Fresno Yosemite International Airport

Name: Fresno Yosemite International Airport
City: Fresno
Country: United States
Elevation: 336 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
VOI950 XA-VRLA320neo07:27 24-Sep-2021
SKW5904 N960SWCRJ-20006:14 24-Sep-2021
SKW3778 N604CZEMB-175 LR06:06 24-Sep-2021
VOI602 XA-VRJA320neo05:47 24-Sep-2021
MAKO10 17-20963AH-60 Black Hawk05:01 24-Sep-2021
SKW4644 N163SYEMB-17504:58 24-Sep-2021
SKW3317 N400SYEMB-17504:34 24-Sep-2021
SKW5565 N903SWCRJ-20003:55 24-Sep-2021
SKW3388 N404SYEMB-17503:52 24-Sep-2021
SKW3026 N717EVCRJ-70003:35 24-Sep-2021
AAY4102 N281NVA320-20003:30 24-Sep-2021
SKW5591 N924SWCRJ-20003:27 24-Sep-2021
N717JG N717JGBeech 90 King Air02:52 24-Sep-2021
AAL1381 N971ANB737-80002:45 24-Sep-2021
SKW3332 N187SYEMB-17502:45 24-Sep-2021
N334AM N334AMPC-1202:08 24-Sep-2021
N700PQ N700PQ690 Jetprop Commander 84001:45 24-Sep-2021
N441HL N441HLCessna 441 Conquest 201:03 24-Sep-2021
SWA12 N7838AB737-70001:00 24-Sep-2021
A430 N430DFOV-10 Bronco00:54 24-Sep-2021
N554VP N554VPCessna 560 Citation 500:36 24-Sep-2021
SKW5304 N435SWCRJ-20023:59 23-Sep-2021
N39DS N39DSCitation Latitude23:30 23-Sep-2021
N909EB N909EBBeech 90 King Air22:32 23-Sep-2021
N700BQ N700BQTBM-70022:28 23-Sep-2021
N834RR N834RRKodiak 10021:41 23-Sep-2021
SKW4610 N287SYEMB-17521:29 23-Sep-2021
N975HP N975HPAS-350/55021:04 23-Sep-2021
N79AJ N79AJCessna 525 Citation CJ118:46 23-Sep-2021
N407RW N407RW40718:17 23-Sep-2021
N562NA N562NAPC-1207:11 23-Sep-2021
SKW5565 N983SWCRJ-20003:41 23-Sep-2021
N521RT N521RTPC-1203:27 23-Sep-2021
SKW3332 N186SYEMB-17502:45 23-Sep-2021
TNKR164 N374ACAvro RJ-8502:12 23-Sep-2021
TNKR163 N366ACAvro RJ-8501:59 23-Sep-2021
N154NP N154NPKodiak 100-II00:29 23-Sep-2021
N115YS N115YSBeech 90 King Air00:14 23-Sep-2021
N350AE N350AEBeech Super King Air 35023:24 22-Sep-2021
N559HF N559HFCessna 560XL Citation Excel22:31 22-Sep-2021
N238JP N238JPCitation Bravo21:49 22-Sep-2021
N1078Q N1078QAB-206 JetRanger21:07 22-Sep-2021
N922SD N922SD36921:06 22-Sep-2021
N550ML N550MLCitation Bravo18:36 22-Sep-2021
N711AW N711AWBeech Super King Air 35004:20 22-Sep-2021
N684WB N684WBBeech 90 King Air00:57 22-Sep-2021
N923AS N923ASBeech 1300 Commuter20:17 21-Sep-2021
N90TP N90TPBeech 90 King Air01:04 21-Sep-2021
N359DG N359DGBeech Super King Air 35023:45 20-Sep-2021
N474J N474JBeech 1300 Commuter18:36 20-Sep-2021
N7XE N7XECessna 525 Citation CJ118:30 20-Sep-2021
N999HW N999HWBeech Super King Air 35005:34 20-Sep-2021
N28LA N28LACessna 550 Citation 205:49 19-Sep-2021
N850WA N850WATBM-85003:44 19-Sep-2021
N802RR N802RRGulfstream G15018:38 18-Sep-2021
N55TV N55TVAS-350/55023:44 17-Sep-2021
N30GT N30GTBeech 90 King Air23:22 17-Sep-2021
SKW9917 N897SKCRJ-90021:07 17-Sep-2021
N200WB N200WBBeech 1300 Commuter17:03 17-Sep-2021
N227DC N227DCBeech 90 King Air22:26 13-Sep-2021
N441MN N441MNCessna 441 Conquest 217:28 13-Sep-2021
N441PN N441PNCessna 441 Conquest 216:34 13-Sep-2021
N550DL N550DLCessna 550 Citation 219:29 10-Sep-2021
N284CA N284CAAB-206 JetRanger21:20 07-Sep-2021
N28ZF N28ZFBAe-125-70022:26 03-Sep-2021
N132N N132NBeech 1300 Commuter22:24 26-Aug-2021
N920FC N920FC36902:15 26-Aug-2021
N90RT N90RTBeech 90 King Air13:17 25-Aug-2021
N350PA N350PABeech Super King Air 35022:10 24-Aug-2021
N41BA N41BABeech 90 King Air02:07 21-Aug-2021
N969MS N969MS36903:05 20-Aug-2021
N514JD N514JDEC-120 Colibri23:42 19-Aug-2021
MAKO10 17-20962AH-60 Black Hawk22:35 02-Aug-2021
SCHNR22 08-08763CH-47 Chinook06:22 15-Jul-2021
N524MW N524MWEC-120 Colibri02:47 08-Jul-2021
N921SD N921SD36901:36 20-Jun-2021
N712M N712MAB-206 JetRanger15:50 10-Jun-2021
APC2000 N228DACessna 208 Caravan 119:23 11-May-2021

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