Huntsville International Carl T Jones Field

Name: Huntsville International Carl T Jones Field
City: Huntsville
Country: United States
Elevation: 629 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
JIA5629 N611NNCRJ-90004:16 24-Sep-2021
ENY3852 N211NNEMB-17503:20 24-Sep-2021
DAL2112 N955ATB717-20002:59 24-Sep-2021
SKW5626 N785SKCRJ-70002:41 24-Sep-2021
SVL6 N970DMCessna 525B Citation CJ301:25 24-Sep-2021
UCA4961 N11176EMB-145XR01:14 24-Sep-2021
RPA3598 N635RWEMB-17000:12 24-Sep-2021
UCA4824 N11150EMB-145XR23:56 23-Sep-2021
EDV5105 N367CACRJ-70023:28 23-Sep-2021
N857GA N857GAG55023:20 23-Sep-2021
N129LT N129LTCitation Bravo22:53 22-Sep-2021
N5XM N5XMBeech Super King Air 35021:54 22-Sep-2021
N716LT N716LTCessna 500 Citation 120:21 22-Sep-2021
N7508H N7508H26916:13 22-Sep-2021
N202EA N202EAEclipse 50018:08 19-Sep-2021
N868VB N868VBBeech Super King Air 35019:24 17-Sep-2021
72187 11-72187BK-117C-219:51 13-Sep-2021
N499NH N499NHSabreliner15:22 13-Sep-2021
N108RF N108RFCessna 208 Caravan 120:11 11-Sep-2021
N331RF N331RFCessna 208 Caravan 122:51 10-Sep-2021
BVN8549 N723FXCessna 208 Caravan 111:04 10-Sep-2021
N247CN N247CNCessna 560 Citation 520:41 05-Sep-2021
N750VX N750VX750XL20:41 30-Aug-2021
CL601123 N601HWChallenger 601 3R13:09 29-Aug-2021
N115SU N115SU36920:17 01-Aug-2021
N336P N336PPA-31T1-500 Cheyenne 121:01 27-Jul-2021
N407SA N407SA40721:49 26-Jul-2021
N530X N530X36914:17 13-Jul-2021
N442SD N442SDR44 Raven II01:17 11-Jul-2021
N67265 N67265AB-206 JetRanger15:42 24-Mar-2021
R26302 90-26302AH-60 Black Hawk16:30 17-Feb-2021
N264PS N264PSAH-60 Black Hawk20:02 16-Jan-2021

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