Port Columbus International Airport

Name: Port Columbus International Airport
City: Columbus
Country: United States
Elevation: 815 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RPA5716 N228JQEMB-175 LR02:06 17-May-2022
RPA3613 N645RWEMB-17001:52 17-May-2022
RPA3321 N643RWEMB-17001:49 17-May-2022
N200CH N200CHFalcon 2000LX S01:44 17-May-2022
N623QS N623QSCitation Latitude01:37 17-May-2022
RPA4581 N106HQEMB-175 LR01:07 17-May-2022
JZA757 C-FFJACRJ-20001:00 17-May-2022
RPA4780 N420YXEMB-17500:58 17-May-2022
DAL2142 N3764DB737-80000:34 17-May-2022
GAJ871 N871UPBeech Super King Air 35000:23 17-May-2022
EJA211 N211QSChallenger 65000:13 17-May-2022
N130EE N130EEEC-13000:10 17-May-2022
AAL819 N704USA319-10023:46 16-May-2022
RPA4597 N452YXEMB-17523:41 16-May-2022
RPA3483 N648RWEMB-17023:34 16-May-2022
N560WD N560WDCessna 560 Citation 523:29 16-May-2022
N276LJ N276LJLearjet 4523:17 16-May-2022
RPA3545 N642RWEMB-17023:15 16-May-2022
ENY3664 N241NNEMB-17523:10 16-May-2022
EDG109 N109CHG650 ER23:08 16-May-2022
N515GK N515GKBeech 90 King Air23:05 16-May-2022
N12MG N12MGCitation CJ4 Gen222:39 16-May-2022
N48HM N48HMHA-420 HondaJet22:17 16-May-2022
RPA5795 N239JQEMB-175 LR21:50 16-May-2022
N876AD N876ADCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:30 16-May-2022
THY6057 TC-LOBA330-30021:17 16-May-2022
RPA5876 N875RWEMB-17020:29 16-May-2022
N300JE N300JEBD-100 Challenger 30020:18 16-May-2022
EJA314 N314QSEMB-505 Phenom 30020:16 16-May-2022
N679W N679WChallenger 65020:12 16-May-2022
RPA9940 N407YXEMB-175 LR20:01 16-May-2022
EJA411 N411QSEMB-505 Phenom 30019:47 16-May-2022
N130HB N130HBEC-13019:25 16-May-2022
N589CM N589CMCessna 750 Citation X19:09 16-May-2022
RPA4741 N124HQEMB-175 LR18:55 16-May-2022
N266TD N266TDEMB-505 Phenom 30018:50 16-May-2022
N49SK N49SKChallenger 35018:48 16-May-2022
RPA5645 N219YXEMB-175 LR17:52 16-May-2022
EJM184 N614WDBD-100 Challenger 30017:43 16-May-2022
EJM858 N615WDBD-100 Challenger 30016:16 16-May-2022
N403KC N403KCPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian16:00 16-May-2022
RPA5646 N241JQEMB-175 LR14:47 16-May-2022
XOJ740 N740XJCessna 750 Citation X14:45 16-May-2022
N501LS N501LSCRJ-20013:44 16-May-2022
N200LS N200LSChallenger 60512:18 16-May-2022
EJM193 N193LAGlobal 600002:36 16-May-2022
RPA5777 N860RWEMB-17000:20 16-May-2022
EDG141 N141JEG45000:02 16-May-2022
AAL819 N751UWA319-10023:52 15-May-2022
RPA3545 N649RWEMB-17023:45 15-May-2022
N5BB N5BBEMB-505 Phenom 30023:29 15-May-2022
RPA4771 N826MDEMB-17023:11 15-May-2022
N752SP N752SPLegacy 60023:05 15-May-2022
N383SS N383SSCessna 441 Conquest 221:57 15-May-2022
EJM477 N477SCChallenger 35021:23 15-May-2022
N29B N29BFalcon 50EX20:54 15-May-2022
N291B N291BFalcon 50EX20:10 15-May-2022
N610RT N610RTCessna 750 Citation X19:33 15-May-2022
N155CG N155CGCessna 525 Citation CJ119:17 15-May-2022
N140SX N140SXPC-2417:54 15-May-2022
N850PA N850PATBM-85017:42 15-May-2022
N717MB N717MBCitation Longitude16:27 15-May-2022
00000000 N893AEChallenger 35015:06 15-May-2022
N76DZ N76DZCessna 525B Citation CJ314:34 15-May-2022
EJM393 N393JECitation Latitude17:12 14-May-2022
EJA821 N821QSCitation Longitude17:06 14-May-2022
N558MG N558MGPraetor 60022:09 13-May-2022
N215HG N215HGCitation CJ419:59 13-May-2022
N145NC N145NCBK-117C-215:09 11-May-2022
EJM934 N934JMBD-700 Global 500021:55 10-May-2022
N585FD N585FDCessna 560 Citation 520:36 10-May-2022
N464PG N464PGEclipse 50019:49 09-May-2022
EJM85 N885AQGlobal 750003:19 09-May-2022
N50MG N50MGCitation Longitude19:35 06-May-2022
EJA584 N584QSCitation Latitude01:04 05-May-2022
N328AJ N328AJLearjet 6021:30 04-May-2022
N145CL N145CLBK-117C-219:21 04-May-2022
N2MK N2MKP-180 Avanti16:59 01-May-2022
N556CP N556CP36904:37 01-May-2022
USC422 N355CKLearjet 3522:09 24-Apr-2022
N550WD N550WDCessna 550 Citation 221:03 19-Apr-2022
N327AE N327AEAB-206 JetRanger05:07 17-Apr-2022
N111HN N111HNEC-13507:31 08-Apr-2022
N325AE N325AEAB-206 JetRanger18:55 25-Mar-2022
N553CP N553CP36904:57 25-Mar-2022
N8379R N8379RUH-1 Iroquois22:33 18-Mar-2022
N1664U N1664UR6619:52 21-Jan-2022
N444Y N444YAS-365/36620:40 23-Dec-2021
N418AE N418AEAB-206 JetRanger03:20 23-Nov-2021
RPA9986 N868RWEMB-17002:41 03-Nov-2021
RPA4741 N874RWEMB-17018:53 30-Sep-2021

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