Denver International Airport

Name: Denver International Airport
City: Denver
Country: United States
Elevation: 5431 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
AAL1094 N900UWA321-20021:46 23-Oct-2021
ACA1039 C-GMYUCSeries CS30021:46 23-Oct-2021
UCA4332 N24128EMB-145XR21:45 23-Oct-2021
SKW5259 N912EVCRJ-20021:44 23-Oct-2021
SKW5649 N876ASCRJ-20021:43 23-Oct-2021
SKW5834 N868ASCRJ-20021:43 23-Oct-2021
SWA2989 N8311QB737-80021:40 23-Oct-2021
SKW3551 N243SYEMB-17521:40 23-Oct-2021
SWA1032 N7731AB737-70021:35 23-Oct-2021
SKW5875 N909EVCRJ-20021:35 23-Oct-2021
DPJ716 N716LDCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:31 23-Oct-2021
SKW5900 N973SWCRJ-20021:30 23-Oct-2021
JBU2257 N531JLA320-20021:30 23-Oct-2021
SWA4647 N7822AB737-70021:28 23-Oct-2021
SKW5839 N601UXEMB-17521:28 23-Oct-2021
SWA361 N497WNB737-70021:27 23-Oct-2021
SWA2511 N953WNB737-70021:25 23-Oct-2021
FFT756 N711FRA321-20021:25 23-Oct-2021
FFT537 N334FRA320neo21:24 23-Oct-2021
SWA721 N496WNB737-70021:23 23-Oct-2021
SWA2259 N8684FB737-80021:21 23-Oct-2021
FFT991 N719FRA321-20021:18 23-Oct-2021
FFT986 N351FRA320neo21:18 23-Oct-2021
SWA1734 N8650FB737-80021:15 23-Oct-2021
ABX7300 N795AXB767-20021:15 23-Oct-2021
SWA2053 N446WNB737-70021:15 23-Oct-2021
UAL2261 N33286B737-80021:13 23-Oct-2021
SKW4630 N211SYEMB-17521:12 23-Oct-2021
SWA1704 N8508WB737-80021:11 23-Oct-2021
FFT976 N359FRA320neo21:11 23-Oct-2021
SWA2919 N8808QB737 MAX 821:09 23-Oct-2021
FFT76 N236FRA320-20021:03 23-Oct-2021
SWA3246 N8654BB737-80021:01 23-Oct-2021
SWA5943 N407WNB737-70020:51 23-Oct-2021
AAL2372 N987ANB737-80020:50 23-Oct-2021
SKW5790 N900EVCRJ-20020:49 23-Oct-2021
SKW4654 N167SYEMB-17520:48 23-Oct-2021
SWA2192 N8632AB737-80020:45 23-Oct-2021
UAL264 N37522B737 MAX 920:44 23-Oct-2021
UAL1112 N17105B757-20020:44 23-Oct-2021
SKW5526 N986SWCRJ-20020:42 23-Oct-2021
SKW4744 N780SKCRJ-70020:42 23-Oct-2021
UAL2635 N833UAA319-10020:40 23-Oct-2021
SKW5451 N117SYEMB-17520:40 23-Oct-2021
SKW4779 N164SYEMB-17520:37 23-Oct-2021
DAL979 N107DNA321-20020:36 23-Oct-2021
UAL1151 N47505B737 MAX 920:35 23-Oct-2021
UAL2072 N76533B737-80020:34 23-Oct-2021
UAL1488 N76522B737-80020:32 23-Oct-2021
UCA4288 N27200EMB-145XR20:31 23-Oct-2021
FFT509 N207FRA320-20020:31 23-Oct-2021
SKW5585 N611UXEMB-17520:29 23-Oct-2021
SKW5439 N875ASCRJ-20020:28 23-Oct-2021
SKW5345 N912SWCRJ-20020:25 23-Oct-2021
SWA3085 N275WNB737-70020:23 23-Oct-2021
UCA4883 N11194EMB-145XR20:22 23-Oct-2021
UAL2637 N490UAA320-20020:21 23-Oct-2021
UAL1630 N69830B737-90020:18 23-Oct-2021
UAL2074 N66803B737-90020:18 23-Oct-2021
SKW4656 N443SWCRJ-20020:17 23-Oct-2021
SKW4672 N946SWCRJ-20020:16 23-Oct-2021
UAL2662 N37502B737 MAX 920:16 23-Oct-2021
SKW5417 N920EVCRJ-20020:14 23-Oct-2021
SKW5581 N207SYEMB-17520:13 23-Oct-2021
UAL1568 N448UAA320-20020:12 23-Oct-2021
SWA4690 N8547VB737-80020:11 23-Oct-2021
SKW5738 N604UXEMB-17520:11 23-Oct-2021
UAL1013 N36447B737-90020:11 23-Oct-2021
LYM3714 N395DC328JET20:10 23-Oct-2021
UAL1291 N465UAA320-20020:10 23-Oct-2021
SKW456W N954SWCRJ-20020:09 23-Oct-2021
UAL578 N73283B737-80020:08 23-Oct-2021
SKW4720 N784SKCRJ-70020:00 23-Oct-2021
FFT411 N211FRA320-20019:58 23-Oct-2021
SKW5500 N625UXEMB-17519:56 23-Oct-2021
UAL1493 N37521B737 MAX 919:52 23-Oct-2021
SKW5523 N103SYEMB-17519:51 23-Oct-2021
SWA5384 N7854BB737-70019:48 23-Oct-2021
SKW5613 N151SYEMB-17519:35 23-Oct-2021
SKW5492 N926SWCRJ-20019:26 23-Oct-2021
SKW5176 N930EVCRJ-20019:14 23-Oct-2021
SWA4090 N8538VB737-80019:14 23-Oct-2021
UAL181 N29961B787-9 Dreamliner19:07 23-Oct-2021
SKW4746 N792SKCRJ-70018:47 23-Oct-2021
SKW4709 N203SYEMB-17518:43 23-Oct-2021
SKW6941 N223JSCRJ-20018:24 23-Oct-2021
UAL1936 N642UAB767-30018:14 23-Oct-2021
SKW5922 N621UXEMB-17518:09 23-Oct-2021
BTQ925 N645PCPC-1218:03 23-Oct-2021
UAL2134 N76269B737-80016:53 23-Oct-2021
AIP1813 N218SLBeech 190016:35 23-Oct-2021
UAL498 N403UAA320-20016:21 23-Oct-2021
BMJ1616 N223CABeech 99 Airliner16:16 23-Oct-2021
LYM411 N571KLMerlin 2315:39 23-Oct-2021
LYM246 N542FAMerlin 2315:37 23-Oct-2021
FDY880 N9481FCessna 208 Caravan 115:17 23-Oct-2021
SKW5482 N163SYEMB-17514:34 23-Oct-2021
SKW4750 N915EVCRJ-20014:31 23-Oct-2021
UCA4362 N11150EMB-145XR14:21 23-Oct-2021
LYM4120 N820DCMerlin 2313:15 23-Oct-2021
UAL2352 N77865B757-30013:14 23-Oct-2021
FDX1420 N114FEB767-30011:14 23-Oct-2021
UPS802 N359UPB767-30011:06 23-Oct-2021
FFT623 N714FRA321-20005:38 23-Oct-2021
AIP1813 N716MJBeech 190002:09 23-Oct-2021
LYM3219 N508FAMerlin 2302:07 23-Oct-2021
LYM246 N2728GMerlin 2301:53 23-Oct-2021
AIP1841 N238ALBeech 99 Airliner01:45 23-Oct-2021
LYM357 N788KLMerlin 2301:43 23-Oct-2021
LYM512 N226KLMerlin 2301:23 23-Oct-2021
FFT976 N205FRA320-20001:11 23-Oct-2021
ICE21M TF-FIKB757-20000:40 23-Oct-2021
UCA4333 N12142EMB-145XR00:36 23-Oct-2021
SCX8720 N827SYB737-80023:32 22-Oct-2021
UPS5522 N462UPB757-20023:20 22-Oct-2021
EJA416 N416QSEMB-505 Phenom 30021:53 22-Oct-2021
UAL1879 N451UAA320-20017:24 22-Oct-2021
N30MC N30MCBeech Super King Air 35016:34 22-Oct-2021
IJA42 N423GSBeech 1300 Commuter16:09 22-Oct-2021
LYM512 N276CAMerlin 2315:20 22-Oct-2021
UAL1627 N38268B737-80014:41 22-Oct-2021
LYM1848 N366DCEMB-120 Brasilia14:40 22-Oct-2021
LYM4120 N882DCMerlin 2313:17 22-Oct-2021
UPS9814 N440UPB757-20012:59 22-Oct-2021
UPS9823 N401UPB757-20011:30 22-Oct-2021
LYM1405 N31171Merlin 2302:15 22-Oct-2021
LYM515 N398KLMerlin 2301:36 22-Oct-2021
SKW4720 N743SKCRJ-70020:11 21-Oct-2021
LYM234 N787CMerlin 2301:44 21-Oct-2021
UAL2146 N67134B757-20001:41 21-Oct-2021
UCA4329 N12175EMB-145XR01:36 21-Oct-2021
DAL2948 N378DAB737-80022:47 20-Oct-2021
N709SP N709SPCitation Latitude16:01 20-Oct-2021
LXJ349 N349FXEMB-505 Phenom 30021:43 19-Oct-2021
BMJ1818 N7212PBeech 99 Airliner15:10 15-Oct-2021
LYM4710 N509GUEMB-14015:44 05-Oct-2021
N405HR N405HRPC-1221:39 03-Sep-2021

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