Hayward Executive Airport

Name: Hayward Executive Airport
City: Hayward
Country: United States
Elevation: 52 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SWA1137 N8310CB737-80006:35 09-May-2021
QXE2242 N638QXEMB-17506:33 09-May-2021
SWA2163 N8717MB737 MAX 806:18 09-May-2021
SKW3774 N306SYEMB-17505:51 09-May-2021
SWA1588 N8319FB737-80005:15 09-May-2021
SWA4724 N767SWB737-70005:10 09-May-2021
SKW3550 N272SYEMB-17505:09 09-May-2021
SWA3331 N8501VB737-80004:43 09-May-2021
HAL68 N228HAA321neo04:41 09-May-2021
SWA4713 N223WNB737-70004:03 09-May-2021
HAL24 N202HAA321neo04:01 09-May-2021
SWA2931 N8696EB737-80003:45 09-May-2021
SWA2860 N8561ZB737-80003:16 09-May-2021
SWA3554 N734SAB737-70003:14 09-May-2021
SWA3076 N8724JB737 MAX 803:10 09-May-2021
SWA3177 N442WNB737-70003:01 09-May-2021
SWA2083 N479WNB737-70002:56 09-May-2021
SWA4506 N735SAB737-70002:47 09-May-2021
HAL48 N214HAA321neo02:35 09-May-2021
FDX3702 N590FEMD-1102:29 09-May-2021
PXT12 N12JKCessna 560XL Citation Excel02:27 09-May-2021
FDX3707 N601FEMD-1101:23 09-May-2021
N808JS N808JSPC-1200:57 09-May-2021
FDX311 N615FEMD-1100:38 09-May-2021
N543PD N543PDCessna 525B Citation CJ323:57 08-May-2021
FDX1468 N725FDA300B4-60023:28 08-May-2021
N114FW N114FWCessna 525 Citation CJ121:03 08-May-2021
SWA5266 N763SWB737-70020:46 08-May-2021
N535 N535Cessna 525 Citation CJ120:33 08-May-2021
N1956M N1956MG-5 Gulfstream 520:26 08-May-2021
N3197G N3197GAT-16 Harvard19:37 07-May-2021
N70LX N70LXFalcon 2000EX EASy16:22 07-May-2021
SWA478 N8301JB737-80016:09 07-May-2021
UPS944 N301UPB767-30011:30 07-May-2021
GDG918 N918EG45006:14 07-May-2021
KAI99 N733KAB737-80004:09 07-May-2021
N11BV N11BVFalcon 200021:56 06-May-2021
N834DC N834DCCessna 550 Citation 220:26 06-May-2021
N70FC N70FCCessna 525B Citation CJ320:09 06-May-2021
N888GW N888GWPC-1218:34 06-May-2021
N910PA N910PATBM 91023:44 05-May-2021
N6MG N6MGEMB-505 Phenom 30023:35 05-May-2021
N3VF N3VFFalcon 50EX23:10 05-May-2021
SWA986 N8303RB737-80023:07 05-May-2021
N978SH N978SHChallenger 35022:46 05-May-2021
N41KN N41KNCitation CJ417:27 03-May-2021
N300HF N300HFCessna 525B Citation CJ304:51 03-May-2021
N62SH N62SHCessna 525B Citation CJ302:48 02-May-2021
N889CM N889CMEclipse 50001:47 02-May-2021
N1888 N1888Cessna 510 Citation Mustang01:18 02-May-2021
N989KM N989KMG45001:54 01-May-2021
N333DS N333DSG55020:31 27-Apr-2021
N621KS N621KSTBM 93018:04 27-Apr-2021
N122PR N122PRFalcon 200000:28 26-Apr-2021
N900BK N900BKFalcon 90023:53 25-Apr-2021
N415SE N415SEG20023:26 21-Apr-2021
N6844D N6844DCessna 425 Conquest 122:53 19-Apr-2021
N1223B N1223BCessna 425 Conquest 120:40 18-Apr-2021
N148FJ N148FJFalcon 90022:56 17-Apr-2021
N208S N208SS-7621:41 14-Apr-2021
ASA9565 N633VAA320-20023:14 09-Apr-2021
ASA9577 N640VAA320-20020:24 06-Apr-2021
JTL5 N54BSG-5 Gulfstream 522:13 28-Mar-2021
N221FT N221FTBeech Super King Air 35005:08 20-Mar-2021
N918AT N918ATAT-16 Harvard23:53 21-Feb-2021
N73286 N732864722:03 29-Dec-2020

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