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Name: Charlotte Douglas International Airport
City: Charlotte
Country: United States
Elevation: 748 ft.

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© Erik van der Eyken

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© Erik van der Eyken

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
JIA5164 N539EACRJ-70012:25 26-Oct-2020
JIA5027 N566NNCRJ-90012:24 26-Oct-2020
JIA5172 N587NNCRJ-90012:23 26-Oct-2020
RPA4308 N134HQEMB-175 LR12:23 26-Oct-2020
JIA5219 N615NNCRJ-90012:21 26-Oct-2020
JIA5080 N599NNCRJ-90012:21 26-Oct-2020
AAL628 N103USA320-20012:21 26-Oct-2020
JIA5577 N604NNCRJ-90012:19 26-Oct-2020
JIA5049 N607NNCRJ-90012:19 26-Oct-2020
AAL1784 N974UYA321-20012:17 26-Oct-2020
JIA5097 N544EACRJ-70012:17 26-Oct-2020
JIA5058 N537EACRJ-70012:15 26-Oct-2020
RPA4688 N111HQEMB-175 LR12:15 26-Oct-2020
AAL2643 N897NNB737-80012:14 26-Oct-2020
JIA5666 N580NNCRJ-90012:14 26-Oct-2020
RPA4307 N123HQEMB-175 LR12:13 26-Oct-2020
JIA5372 N596NNCRJ-90012:11 26-Oct-2020
JIA5388 N536EACRJ-70012:11 26-Oct-2020
JIA5032 N559NNCRJ-90012:10 26-Oct-2020
PDT6094 N617AEEMB-14512:10 26-Oct-2020
JIA5495 N563NNCRJ-90012:09 26-Oct-2020
PDT6174 N603KCEMB-14512:08 26-Oct-2020
JIA5297 N538EGCRJ-70012:07 26-Oct-2020
AAL683 N813NNB737-80012:07 26-Oct-2020
JIA5191 N702PSCRJ-70012:06 26-Oct-2020
AAL1911 N112USA320-20012:05 26-Oct-2020
AAL2397 N741UWA319-10012:04 26-Oct-2020
JIA5476 N574NNCRJ-90012:03 26-Oct-2020
AAL1801 N161UWA321-20012:03 26-Oct-2020
RPA4497 N127HQEMB-175 LR12:01 26-Oct-2020
AAL1973 N102UWA320-20012:01 26-Oct-2020
AAL1690 N122USA320-20012:01 26-Oct-2020
PDT6154 N608LMEMB-14512:00 26-Oct-2020
JIA5234 N571NNCRJ-90011:59 26-Oct-2020
AAL937 N662AWA320-20011:58 26-Oct-2020
AAL1789 N708UWA319-10011:57 26-Oct-2020
JIA5116 N511AECRJ-70011:56 26-Oct-2020
AAL2670 N933NNB737-80011:56 26-Oct-2020
JIA5276 N528EGCRJ-70011:54 26-Oct-2020
JIA5167 N527EACRJ-70011:53 26-Oct-2020
JIA5195 N709PSCRJ-70011:53 26-Oct-2020
JIA5173 N569NNCRJ-90011:51 26-Oct-2020
RPA4389 N102HQEMB-175 LR11:51 26-Oct-2020
AAL1982 N912UYA321-20011:50 26-Oct-2020
RPA4305 N110HQEMB-175 LR11:49 26-Oct-2020
JIA5175 N579NNCRJ-90011:48 26-Oct-2020
JIA5489 N595NNCRJ-90011:48 26-Oct-2020
AAL647 N732USA319-10011:46 26-Oct-2020
JIA5072 N548NNCRJ-90011:45 26-Oct-2020
JIA5133 N602NNCRJ-90011:44 26-Oct-2020
AAL1956 N559UWA321-20011:43 26-Oct-2020
AAL2020 N183UWA321-20011:42 26-Oct-2020
AAL1917 N124USA320-20011:41 26-Oct-2020
AAL600 N812NNB737-80011:40 26-Oct-2020
JIA5609 N605NNCRJ-90011:39 26-Oct-2020
AAL1896 N176UWA321-20011:39 26-Oct-2020
AAL2666 N182UWA321-20011:37 26-Oct-2020
AAL998 N117UWA320-20011:35 26-Oct-2020
AAL563 N737USA319-10011:34 26-Oct-2020
RPA4279 N121HQEMB-175 LR11:33 26-Oct-2020
JIA5105 N562NNCRJ-90011:31 26-Oct-2020
AAL525 N841NNB737-80011:30 26-Oct-2020
JIA5121 N552NNCRJ-90011:26 26-Oct-2020
AAL599 N982VJA321-20011:15 26-Oct-2020
AAL1774 N868NNB737-80004:30 26-Oct-2020
FFT198 N346FRA320neo03:15 26-Oct-2020
DAL1726 N896ATB717-20002:51 26-Oct-2020
AAL855 N847NNB737-80002:36 26-Oct-2020
ENY9859 N858AEERJ-14002:26 26-Oct-2020
AAL1577 N582UWA321-20001:49 26-Oct-2020
JIA5100 N551NNCRJ-90001:28 26-Oct-2020
AAL890 N980UYA321-20000:42 26-Oct-2020
EJA683 N683QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:29 26-Oct-2020
XAUFR N827SBBeech 400 Beechjet00:06 26-Oct-2020
LXJ366 N366FXEMB-505 Phenom 30023:59 25-Oct-2020
ASH6022 N519LRCRJ-70023:25 25-Oct-2020
PDT6037 N604AEEMB-14523:17 25-Oct-2020
RPA4289 N112HQEMB-175 LR23:15 25-Oct-2020
PDT6049 N636AEEMB-14523:10 25-Oct-2020
AAL1794 N196UWA321-20023:07 25-Oct-2020
JIA5302 N591NNCRJ-90022:59 25-Oct-2020
AAL727 N544UWA321-20022:52 25-Oct-2020
JIA5157 N585NNCRJ-90022:51 25-Oct-2020
AAL2068 N806AWA319-10022:50 25-Oct-2020
AAL830 N125AAA321-20022:40 25-Oct-2020
PDT6016 N614AEEMB-14522:38 25-Oct-2020
EJA676 N676QSCitation Latitude22:37 25-Oct-2020
AAL1642 N738USA319-10022:25 25-Oct-2020
JIA5082 N716PSCRJ-70022:24 25-Oct-2020
JIA5224 N523AECRJ-70022:17 25-Oct-2020
AAL1906 N730USA319-10022:16 25-Oct-2020
FDX765 N131FEB767-30022:12 25-Oct-2020
AAL785 N561UWA321-20022:09 25-Oct-2020
N312GK N312GKBeech 400 Beechjet22:03 25-Oct-2020
AAL591 N810AWA319-10022:00 25-Oct-2020
AAL639 N195UWA321-20021:54 25-Oct-2020
AAL404 N9008UA319-10021:50 25-Oct-2020
N16HG N16HGBeech 1300 Commuter21:31 25-Oct-2020
N207CM N207CMBeech 1300 Commuter21:24 25-Oct-2020
FTH926 N926VRCessna 750 Citation X21:18 25-Oct-2020
JIA9976 N526EACRJ-70021:02 25-Oct-2020
AAL2029 N764USA319-10020:49 25-Oct-2020
AAL2479 N194UWA321-20020:45 25-Oct-2020
EJA335 N335QSEMB-505 Phenom 30020:30 25-Oct-2020
AAL2044 N174USA321-20020:18 25-Oct-2020
AAL2673 N902NNB737-80019:53 25-Oct-2020
SKW5613 N611UXEMB-17519:26 25-Oct-2020
PDT6004 N632AEEMB-14519:21 25-Oct-2020
JIA5662 N531EGCRJ-70019:00 25-Oct-2020
AAL2358 N751ANB777-20018:59 25-Oct-2020
AAL2062 N542UWA321-20018:51 25-Oct-2020
JIA5361 N524AECRJ-70018:35 25-Oct-2020
N314TM N314TMCessna 680 Citation Sovereign18:23 25-Oct-2020
AAL1786 N104UWA320-20018:04 25-Oct-2020
N572PC N572PCPC-1218:02 25-Oct-2020
RPA4304 N103HQEMB-175 LR17:52 25-Oct-2020
AAL1643 N650AWA320-20017:46 25-Oct-2020
AAL784 N167USA321-20017:31 25-Oct-2020
N209CM N209CMBeech 1300 Commuter17:25 25-Oct-2020
AAL1965 N150UWA321-20023:00 24-Oct-2020
AAL2719 N126UWA320-20022:38 24-Oct-2020
AAL2478 N9019FA319-10022:30 24-Oct-2020
N726RP N726RPCessna 525A Citation CJ221:44 24-Oct-2020
AAL561 N151UWA321-20021:15 24-Oct-2020
AAL1963 N163USA321-20021:14 24-Oct-2020
N939HE N939HEPC-1221:03 24-Oct-2020
N480TB N480TBBeech 400 Beechjet18:33 24-Oct-2020
N246V N246VG45018:21 24-Oct-2020
AAL573 N724UWA319-10015:52 24-Oct-2020
AAL9786 N658AWA320-20014:15 24-Oct-2020
UPS1286 N261UPMD-1111:22 24-Oct-2020
EPIC71 92-3294C-17 Globemaster 301:34 24-Oct-2020
FDX306 N724FDA300B4-60000:39 24-Oct-2020
N286BA N286BAG28000:29 24-Oct-2020
N393JC N393JCCessna 650 Citation 323:14 23-Oct-2020
AAL2068 N767UWA319-10022:57 23-Oct-2020
N819JW N819JWG28022:43 23-Oct-2020
N265CM N265CMCessna 560 Citation 522:40 23-Oct-2020
N213DB N213DBBeech 1300 Commuter21:49 23-Oct-2020
N142JS N142JSFalcon 2000EX EASy21:10 23-Oct-2020
N980JF N980JFCitation Latitude19:39 23-Oct-2020
N346CC N346CCCessna 560XL Citation Excel19:25 23-Oct-2020
UPS1284 N448UPB757-20008:31 23-Oct-2020
N867PP N867PPPC-1202:59 23-Oct-2020
N283BA N283BAG28000:11 23-Oct-2020
N695PC N695PCPC-1223:39 22-Oct-2020
LXJ374 N374FXEMB-505 Phenom 30023:20 22-Oct-2020
N608CE N608CECessna 560 Citation 521:01 22-Oct-2020
N44LC N44LCFalcon 900EX EASy20:53 22-Oct-2020
N58HL N58HLFalcon 50EX20:35 22-Oct-2020
N599H N599HG55020:35 22-Oct-2020
N70FK N70FKFalcon 900LX20:01 22-Oct-2020
N409DJ N409DJCessna 525B Citation CJ319:24 22-Oct-2020
N733P N733PPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian16:14 22-Oct-2020
N712GK N712GKCessna 560XL Citation Excel14:20 22-Oct-2020
N750JT N750JTCessna 750 Citation X03:01 22-Oct-2020
N436CM N436CMEC-13523:40 21-Oct-2020
N575MW N575MWChallenger 35019:32 21-Oct-2020
N407PD N407PD40716:35 21-Oct-2020
N73DB N73DBEMB-500 Phenom 10014:33 21-Oct-2020
EPIC41 93-0602C-17 Globemaster 301:32 21-Oct-2020
N151XL N151XLCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:14 20-Oct-2020
N438CM N438CMEC-13519:44 20-Oct-2020
N375GK N375GKFalcon 2000EX EASy17:27 20-Oct-2020
N556MT N556MTEC-13500:17 20-Oct-2020
N652BA N652BAG650 ER16:55 19-Oct-2020
N512JC N512JCBAe-125-70005:10 18-Oct-2020
AAL801 N659AWA320-20020:27 17-Oct-2020
N26DE N26DEBD-100 Challenger 30012:28 17-Oct-2020
N38BK N38BKBD-100 Challenger 30000:59 17-Oct-2020
N52RF N52RFFalcon 50EX17:49 16-Oct-2020
N1549E N1549EFalcon 900EX EASy15:21 16-Oct-2020
N555HJ N555HJBeech 90 King Air14:46 16-Oct-2020
N285BA N285BAG28023:44 15-Oct-2020
N645FD N645FDLearjet 4519:49 15-Oct-2020
N228BA N228BAG28021:28 14-Oct-2020
EPIC41 02-1107C-17 Globemaster 302:23 14-Oct-2020
N704FC N704FCCitation Latitude22:47 13-Oct-2020
N940JF N940JFCitation Latitude18:37 09-Oct-2020
N139DEAW13920:44 01-Oct-2020
RCH455 01-0197C-17 Globemaster 319:28 29-Sep-2020
N804AC N804ACHawker 900XP01:25 24-Sep-2020
N651BA N651BAG650 ER01:08 24-Sep-2020
N8631P N8631P280 Shark15:01 30-Aug-2020
N406PD N406PD40716:49 17-Jul-2020
N4CQ N4CQAB-206 JetRanger23:00 29-May-2020
N747DM N747DMAB-206 JetRanger15:54 01-May-2020
N7094J N7094JR44 Raven16:57 24-Apr-2020
N788G N788GR44 Raven II18:16 02-Apr-2020
AAL1232 N287AYA330-20021:24 01-Apr-2020

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