Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Name: Gerald R. Ford International Airport
City: Grand Rapids
Country: United States
Elevation: 794 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
IRO7569 N993FECessna 208 Caravan 100:42 17-May-2022
EJA408 N408QSEMB-505 Phenom 30000:39 17-May-2022
SWA771 N8574ZB737-80000:28 17-May-2022
ENY4012 N616AEEMB-14500:16 17-May-2022
AWI3867 N471ZWCRJ-20023:50 16-May-2022
IRO7604 N712FXCessna 208 Caravan 123:46 16-May-2022
N254DV N254DVPraetor 60023:05 16-May-2022
N211M N211MKodiak 10022:38 16-May-2022
N37DS N37DSPC-1222:23 16-May-2022
AAY992 N271NVA320-20022:02 16-May-2022
NJM770 N770TDLearjet 4021:42 16-May-2022
N519LM N519LMCitation Latitude21:29 16-May-2022
N252DV N252DVG55021:09 16-May-2022
NJM455 N455NJLearjet 4520:48 16-May-2022
NJM750 N750LLLearjet 7519:58 16-May-2022
EDV5247 N293PQCRJ-90019:51 16-May-2022
NJM959 N959RPLearjet 7015:47 16-May-2022
N554WA N554WAPC-1215:05 16-May-2022
EJM697 N697SDCessna 560XL Citation Excel13:46 16-May-2022
N1907M N1907MCessna 560XL Citation Excel12:13 16-May-2022
N88MY N88MYBeech 1300 Commuter03:42 16-May-2022
N256DV N256DVCitation CJ403:29 16-May-2022
N257DV N257DVCitation CJ402:15 16-May-2022
FDX713 N685FEA300B4-60023:39 15-May-2022
N222JE N222JEFalcon 2000LX14:41 15-May-2022
NJM300 N300GFLearjet 7518:11 14-May-2022
NJM422 N422AJLearjet 7522:23 13-May-2022
N538SL N538SLBD-100 Challenger 30022:20 13-May-2022
N76SN N76SNCessna 560XL Citation Excel20:34 13-May-2022
N255FP N255FPCessna 750 Citation X20:31 13-May-2022
N898TW N898TWCessna 525B Citation CJ319:53 13-May-2022
N1219M N1219MCitation Latitude16:35 13-May-2022
IRO795 N795FECessna 208 Caravan 115:01 13-May-2022
FDX2743 N989FDB757-20014:14 13-May-2022
N716DJ N716DJCitation M203:13 13-May-2022
N555WL N555WLCessna 560 Citation 520:04 12-May-2022
N408PC N408PCBeech 400 Beechjet19:14 12-May-2022
N320AC N320ACLearjet 6004:10 12-May-2022
N272BC N272BCChallenger 35021:26 10-May-2022
N560RP N560RPCessna 560 Citation 513:59 09-May-2022
N512BH N512BHChallenger 35004:22 09-May-2022
N205GR N205GRAB-206 JetRanger19:35 08-May-2022
N882CA N882CALearjet 4520:33 03-May-2022
N2022L N2022LLearjet 7516:45 03-May-2022
N999SV N999SVPC-1219:59 30-Apr-2022
N721RN N721RNCessna 560XL Citation Excel16:41 29-Apr-2022
N345NX N345NXPC-1212:45 29-Apr-2022
N349JC N349JCFalcon 1018:56 22-Apr-2022
N327VA N327VAS-7615:37 22-Apr-2022
N100ND N100NDFalcon 1016:51 22-Mar-2022
N130SB N130SBEC-13018:24 21-Mar-2022
N5HA N5HAEC-13013:38 21-Feb-2022
FFL240 N4YSBeech Super King Air 35014:01 28-Jan-2022
N307WL N307WLPC-1216:37 22-Oct-2021
N223DE N223DEEC-13003:05 03-Jul-2021
N120AF N120AFR44 Raven01:46 21-Jan-2021

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