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Name: Fort Collins Loveland Municipal Airport
City: Fort Collins/Loveland
Country: United States
Elevation: 5016 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N425SB N425SBCessna 425 Conquest 118:34 03-Aug-2020
N578TW N578TWPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian20:41 02-Aug-2020
JUMPR41 N141ZDHC-6 Twin Otter16:25 02-Aug-2020
N666CJ N666CJCJ-617:27 01-Aug-2020
N1870G N1870GBD-100 Challenger 30000:55 01-Aug-2020
CHILD1 N127CHEC-13017:53 31-Jul-2020
N151PW N151PWGulfstream G15023:04 30-Jul-2020
N97826 N97826Cessna 208 Caravan 121:53 30-Jul-2020
N178SG N178SGPA-31T-620 Cheyenne 222:04 29-Jul-2020
REH91 N941EMAS-350/55021:57 29-Jul-2020
N659NR N659NRChallenger 35022:48 26-Jul-2020
N7XE N7XECessna 525 Citation CJ122:15 23-Jul-2020
N528CL N528CLChallenger 60420:55 17-Jul-2020
N50EL N50ELCessna 560 Citation 501:02 15-Jul-2020
N702WM N702WMTBM-70019:34 08-Jul-2020
N112AK N112AKAS-350/55019:52 04-Jun-2020

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