Mahlon Sweet Field

Name: Mahlon Sweet Field
City: Eugene
Country: United States
Elevation: 374 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
ASH5766 N938LRCRJ-90005:18 24-Sep-2021
UAL1485 N406UAA320-20005:14 24-Sep-2021
N858CB N858CBCessna 525B Citation CJ304:23 24-Sep-2021
UAL1978 N448UAA320-20002:56 24-Sep-2021
SWA1877 N215WNB737-70002:28 24-Sep-2021
N820AT N820ATLearjet 4501:29 24-Sep-2021
EJA200 N200QSChallenger 65000:14 24-Sep-2021
SKW4782 N108SYEMB-17500:08 24-Sep-2021
DPJ325 N325NDCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:06 24-Sep-2021
N844CH N844CH690 Jetprop Commander 84023:57 23-Sep-2021
N100DS N100DSCessna 550 Citation 223:06 23-Sep-2021
FFL237 N495DHBeech Super King Air 35019:07 23-Sep-2021
N702PC N702PCPC-1219:03 23-Sep-2021
N560CC N560CCCessna 560 Citation 518:38 23-Sep-2021
N780CF N780CFCessna 550 Citation 221:56 20-Sep-2021
N840GH N840GH690 Jetprop Commander 84016:26 20-Sep-2021
N565AR N565ARCitation Bravo14:36 20-Sep-2021
N121DM N121DMCitation M218:51 19-Sep-2021
N680MC N680MCCessna 680 Citation Sovereign07:11 19-Sep-2021
N925AJ N925AJFalcon 200000:02 18-Sep-2021
N461EY N461EYEMB-312 Tucano17:19 17-Sep-2021
N1088R N1088RCessna 560XL Citation Excel01:47 17-Sep-2021
N998SA N998SACessna 560 Citation 518:03 16-Sep-2021
N675LC N675LCBD-100 Challenger 30022:23 13-Sep-2021
G72237 10-72172BK-117C-218:51 12-Sep-2021
N907DF N907DFCessna 650 Citation 304:15 12-Sep-2021
N108W N108WAB-206 JetRanger23:00 11-Sep-2021
REH8 N323RXEC-13506:36 05-Sep-2021
N208JG N208JGCessna 208 Caravan 100:27 01-Sep-2021
N9047C N9047CAB-206 JetRanger23:46 27-Aug-2021
N617CK N617CKHSS-219:06 24-Aug-2021
N82W N82W212 Twin Two-Twelve17:37 09-Aug-2021
N106CJ N106CJCessna 525 Citation CJ119:21 04-Aug-2021
N69655 N69655B75 Kaydet17:12 01-Aug-2021
103WC N103WCAB-206 JetRanger15:13 10-Jun-2021
N84EC N84ECCessna 550 Citation 223:39 29-Apr-2021

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