Phoenix Deer Valley Airport

Name: Phoenix Deer Valley Airport
City: Phoenix
Country: United States
Elevation: 1478 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N357FB N357FBAS-350/55009:26 28-Jan-2022
N620FB N620FBPC-1204:38 28-Jan-2022
N823LT N823LTLearjet 4004:32 28-Jan-2022
N99AZ N99AZEclipse 50003:44 28-Jan-2022
N56AZ N56AZ40703:13 28-Jan-2022
N4204 N4204AS-350/55002:47 28-Jan-2022
PKW649 N603ACLearjet 6002:43 28-Jan-2022
N91SK N91SKPC-1202:06 28-Jan-2022
N122JB N122JBCessna 208 Caravan 102:05 28-Jan-2022
N931ED N931EDLearjet 3101:13 28-Jan-2022
N1129G N1129GCessna 208 Caravan 123:27 27-Jan-2022
N2DB N2DBBeech 300 Super King Air23:03 27-Jan-2022
N350HS N350HSCessna 510 Citation Mustang22:24 27-Jan-2022
N352FB N352FBAS-350/55020:35 27-Jan-2022
N883TX N883TXCessna 560 Citation 518:31 27-Jan-2022
N155PT N155PTCessna 560 Citation 518:15 27-Jan-2022
N351MP N351MPBeech Super King Air 35004:50 27-Jan-2022
N419CT N419CTVision SF50 G223:38 26-Jan-2022
N71SC N71SCCessna 208 Caravan 121:17 26-Jan-2022
N517GM N517GMPC-7 Astra19:39 26-Jan-2022
CITT97 N341SFCessna 525B Citation CJ319:19 26-Jan-2022
N365WM N365WMKing Air 36018:26 26-Jan-2022
N795W N795WEMB-505 Phenom 30017:46 26-Jan-2022
N678CP N678CPR44 Raven II16:17 26-Jan-2022
N359FB N359FBAS-350/55016:01 26-Jan-2022
N812LE N812LE429 GlobalRanger04:21 26-Jan-2022
N259GM N259GMTBM-85023:56 25-Jan-2022
N358K N358KCessna 525A Citation CJ223:24 25-Jan-2022
N441DD N441DDCessna 441 Conquest 222:44 25-Jan-2022
N812SH N812SHCessna 560 Citation 517:05 25-Jan-2022
N602AC N602ACLearjet 6001:56 25-Jan-2022
N850XS N850XSTBM-85023:00 24-Jan-2022
N90DA N90DA40722:58 24-Jan-2022
N71PP N71PPCessna 560 Citation 521:28 24-Jan-2022
N505SJ N505SJCessna 525 Citation CJ100:43 24-Jan-2022
N14CJ N14CJCitation CJ423:41 23-Jan-2022
N170MR N170MRCessna 525A Citation CJ220:55 23-Jan-2022
CFRWD C-FRWDTBM 91020:41 23-Jan-2022
N973AE N973AEAS-350/55003:58 23-Jan-2022
N11SM N11SMVision SF5023:59 22-Jan-2022
N629JJ N629JJEMB-500 Phenom 10021:09 22-Jan-2022
N44LV N44LVCessna 560 Citation 515:50 22-Jan-2022
N139US N139USL-39 Albatros20:03 21-Jan-2022
N109FB N109FBA-10918:12 21-Jan-2022
N580MP N580MPEpic E100019:05 20-Jan-2022
N611CR N611CRBeech 90 King Air18:00 19-Jan-2022
N330EA N330EATBM 90021:32 18-Jan-2022
N53BR N53BRBeech 45 Mentor22:09 14-Jan-2022
N367ER N367EREMB-500 Phenom 10019:17 13-Jan-2022
N208WW N208WWCessna 208 Caravan 118:06 12-Jan-2022
N800MM N800MMMerlin 320:14 07-Jan-2022
N850NV N850NVTBM-85019:58 04-Jan-2022
N785WW N785WWCessna 208 Caravan 117:30 04-Jan-2022
N619DE N619DE40720:36 03-Jan-2022
N236JS N236JSBeech 90 King Air20:46 31-Dec-2021
N1VG N1VGLearjet 5520:42 29-Dec-2021
N613AL N613ALEMB-312 Tucano21:44 26-Dec-2021
N407DA N407DA40719:48 23-Dec-2021
N377LW N377LW36920:30 15-Dec-2021
N427SH N427SHPC-2400:31 02-Dec-2021
N403EM N403EMBeech 90 King Air21:00 29-Nov-2021
N524XA N524XACitation Bravo21:13 05-Nov-2021
N39KR N39KRL-39 Albatros19:00 16-Oct-2021
N51769 N51769280 Shark13:53 16-Jul-2021
N846RS N846RSEMB-312 Tucano18:04 11-Jul-2021
N822RS N822RSEMB-312 Tucano23:47 06-Apr-2021
N400RV N400RVBeech 90 King Air18:53 21-Mar-2021
N480FT N480FTAB-206 JetRanger17:25 25-Feb-2021
N69CY N69CYCJ-623:51 24-Feb-2021
N719GB N719GB41221:05 10-Feb-2021
VFR N4182CCJ-619:33 01-Feb-2021
N261PD N261PDB75 Kaydet20:59 28-Jan-2021
VFR RF-21014Ka-22621:20 18-Jan-2021

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