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Name: Hayward Executive Airport
City: Hayward
Country: United States
Elevation: 52 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
FDX1167 N675FEA300B4-60013:51 03-Mar-2021
FDX1705 N166FEB767-30013:40 03-Mar-2021
FDX1840 N670FEA300B4-60013:29 03-Mar-2021
UPS946 N370UPB767-30013:22 03-Mar-2021
UPS944 N317UPB767-30012:40 03-Mar-2021
JUS208 N208USDC-9-3010:57 03-Mar-2021
FDX1825 N587FEMD-1107:30 03-Mar-2021
SWA786 N8306HB737-80007:19 03-Mar-2021
FDX992 N383FEDC-1006:46 03-Mar-2021
SWA1278 N8301JB737-80005:40 03-Mar-2021
SWA2642 N8622AB737-80005:12 03-Mar-2021
SWA4864 N8313FB737-80005:04 03-Mar-2021
N318YG N318YGTBM 94004:25 03-Mar-2021
SWA351 N728SWB737-70004:07 03-Mar-2021
HAL48 N205HAA321neo03:52 03-Mar-2021
SWA456 N8695DB737-80003:40 03-Mar-2021
SWA3139 N8644CB737-80003:29 03-Mar-2021
SWA4816 N7823AB737-70003:14 03-Mar-2021
HAL24 N227HAA321neo02:44 03-Mar-2021
SWA1305 N473WNB737-70002:34 03-Mar-2021
SWA4608 N8310CB737-80023:30 02-Mar-2021
PXT12 N12JKCessna 560XL Citation Excel23:13 02-Mar-2021
N910PA N910PATBM 91022:54 02-Mar-2021
NKS3836 N934NKA320neo22:41 02-Mar-2021
FDX3808 N964FDB757-20018:58 02-Mar-2021
N272RV N272RVCitation CJ417:11 02-Mar-2021
HAL8002 N202HAA321neo04:12 02-Mar-2021
N918E N918EG45001:34 02-Mar-2021
N274WA N274WAPA-46-600TP M60021:25 01-Mar-2021
JTL5 N54BSG-5 Gulfstream 504:04 01-Mar-2021
N442BN N442BNR44 Clipper II02:15 01-Mar-2021
N576RG N576RGPC-1223:38 28-Feb-2021
N8624G N8624G280 Shark20:35 28-Feb-2021
N1888 N1888Cessna 510 Citation Mustang23:38 27-Feb-2021
N458FS N458FSChallenger 35018:51 27-Feb-2021
N535 N535Cessna 525 Citation CJ100:45 27-Feb-2021
N889CM N889CMEclipse 50023:40 26-Feb-2021
N888GW N888GWPC-1222:33 26-Feb-2021
N708PD N708PDAS-350/55019:33 26-Feb-2021
N34ST N34STCessna 510 Citation Mustang06:53 26-Feb-2021
N2926E N2926EChallenger 35003:44 26-Feb-2021
N64588 N64588B75 Kaydet20:34 25-Feb-2021
N881VP N881VPCessna 560XL Citation Excel19:06 25-Feb-2021
N41KN N41KNCitation CJ420:06 24-Feb-2021
N69VK N69VKEMB-505 Phenom 30000:06 24-Feb-2021
N148FJ N148FJFalcon 90022:07 23-Feb-2021
N621KS N621KSTBM 93020:07 23-Feb-2021
N978SH N978SHChallenger 35000:23 22-Feb-2021
N114FW N114FWCessna 525 Citation CJ100:08 22-Feb-2021
N918AT N918ATAT-16 Harvard23:53 21-Feb-2021
N481GV N481GVG-5 Gulfstream 519:31 19-Feb-2021
N16JN N16JNG-4 Gulfstream 403:13 19-Feb-2021
N300HF N300HFCessna 525B Citation CJ301:28 19-Feb-2021
N75BS N75BSTBM 90023:00 18-Feb-2021
N510HM N510HMCessna 510 Citation Mustang22:08 16-Feb-2021
N5481T N5481TChallenger 60400:57 13-Feb-2021
N999JD N999JDCessna 510 Citation Mustang00:29 11-Feb-2021
N479SH N479SHR22 Beta II23:55 10-Feb-2021
N808JS N808JSPC-1201:04 06-Feb-2021
N85NV N85NVG-5 Gulfstream 523:46 25-Jan-2021
N85KV N85KVA-10921:08 08-Jan-2021
N73286 N732864722:03 29-Dec-2020

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