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Name: Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
City: Detroit
Country: United States
Elevation: 645 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
EDV4960 N480PXCRJ-90021:18 11-Apr-2021
RPA5857 N869RWEMB-17021:17 11-Apr-2021
EDV4929 N376CACRJ-70021:12 11-Apr-2021
EDV5058 N8847ACRJ-20021:05 11-Apr-2021
SKW4275 N886ASCRJ-20021:03 11-Apr-2021
DAL618 N871DNB737-90021:01 11-Apr-2021
GJS4447 N519GJCRJ-70020:59 11-Apr-2021
RPA4811 N420YXEMB-17520:44 11-Apr-2021
NKS330 N645NKA320-20020:39 11-Apr-2021
AAL1350 N821NNB737-80020:37 11-Apr-2021
DAL276 N503DNA350-90020:34 11-Apr-2021
DAL2285 N369DNA321-20020:30 11-Apr-2021
GJS4430 N534GJCRJ-70020:29 11-Apr-2021
N76EJ000 N76EJG-4 Gulfstream 420:24 11-Apr-2021
JIA5693 N594NNCRJ-90020:24 11-Apr-2021
JIA5613 N515AECRJ-70020:22 11-Apr-2021
DAL1149 N864DNB737-90020:16 11-Apr-2021
NKS296 N905NKA320neo20:10 11-Apr-2021
DAL1130 N138DUCSeries CS10020:07 11-Apr-2021
AAL1339 N306PBB737-80020:03 11-Apr-2021
HFY853 CS-TQZA340-30020:02 11-Apr-2021
DAL94 N861NWA330-20020:00 11-Apr-2021
ENY3688 N201NNEMB-17519:15 11-Apr-2021
DAL2258 N917DUB737-90019:05 11-Apr-2021
DAL1518 N998ATB717-20018:53 11-Apr-2021
DAL1206 N804DNB737-90018:46 11-Apr-2021
EDV4716 N390CACRJ-70018:37 11-Apr-2021
EDV5091 N607LRCRJ-90018:18 11-Apr-2021
DAL135 N803NWA330-30017:39 11-Apr-2021
DAL284 N507DNA350-90017:20 11-Apr-2021
N90BA N90BALearjet 3117:17 11-Apr-2021
DAL809 N355DNA321-20017:10 11-Apr-2021
N37HK N37HKFalcon 2000EX EASy16:55 11-Apr-2021
EDV4756 N832AYCRJ-20016:44 11-Apr-2021
DAL2493 N352NBA319-10016:42 11-Apr-2021
DAL1154 N359DNA321-20015:18 11-Apr-2021
DAL941 N329DNA321-20015:11 11-Apr-2021
DAL2027 N591NWB757-30014:43 11-Apr-2021
DAL2553 N808DNB737-90014:38 11-Apr-2021
DAL2080 N303DNA321-20014:26 11-Apr-2021
EJA417 N417QSEMB-505 Phenom 30014:14 11-Apr-2021
N989AW N989AWLearjet 5514:03 11-Apr-2021
N98D N98DEMB-505 Phenom 30014:01 11-Apr-2021
DAL1169 N589NWB757-30013:13 11-Apr-2021
MKS636 N913NKA320neo13:00 11-Apr-2021
RPA5692 N205JQEMB-175 LR12:43 11-Apr-2021
NKS892 N677NKA321-20012:35 11-Apr-2021
NKS2671 N629NKA320-20005:54 11-Apr-2021
DAL1166 N514DNA350-90003:03 11-Apr-2021
KII725 N725CKB727-20019:07 10-Apr-2021
N220DF N220DFFalcon 200018:24 10-Apr-2021
UPS1482 N270UPMD-1110:45 10-Apr-2021
KFS57 N905CKLearjet 3608:53 10-Apr-2021
JUS192 N192USDC-9-1000:27 10-Apr-2021
DAL2289 N180DNB767-30022:59 09-Apr-2021
UPS5542 N405UPB757-20021:58 09-Apr-2021
N608JR N608JRCessna 560XL Citation Excel19:43 09-Apr-2021
EJM247 N247WPEMB-505 Phenom 30018:56 09-Apr-2021
FDX1540 N998FDB757-20013:21 09-Apr-2021
FDX1747 N953FDB757-20012:18 09-Apr-2021
N204CF N204CFCessna 550 Citation 211:07 09-Apr-2021
JUS208 N208USDC-9-3010:50 09-Apr-2021
JUS822 N822AAFalcon 2009:11 09-Apr-2021
UPS1488 N158UPA300B4-60009:01 09-Apr-2021
NSH84 N841TCBAe-125-70023:53 08-Apr-2021
N886EM N886EMCessna 680 Citation Sovereign22:35 08-Apr-2021
JUS827 N827AAFalcon 2009:31 08-Apr-2021
NKS380 N661NKA321-20004:16 08-Apr-2021
N147CJ N147CJFalcon 2000EX EASy23:13 07-Apr-2021
JUS831 N831USMD-8319:58 07-Apr-2021
DAL1911 N697DLB757-20022:29 06-Apr-2021
N90MC N90MCFalcon 2000LX S21:43 06-Apr-2021
N33UM N33UMCessna 525B Citation CJ318:57 06-Apr-2021
SKW3197 N604SKCRJ-70014:48 05-Apr-2021
DAL158 N515DNA350-90013:41 05-Apr-2021
N313MC N313MCBeech Super King Air 35000:33 04-Apr-2021
N559LC N559LCG-4 Gulfstream 402:33 02-Apr-2021
JUS195 N195USDC-9-1011:33 31-Mar-2021
KFS48 N73CKLearjet 3510:20 28-Mar-2021
N404F N404FFalcon 900EX23:16 26-Mar-2021
KFS88 N242CKChallenger 601 3R23:03 24-Mar-2021
N284PH N284PHG55018:05 24-Mar-2021
N23TC N23TCBeech 1300 Commuter22:20 23-Mar-2021
N801RM N801RMBAe-125-70019:28 21-Mar-2021
CGNGI C-GNGIPC-1218:22 18-Mar-2021
AJI544 N158TWFalcon 2020:17 10-Mar-2021
JUS827 N962AAFalcon 2021:59 09-Mar-2021
SKW9919 N707EVCRJ-70018:54 06-Mar-2021
AJI9792 N784TWDC-9-1005:19 03-Mar-2021
USC422 N354CKLearjet 3521:56 21-Feb-2021
PD2 N514PDAB-206 JetRanger16:29 25-Jan-2021

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