Washington Dulles International Airport

Name: Washington Dulles International Airport
City: Washington
Country: United States
Elevation: 312 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N310GV N310GVEMB-505 Phenom 30005:14 20-Sep-2021
UAL1987 N77542B737-80004:30 20-Sep-2021
CMP488 HP-1845CMPB737-80004:00 20-Sep-2021
UAL2676 N37466B737-90003:51 20-Sep-2021
SWA2166 N8541WB737-80003:48 20-Sep-2021
DAL2573 N371NWA320-20003:44 20-Sep-2021
AAL1291 N935NNB737-80003:41 20-Sep-2021
UAL1630 N37530B737 MAX 903:31 20-Sep-2021
JIA5588 N552NNCRJ-90003:31 20-Sep-2021
DAL844 N866DNB737-90003:28 20-Sep-2021
ASA1095 N288AKB737-90003:27 20-Sep-2021
SKW3602 N804SKCRJ-90003:21 20-Sep-2021
SWA1127 N7732AB737-70003:06 20-Sep-2021
N425G N425GLearjet 4503:01 20-Sep-2021
JTL74 N74HTLearjet 6002:51 20-Sep-2021
N242GM N242GMG55002:41 20-Sep-2021
N976JS N976JSCessna 750 Citation X02:20 20-Sep-2021
LXJ575 N575FXChallenger 35002:19 20-Sep-2021
AWI3973 N437AWCRJ-20002:10 20-Sep-2021
JTL268 N268RBG45002:08 20-Sep-2021
SKW3858 N548CACRJ-90002:03 20-Sep-2021
N456GA N456GAG55002:03 20-Sep-2021
UAL1105 N488UAA320-20001:55 20-Sep-2021
EJA592 N592QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel01:48 20-Sep-2021
EDV4819 N314PQCRJ-90001:38 20-Sep-2021
UAL2603 N67846B737-90001:34 20-Sep-2021
AWI3958 N436AWCRJ-20001:21 20-Sep-2021
SKW5048 N868ASCRJ-20001:20 20-Sep-2021
JIA5532 N558NNCRJ-90001:18 20-Sep-2021
EJA590 N590QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel01:14 20-Sep-2021
RRF081 ZZ336A330-20001:14 20-Sep-2021
UAL1874 N37510B737 MAX 901:06 20-Sep-2021
DAL1567 N338NWA320-20001:05 20-Sep-2021
ASH6022 N86322EMB-17501:00 20-Sep-2021
UAL2002 N61886B737-90000:54 20-Sep-2021
UAL693 N69835B737-90000:49 20-Sep-2021
UAL2170 N39461B737-90000:48 20-Sep-2021
AWI3852 N416AWCRJ-20000:45 20-Sep-2021
ASH6015 N85377EMB-17500:40 20-Sep-2021
UAL2612 N668UAB767-30000:40 20-Sep-2021
JZA7708 C-GDJZCRJ-90000:34 20-Sep-2021
FDX769 N297FEB767-30000:30 20-Sep-2021
N650VC N650VCG650 ER00:28 20-Sep-2021
UAL2136 N76504B737-80000:24 20-Sep-2021
UAL815 N664UAB767-30000:22 20-Sep-2021
N333KG N333KGCessna 680 Citation Sovereign00:11 20-Sep-2021
TAI580 N779AVA320neo00:07 20-Sep-2021
GJS4552 N556GJCRJ-70023:45 19-Sep-2021
EJM6 N758PBG650 ER23:41 19-Sep-2021
UAL925 N674UAB767-30023:40 19-Sep-2021
N273A N273AG55023:34 19-Sep-2021
GAJ875 N875UPBeech Super King Air 35023:22 19-Sep-2021
RPA3550 N654RWEMB-17023:13 19-Sep-2021
N814LL N814LLBD-700 Global 500023:04 19-Sep-2021
N445QS N445QSG45022:59 19-Sep-2021
KAF001 10001B747-40022:55 19-Sep-2021
UAL2064 N73251B737-80022:49 19-Sep-2021
EJA436 N436QSEMB-505 Phenom 30022:29 19-Sep-2021
JIT817 N913JTHA-420 HondaJet22:25 19-Sep-2021
N884GL N884GLPraetor 60022:23 19-Sep-2021
OKC904 N904FLLegacy 60021:55 19-Sep-2021
N64AR N64ARVision SF5021:47 19-Sep-2021
EIN11T EI-LREA321neo21:34 19-Sep-2021
N9CU N9CUFalcon 90021:26 19-Sep-2021
N611TX N611TXFalcon 900EX EASy21:18 19-Sep-2021
N408H N408HG20021:14 19-Sep-2021
EJA685 N685QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:00 19-Sep-2021
LXJ416 N416FXLegacy 45020:48 19-Sep-2021
ARCAT85 N350XKChallenger 35020:47 19-Sep-2021
EJA570 N570QSCitation Latitude20:46 19-Sep-2021
N605RP N605RPGlobal 600020:44 19-Sep-2021
N659FM N659FMFalcon 2000EX EASy20:41 19-Sep-2021
UCA4325 N14198EMB-145XR20:40 19-Sep-2021
UCA4942 N12157EMB-145XR20:37 19-Sep-2021
JTL82 N821DFLearjet 6020:26 19-Sep-2021
MFUAD M-FUADG650 ER20:24 19-Sep-2021
N404CD N404CDLearjet 6020:22 19-Sep-2021
UAL1694 N68453B737-90019:52 19-Sep-2021
UAL919 N670UAB767-30019:27 19-Sep-2021
AWI3923 N466AWCRJ-20019:15 19-Sep-2021
CMP304 HP-1840CMPB737-80018:54 19-Sep-2021
SAS925 SE-RSCA350-90018:51 19-Sep-2021
AWI3869 N468AWCRJ-20018:48 19-Sep-2021
N607RP N607RPBD-100 Challenger 30018:17 19-Sep-2021
N524EA N524EAG650 ER17:11 19-Sep-2021
N7MR N7MRFalcon 7X16:43 19-Sep-2021
N795ND N795NDTBM-70016:24 19-Sep-2021
GXA102 N277GXA321-20010:16 19-Sep-2021
QAF3 A7-HHMA330-20004:01 19-Sep-2021
N904TS N904TSG45003:22 19-Sep-2021
N472K N472KFalcon 2000DX03:02 19-Sep-2021
N96PZ N96PZCitation M202:49 19-Sep-2021
ASH6015 N85363EMB-17500:41 19-Sep-2021
EJA504 N504QSCitation Latitude00:28 19-Sep-2021
N529TM N529TMLearjet 6023:18 18-Sep-2021
N1898B N1898BFalcon 8X22:07 18-Sep-2021
AGO001 P4-CLAB767-20021:33 18-Sep-2021
N505FC N505FCCessna 525B Citation CJ321:27 18-Sep-2021
N886DC N886DCFalcon 90020:55 18-Sep-2021
N432AK N432AKEMB-505 Phenom 30020:41 18-Sep-2021
N627EM N627EMCessna 208 Caravan 120:31 18-Sep-2021
AWI3728 N451AWCRJ-20019:13 18-Sep-2021
DCM6333 N356JHLearjet 6018:40 18-Sep-2021
N694ES N694ESBAe-125-70017:03 18-Sep-2021
N24WM N24WMTBM 93016:38 18-Sep-2021
QAF4 A7-AAGA320-20005:03 18-Sep-2021
MARKZ M-ARKZChallenger 60500:07 18-Sep-2021
N38NG N38NGG55023:14 17-Sep-2021
N587G N587GG55022:35 17-Sep-2021
N425M N425MLearjet 4522:01 17-Sep-2021
N568TT N568TTBeech 1300 Commuter19:25 17-Sep-2021
EJM585 N585JCG-5 Gulfstream 519:19 17-Sep-2021
N586G N586GG55017:52 17-Sep-2021
FDX2755 N723FDA300B4-60015:30 17-Sep-2021
00000000 N168GSCessna 560XL Citation Excel13:15 17-Sep-2021
QAF6 A7-HHHA340-50012:39 17-Sep-2021
FDX1951 N950FDB757-20009:15 17-Sep-2021
N970SF N970SFFalcon 900EX EASy22:31 16-Sep-2021
EJM265 N265SJBD-100 Challenger 30003:47 16-Sep-2021
N772BE N772BEG55001:05 16-Sep-2021
EJA533 N533QSCitation Latitude20:37 14-Sep-2021
N823LT N823LTLearjet 4022:57 13-Sep-2021
N359GS N359GSG28023:27 12-Sep-2021
N401JG N401JGFalcon 900EX EASy21:45 12-Sep-2021
N74PJ N74PJCitation M218:07 12-Sep-2021
N904DSG650 ER03:36 12-Sep-2021
N910MD N910MDTBM 93022:37 11-Sep-2021
N800AR N800ARG-4 Gulfstream 420:28 11-Sep-2021
N84CW N84CWG28022:22 10-Sep-2021
N86CW N86CWG28020:11 10-Sep-2021
EJM552 N200KCLegacy 50017:55 10-Sep-2021
N101US N101USChallenger 65000:56 10-Sep-2021
N935PF N935PFCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:47 09-Sep-2021
N119U N119UBAe-125-100012:51 09-Sep-2021
VCN121 HB-JOEG55016:24 07-Sep-2021
N3877 N3877BD-700 Global Express02:38 07-Sep-2021
N610CL N610CLCitation M223:00 06-Sep-2021
N1222B N1222BCessna 425 Conquest 116:34 06-Sep-2021
N135WL N135WLEC-13510:31 24-Aug-2021
N758AC N758ACS-58T13:56 12-Jul-2021
N212FX N212FX429 GlobalRanger23:21 04-Jul-2021

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