Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Name: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
City: Washington
Country: United States
Elevation: 15 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
JIA5306 N552NNCRJ-90000:46 06-Aug-2021
JIA5266 N514AECRJ-70000:44 06-Aug-2021
UAL1058 N17719B737-70000:42 06-Aug-2021
AAL1634 N403ANA321neo00:41 06-Aug-2021
ASA6 N921VAA321neo00:39 06-Aug-2021
RPA4907 N407YXEMB-175 LR00:36 06-Aug-2021
RPA4779 N103HQEMB-175 LR00:34 06-Aug-2021
SWA780 N910WNB737-70000:32 06-Aug-2021
RPA5798 N211JQEMB-175 LR00:30 06-Aug-2021
JIA5236 N504AECRJ-70000:28 06-Aug-2021
AAL2532 N339PLB737-80000:26 06-Aug-2021
RPA5789 N208JQEMB-175 LR00:22 06-Aug-2021
AAL472 N895NNB737-80000:19 06-Aug-2021
JIA5191 N523AECRJ-70000:15 06-Aug-2021
RPA4586 N427YXEMB-17500:14 06-Aug-2021
ASH6187 N85377EMB-17500:13 06-Aug-2021
AAL1792 N301PAB737-80000:10 06-Aug-2021
AAL2503 N903NNB737-80000:02 06-Aug-2021
ENY4408 N289MWEMB-17523:50 05-Aug-2021
AAL2907 N837NNB737-80023:48 05-Aug-2021
ENY3813 N261NNEMB-17523:46 05-Aug-2021
RPA4775 N439YXEMB-17523:44 05-Aug-2021
DAL534 N118DYA321-20023:40 05-Aug-2021
AAL839 N975ANB737-80023:34 05-Aug-2021
AAL1467 N983NNB737-80023:18 05-Aug-2021
AAL1855 N925UYA321-20023:08 05-Aug-2021
AAL947 N829AWA319-10022:51 05-Aug-2021
JIA5060 N544EACRJ-70022:47 05-Aug-2021
JIA5226 N545PBCRJ-70020:19 05-Aug-2021
N442ME N442MEEC-13515:15 03-Aug-2021
AAL2362 N712USA319-10003:36 03-Aug-2021
N87ME N87MEBK-117C-209:23 02-Aug-2021
C202 02G55000:46 31-Jul-2021
N11PP N11PP41223:20 30-Jul-2021
72056 08-72056BK-117C-201:37 27-Jul-2021
N202KR N202KRGVII-G50020:20 23-Jul-2021
N135MH N135MHEC-13507:10 01-Jun-2021
N22PP N22PP41223:45 23-May-2021
N911AS N911ASAS-350/55000:14 20-Apr-2021
GARDN2 N912PGAH-6J19:31 04-Apr-2021
N740MH N740MHEC-13522:55 27-Mar-2021
N33PP N33PPAB-206 JetRanger12:40 27-Mar-2021

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