N52484 N52484BAe-125-70014:50 18-Jan-2021
FDX574 N178FEB767-30002:07 18-Jan-2021
RPA4790 N403YXEMB-175 LR02:04 18-Jan-2021
RPA9922 N422YXEMB-17501:38 18-Jan-2021
AAY1880 N239NVA320-20000:47 18-Jan-2021
RPA3525 N858RWEMB-17000:01 18-Jan-2021
JTL831 N831HSCessna 525B Citation CJ323:12 17-Jan-2021
N175HG N175HGLearjet 7521:18 17-Jan-2021
N199SM N199SMAS-365/36620:31 17-Jan-2021
FDX985 N137FEB767-30020:05 17-Jan-2021
JLG304 N304TXCessna 525B Citation CJ316:00 17-Jan-2021
SWA1977 N901WNB737-70001:04 17-Jan-2021
SWA3356 N7745AB737-70022:43 16-Jan-2021
FDX3624 N995FDB757-20017:48 16-Jan-2021
FDX3629 N725FDA300B4-60017:05 16-Jan-2021
FDX3608 N179FEB767-30016:24 16-Jan-2021
FDX1574 N306FEDC-1010:32 16-Jan-2021
N193CS N193CS390 Premier 103:54 16-Jan-2021
JLG97 N297KHCessna 525B Citation CJ302:18 16-Jan-2021
N880AF N880AFBAe-125-70000:54 16-Jan-2021
RPA9985 N223JQEMB-175 LR00:21 16-Jan-2021
N500SX N500SXCessna 560XL Citation Excel22:20 15-Jan-2021
GLF4 N106TDG-4 Gulfstream 421:49 15-Jan-2021
N193LL N193LLBK-117C-220:21 15-Jan-2021
GAJ875 N875UPBeech Super King Air 35020:01 15-Jan-2021
N195LL N195LLBK-117C-218:08 15-Jan-2021
MTN8325 N812FXATR 72 212F14:29 15-Jan-2021
MTN8345 N887FECessna 208 Caravan 113:39 15-Jan-2021
FDX1678 N307FEDC-1006:35 15-Jan-2021
FDX1664 N999FDB757-20004:33 15-Jan-2021
RPA9961 N826MDEMB-17003:56 15-Jan-2021
N329SH N329SHCitation CJ403:54 15-Jan-2021
N777LP N777LPMU-223:06 14-Jan-2021
JTL562 N562PCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:58 14-Jan-2021
FDX3687 N966FDB757-20019:36 14-Jan-2021
N823SF N823SFBeech 1300 Commuter18:30 14-Jan-2021
N60GC N60GCBeech Super King Air 35016:25 14-Jan-2021
JTL454 N454MMCessna 560XL Citation Excel15:29 14-Jan-2021
N63HS N63HSG650 ER15:12 14-Jan-2021
MTN8325 N802FXATR 72 212F14:18 14-Jan-2021
N343CC N343CCCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:40 14-Jan-2021
N826TG N826TG390 Premier 122:12 13-Jan-2021
N67TW N67TWCessna 680 Citation Sovereign19:41 13-Jan-2021
FDX3618 N606FEMD-1119:35 13-Jan-2021
N5259N N5259N40717:55 13-Jan-2021
N855JB N855JB390 Premier 116:45 13-Jan-2021
N307EL N307ELGVII-G50014:27 13-Jan-2021
N198LL N198LLBK-11720:00 12-Jan-2021
FDX3648 N960FDB757-20017:44 12-Jan-2021
N351CG N351CGCessna 560XL Citation Excel18:16 11-Jan-2021
N101TD N101TDB737-70022:56 10-Jan-2021
N858MK N858MKHawker 900XP20:48 10-Jan-2021
FDX3604 N587FEMD-1118:47 09-Jan-2021
N444WD N444WD695 Jetprop Commander 100020:06 08-Jan-2021
N409PH N409PH40719:13 08-Jan-2021
N280CC N280CCG28016:53 08-Jan-2021
N89SM N89SMAS-365/36621:46 07-Jan-2021
SWA399 N8610AB737-80003:48 07-Jan-2021
N45HG N45HGLearjet 4522:37 06-Jan-2021
N500JS N500JSCessna 650 Citation 322:46 05-Jan-2021
N450WB N450WBG45001:33 04-Jan-2021
N124BG N124BGCessna 525 Citation CJ121:23 03-Jan-2021
JTL253 N253TXCessna 680 Citation Sovereign20:06 02-Jan-2021
N194LL N194LLBK-117C-200:18 30-Dec-2020

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