Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Name: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
City: Washington
Country: United States
Elevation: 15 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
AAL1360 N871NNB737-80005:16 28-Nov-2021
AAL2362 N717UWA319-10005:09 28-Nov-2021
UAL1640 N14242B737-80004:55 28-Nov-2021
SWA1946 N7748AB737-70004:43 28-Nov-2021
DAL537 N365NWA320-20004:39 28-Nov-2021
SWA9003 N275WNB737-70004:37 28-Nov-2021
UAL1807 N14240B737-80004:35 28-Nov-2021
AAL2648 N310RFB737 MAX 804:32 28-Nov-2021
AAL850 N808AWA319-10004:26 28-Nov-2021
SWA2193 N7813PB737-70004:25 28-Nov-2021
DAL1429 N374NWA320-20004:23 28-Nov-2021
SWA3384 N440LVB737-70004:05 28-Nov-2021
SWA990 N257WNB737-70004:03 28-Nov-2021
JBU1880 N632JBA320-20004:00 28-Nov-2021
RPA5763 N228JQEMB-175 LR03:49 28-Nov-2021
SWA726 N956WNB737-70003:46 28-Nov-2021
AAL2633 N667AWA320-20003:39 28-Nov-2021
DAL2884 N370NWA320-20003:37 28-Nov-2021
SWA2723 N944WNB737-70003:33 28-Nov-2021
AAL2752 N657AWA320-20003:31 28-Nov-2021
SWA2258 N445WNB737-70003:29 28-Nov-2021
DAL303 N325USA320-20003:08 28-Nov-2021
RPA3524 N631RWEMB-17003:04 28-Nov-2021
AAL1022 N302SAB737 MAX 802:53 28-Nov-2021
SWA2595 N760SWB737-70002:49 28-Nov-2021
RPA5840 N823MDEMB-17002:46 28-Nov-2021
JBU1348 N794JBA320-20002:43 28-Nov-2021
JBU2355 N197JBEMB-19002:34 28-Nov-2021
RPA4692 N103HQEMB-175 LR02:31 28-Nov-2021
FFT538 N362FRA320neo02:25 28-Nov-2021
ASA2 N930VAA321neo02:23 28-Nov-2021
GJS4171 N578GJCRJ-70002:11 28-Nov-2021
AAL1014 N315SDB737 MAX 802:09 28-Nov-2021
JBU2534 N558JBA320-20002:00 28-Nov-2021
JBU2080 N580JBA320-20001:59 28-Nov-2021
AAL2532 N413ANA321neo01:57 28-Nov-2021
AAL1985 N812NNB737-80001:56 28-Nov-2021
ASA6 N924VAA321neo01:54 28-Nov-2021
SWA2354 N424WNB737-70001:52 28-Nov-2021
DAL513 N107DNA321-20001:50 28-Nov-2021
AAL1721 N909NNB737-80001:49 28-Nov-2021
AAL472 N104UWA320-20001:34 28-Nov-2021
UAL1579 N12216B737-80001:31 28-Nov-2021
AAL1112 N821AWA319-10001:29 28-Nov-2021
AAL2907 N975ANB737-80001:23 28-Nov-2021
AAL2499 N659AWA320-20001:21 28-Nov-2021
AAL1634 N412UWA321neo01:17 28-Nov-2021
AAL225 N804NNB737-80001:14 28-Nov-2021
ASH6209 N84307EMB-17501:08 28-Nov-2021
DAL534 N356DNA321-20001:06 28-Nov-2021
JZA825 C-GQJACRJ-20001:00 28-Nov-2021
AAL2503 N179UWA321-20000:59 28-Nov-2021
JBU2424 N509JBA320-20000:56 28-Nov-2021
SKW507H N131SYEMB-17500:31 28-Nov-2021
AAL966 N840AWA319-10000:16 28-Nov-2021
AAL1855 N650AWA320-20000:09 28-Nov-2021
RPA4519 N131HQEMB-175 LR23:47 27-Nov-2021
RPA5665 N201JQEMB-175 LR23:46 27-Nov-2021
AAL2142 N815AWA319-10023:17 27-Nov-2021
JIA5640 N544EACRJ-70023:11 27-Nov-2021
N138MH N138MHEC-13510:02 27-Nov-2021
C202 02G55004:48 26-Nov-2021
N507ME N507MEBK-117C-204:01 26-Nov-2021
RPA4647 N433YXEMB-17502:43 25-Nov-2021
N2 N2Cessna 560XL Citation Excel16:38 19-Nov-2021
N22PP N22PP41218:12 14-Nov-2021
JENA626 N708JHG55022:23 13-Nov-2021
RPA4572 N138HQEMB-175 LR22:55 01-Nov-2021
N911AS N911ASAS-350/55014:37 01-Nov-2021
GARDN1 N911PGAH-6J19:11 11-Oct-2021
N11PP N11PP41223:26 24-Sep-2021
N911DC N911DCAS-350/55023:49 11-Sep-2021
GARDN2 N912PGAH-6J19:31 04-Apr-2021
N740MH N740MHEC-13522:55 27-Mar-2021
N33PP N33PPAB-206 JetRanger12:40 27-Mar-2021

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