New Castle Airport

Name: New Castle Airport
City: Wilmington
Country: United States
Elevation: 80 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
TKK19 N719NKCessna 525B Citation CJ303:55 28-Jan-2022
N313CC N313CCFalcon 2000EX02:03 28-Jan-2022
N521JM N521JMPA-31T1-500 Cheyenne 101:59 28-Jan-2022
N724AG N724AGG65001:57 28-Jan-2022
GAJ504 N504UPCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:39 28-Jan-2022
N482EC N482ECFalcon 2000LX S21:10 27-Jan-2022
N76FD N76FDFalcon 90020:54 27-Jan-2022
N63JP N63JPFalcon 900LX19:49 27-Jan-2022
PAT315 94-00315Beech 1300 Commuter19:33 27-Jan-2022
N271SS N271SSPC-1218:14 27-Jan-2022
N500PR N500PRCRJ-20006:30 27-Jan-2022
N836CM N836CMChallenger 601 3A20:56 26-Jan-2022
SDU153 N954MBFalcon 200019:55 26-Jan-2022
N313RG N313RGG65002:26 26-Jan-2022
N1SP N1SP429 GlobalRanger19:21 25-Jan-2022
N72HJ N72HJHA-420 HondaJet18:39 25-Jan-2022
N926PS N926PSEMB-505 Phenom 30000:10 24-Jan-2022
N455MM N455MMPA-31T-620 Cheyenne 223:23 23-Jan-2022
JIT43 N103JTHA-420 HondaJet17:49 23-Jan-2022
N550JP N550JPFalcon 5000:33 23-Jan-2022
N912CC N912CCBK-117C-210:09 22-Jan-2022
N32HM N32HMLearjet 3521:20 21-Jan-2022
N407GK N407GKG55021:07 21-Jan-2022
N93GP N93GP280 Shark20:27 21-Jan-2022
N49SK N49SKChallenger 35001:30 20-Jan-2022
N187SK N187SKBeech 90 King Air23:27 18-Jan-2022
N897CA N897CATBM-85015:57 18-Jan-2022
N759F N759FTB-30 Epsilon15:18 18-Jan-2022
TKK525 N525NECessna 525B Citation CJ321:57 14-Jan-2022
N2SP N2SP429 GlobalRanger17:35 13-Jan-2022
N117J N117JBK-11706:06 13-Jan-2022
N727TE N727TEG55002:26 13-Jan-2022
91-1237C-130 Hercules01:02 12-Jan-2022
N1924D N1924DGulfstream G15018:11 10-Jan-2022
JIT10 N913JTHA-420 HondaJet00:55 10-Jan-2022
N825SD N825SDBeech 90 King Air19:15 06-Jan-2022
N339JM N339JMG55018:56 06-Jan-2022
N616CA N616CAG55023:01 05-Jan-2022
HON53 N114WJHA-420 HondaJet20:42 05-Jan-2022
N8385E N8385ETB-30 Epsilon20:44 04-Jan-2022
SDU1206 N26DJG-4 Gulfstream 418:01 03-Jan-2022
N999ZY N999ZYAS-350/55019:04 28-Dec-2021
P4DBB P4-DBBFalcon 2000LX S00:51 24-Dec-2021
N313BM N313BMBeech 1300 Commuter17:48 20-Dec-2021
N724AP N724APFalcon 200015:49 20-Dec-2021
N35CV N35CVBeech 90 King Air19:03 15-Dec-2021
N593M N593MBeech 400 Beechjet23:06 04-Dec-2021
CASTL33 91-1233C-130 Hercules18:27 04-Dec-2021
N622WM N622WMFalcon 900EX EASy17:13 27-Nov-2021
N117AM N117MACessna 501 Citation 1SP23:00 17-Nov-2021
BTX9Y D-AGBIFalcon 7X16:35 17-Nov-2021
N702CW N702CWCessna 525B Citation CJ322:51 12-Nov-2021
N213TM N213TMCavalon17:26 11-Nov-2021
N705HT N705HTFalcon 900EX EASy17:01 09-Nov-2021
RCH423 84-0210C-130 Hercules17:38 06-Nov-2021
N1125A N1125AGulfstream G10017:20 05-Nov-2021
EJM307 N307PSFalcon 2000LX S18:13 22-Oct-2021
N443RP N443RPR44 Raven II13:38 30-Sep-2021
N106SU N106SU36914:49 03-Sep-2021
N40KD N40KD40714:16 14-Aug-2021
N6SP N6SP429 GlobalRanger04:08 04-Aug-2021
N655HA N655HAAB-206 JetRanger17:57 25-May-2021
G8323913 83-23913AH-60 Black Hawk17:03 21-May-2021
C6568 6568AS-365/36622:37 13-May-2021
G9626665 96-26665AH-60 Black Hawk16:12 06-Mar-2021
N33TW N33TW1124 Westwind22:49 31-Jan-2021
N280GS N280GS280 Shark15:06 21-Jan-2021

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